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Westchester County: A Pictorial History 

Family Year moved to Yonkers Last known Yonkers Address Contact
Adler, Adolph bet 1911-1963 163 Woodworth Ave Anke Adler
Ahearn, Daniel & Mary 1890 3 Stewart Place Andy Moynihan
Anton, Yulek & Helen 1920 unknown B Tacinelli
Atkins ca 1850 Jefferson Krys Buccumini
Avery, William & Amelia Jane Haggerty 1900-1910 Maple St Thomas Avery
Avery, William R & Alice Coleman unknown Maple St Thomas Avery
Bach 1901-1910 127 Stanley Ave Veronica Malmberg
Ball 1850-present 149 Barre Dr Shannon Stover
Barlow, Richard, Mary 1892 127 McLean Ave Helen Kallos
Bauer ca 1850 unknown Joy E Bold
Beal 1866 unknown Christopher Beal
Belfiglio 1915 not given M Karr
Bena 1926 Delaware Rd Barbara Bena
Bentley, William C. 1920? 175 Stanley Ave Dorothy Bentley
Bernhard, Joseph S. 1900-1920 16 Highland Place Mickey Dekeyzer
Blake, Edward C. 1870 Fairview Ave Shannon Yowell
Bogart Family 1860-1939 So & No Broadway Kevin M Hayes
Boyle, Margaret, etc. 1900-10 16 Lamartine St Carol Spahn
Boyle 1887-90 15 Mulford Gardens Noreen F Reiser
Brancard, Edward, Anna (O'Brien) 1843-1940 not given Roger Deguire
Brazier 1848-1868 Jessamine & Palmer Aves Donna Dexter
Brown 1900 Willow Place Marie Kennedy
Buckley 1938 112 Belvedere Dr Albert B LaReno
Budrock 1896 155 Radford St Joe Cunningham
Carey-Byrne emig from Waterford IE unknown Mary H.
Cetnarowski-Rusko, Paul 1900s? Alder St Bob Nyahay
Chiarilli, Achille 1918 2 Garfield St Richard Chiarilli
Chlewicki 1907- 218 Ashburton Ave Walter Hlewicki
Chundak 1900s 633 Bellevue Ave Joseph Chundak
Ciesielski 1949 22 Mulberry St Elizabeth Douglas
Clark not given Woodworth Ave Krys Boccumini
Cody 1900-76 373 Warburton Ave Lynn Cody Gorey
Collins, Thomas J ca 1870 Carlisle Pl, Cliff St Judy Wolf
Cooney, Elizabeth b May 6, 1895 unknown PJ O'Riley
Corbalis, James, Mary 1898 Lake Ave, Moringside Peggy Woolf
Corcoran, Patrick & Mary 1890 21 Linden St Kay Corcoran
Couch not given Mt Pleasant M C Charette
Coughlin, Daniel 1865 100 Orchard St Nancy K Neely
Cronin 1825 Nepperhan Ave Marilyn Weakley
Cropp 1819 Palisade Marilyn Weakley
Cunningham ca 1890 438 Park Hill Ave Jim Cunningham
Curran, Michael, Catherine (Kte, Mary T 1847 22 Mulford St (1900 census) Sherrie Hardin
Dalton, Luke Jr 1849 St Mary's St Nancy K Neely
Degbrina 1892 39 N. Trenchard St Ronald V Digman
Delinsky, Elizabeth, Mary, Anthony, Helen, Justin, Anna 1920-50 High St or Woodland Bernadette
Demko 1920s 20 Mulberry St Elizabeth Douglas
Devitt ca 1853 62 Lamartine Ave Joe O'Hare
Dickinson, Dickerson, etc ca 1865 unknown Susan Husk
Di Fiore unknown 5 Horatio St Eileen D Slade
Doherty, Docherty 1889 36 Oak St Patricia Ramsay
Dolhon 1927 157 Voss Ave Darlene D Rard
Donovan, Patrick, Sarah, Mary, Patricia 1940-70 245 No Broadway Edward D Richardson
Doyle; Fred, Elizabeth 1910 354 Riverdale Ave Dianne Martineau
Drohan, Christopher, Patrick & Honora 1890 188 Ashburton Ave Andy Moynihan
Duchinsky 1907 not given Johnna Parliament
Egan 1890 203 Riverdale Ave Dorothy Bentley
Eggers ca 1850 unknown Joy E Bold
Fahey, Ferdinand 1887-1946 Yonkers Alice Brenner
Farrelly, Farley 1880 St Mary's St Geraldine R Ames
Fedor 1870 Clinton St Marilyn Weakley
Ferguson 1856 27 Cedar St Genny Holland
Finnegan 1900 Willow Place Marie Kennedy
Fitzgerald 1890 893 McLean Ave Noreen F Reiser
Fitzgerald, Margaret Boyle early 1890s  Waterford IE unknown Mary H.
Flaherty 1900 Riverdale Ave Marie Kennedy
Fleming, John ca 1892 28 Alexander Jim M
Flynn,John, Catherine ca 1891 599 Grove St Carmel Powers
Foley, Father, RC Priest 1900s St Mary's, or St Peter's Church Judy Christopher
Foley, Martin 18?? St Joseph Ave, 1910 Peggy Woolf
Franze 1967 41 Radford St Angela Franze
Friend ca 1855 not given John F Kolb
Gahagan, Mary, John, Sabina, Catherine, James 1873 129 Park Hill Ave Shannon Stover
Gallagher, George & Emma b Yonkers 1856 to Eureka NV - 1878 Pat Connors
Gallagher, Mary 1870 Pier, Purser, Fernbrook, etc Nancy K Neely
Garrambone 1916 709 Nepperhan Ave Michael Garrambone
Garrison 1790-1920 Spring Valley NY Glenn Borghoff
Garrison 1770-1950 not given Ruth Claud
Goldstein, Barney 1931 11 Lawrence St John Goldstein
Goldstein, James 1940-50 11 Lawrence St John Goldstein
Goldstein, John Burnett 1930-40s 11 Lawrence St John Goldstein
Goldstein (Burnett), Margaret aka Peggy, 1909 11 Lawrence St John Goldstein
Goravin, John J 1852 St Mary's St Nancy K Neely
Gorman 1895 Highland Ave Howard McGinn
Grady 1900 Riverdale Ave Marie Kennedy
Grady, John, Daniel, Hugh, Loretta, Cecile 1886 148 Elm St Shannon Stover
Gray, James 1900 New Main St Chris Gray
Greely 1845 4 Washington St Marilyn Weakley
Griffin, Patrick, Margaret (nee Hussey), Mary 1836-1842 Ireland T Newmark
Hagstrand not sure Riverdale Ave Marie Medick
Haight not given Neperhan Ave Ellen Gassett
Haley, Bridget 1880+ 100 Orchard St Nancy K Neely
Hample, Frank 1900s Halladay Ave Jacks
Hannigan 1849 St Mary's St Geraldine R Ames
Harper 1850-1907 not given Marjorie
Harper ca 1868 from Marghera, IE not given Anne M Gault
Hart ca 1870 unknown Joy E Bold
Hayes, Richard 1861-present Ashburton Ave Kevin M Hayes
Hayes, Thomas & Kate & family ca 1899 209 Orchard St Jim Hayes
Healy, Patrick ca 1861 unknown Joe Healy
Healy, William, Frances, Fanny, Lawrence, Florence ca 1868 Elm St Bill
Hempler 1880 near 30 Conkey Ave Tom Hempler
Holland 1884 71 Ludlow St Genny Holland
Holodak 1877 to present 121 Clinton Ave George Marshall
Holodak 1887 to present Nepperhan, Glennwood Theresa Holodak
Howard, John & Bridget 1864 Parker St - 1880 June Howard
Huelfer, August 1904 not given Melanie Winningham
Inson 1840s onward Yonkers Woody
Irving, John 1884-1950s 112 Morningside - 1930 M. Karr
Irwin, Eugene & Lillie 1889 none given Donna Dexter
Jameyson, Samuel & Anny ca 1764 unknown P Goodman
Johnson, Abram & Catherine 1880 St Joseph Church area John Howard
Johnson, Sarah b 1895 Parker Street June Howard
Johnson, Stephen & Catherine 1874 from Newark NJ Clinton St Bryan Healy
Johnstone, Samuel bet 1848-1868 none given Donna Dexter
Jones 1800s Locust Hill Ave Madeline Madden
Kane; Frank, Mary 1900 290 Riverdale Ave Dianne Martineau
Kapuster 1922 20 Mulberry St Elizabeth Douglas
Keane, Kane, Kearns ca 1850 School St Krys Boccumini
Kearns 1908 39 St Josephs Ave Rosaleen Kearns
Keefe, Eugene, Nellie, James, Eugene, Thomas, Irene not given 147 & 149 Buena Vista Ave Shannon Stover
Kelly 1858-60 Glenwood Gdns, Warburton Ave Gary Skarka
Kenna 1860 358 Riverdale Ave Geraldine R Ames
Kerling, William 1890 not given Donna Dexter
Kiley, Joseph, Mary, Rita not given 19 Rockford Pl, 149 Buena Vista Ave Shannon Stover
Kimmerle, , Jacob, Catherine 1870 unknown Lauri
Kinney 1870 various Geraldine R Ames
Kopyscianski 1905 15 Mulberry St Debbi Cokewell
Kruppenbacher 1880-1930 1 Sincoles Trudy Alexander
Lages, Henry ca 1850 from Hanover, Germany 107 N Main St Anne M Gault
Lanna 1900s not given Bernadette
Lehane, Bridget Mary 1847 St Mary's St Nancy K Neely
Lennehan, Linehan, Linnehan 1870 - 1937 St Mary's Parish Peggy Sosey
Leonard mid 1800s unknown Peggy Sosey
Lonergan 1860 74 Ravine Ave Ronald V Digman
Lopeck 1930 191 Lake Ave John Marotta
Loppatto 1900-1930 not given Fulton Luppatto
Loughlin unknown unknown Mary H.
Lubey, Luby 1903 85 Morningside Ave Tony McCarthy
Kudyba not given Clinton St Victoria M Liverpool
Luedke, Paul 1920s 288 Crestwood Ave Veronica Malmberg
Lundrigan; Michael, Catherine 1865 58 Yonkers, 33 Clinton, 61 Jefferson Jan Markle
Lynch ca 1850 not given Mary Hartnett
Lyons, Mary Bridget 1850 St Mary's St Gerald Ames
MacDougall, Albert 1920 179 Beech Alan MacDougall
Mackay (Mackey, Mckay, McKey), Thomas 1835-1892 unknown George Mackay
Madden early 1900s Locust Hill Ave Madeline Madden
Mahony 1866 to present not given Tom Mahony
Malcomson 1914 114 Kimbal Ave Margery Brett
Mancini 1910-1925 not given Robert L Protzmann
Mansfield 1850- not given Sherrie Hardin
Mapes, Anna J b West Farms to Portchester NY - 1879 Pat Connors
Marsh, Phyllis Goldstein 1930-1940s 11 Lawrence St John Goldstein
Marshall 1877 to present 121 Clinton Ave George Marshall
May pre 1868 Irving Pl (1900 census) Sherrie Hardin
McCarthy 1898 Lake Ave, Moringside Peggy Woolf
McCarthy, Daniel 1907 Lake Ave Peggy Woolf
McCarthy, Katherine (Mrs Martin Foley) 1907 Palisades Ave to Denver 1941 Peggy Woolf
McElroen 1848 655 N B'way Vincent McElroen
McGahran, William (husband of Mary Walsh) 1886 Glenwood, Lake, Ashburton Nancy K Neely
McGarell, Margaret 1852 St Mary's St Nancy K Neely
McGaughnea not given not given Mary Frisbee
McGinn 1860 182 Buena Vista Ave etc. Howard McGinn
McGinn 1903-4 Walnut St Sandra McGinn
McGraw 1904 116 Buena Vista Ave Allan McGraw
McGregor, MacGregor 1920 302 N Main St Sue Marshall
McGuckin, Michael, Susan, John, Rebecca, Joseph, Lettlila, Catherine, Cecila ca 1888 2 Mulford St Bill
McIntyre 1920 Woodlawn Ave Jon Aspinwall
McLain, John 1852 Waverly c Davidson's La Christopher Beal
McLain 1865 Mechanic St Christopher Beal
McLaughlin not given 15 Main St Krys Boccumini
McNelty, McNulty 1870 not given Anne M Paine
Mee prior to 1880 99 Park Hill Ave; 75 Maple St Michael
Meyer, Henry & Anna, Annie, Elizabeth, Elsie, Henry, Fred/Fritz 1890s to ca 1910 86 Herriot St > CT Liese M Niedermayer
Mitchell ca 1891 16-18 Warburton Ave Judy Christopher
Mitchell, Robert Henry 1859 not given Mary Guler
Moore bef 1848 Main St Donna
Moran 1864-1903 146 Elm St C Moran
Moroch not given 16 Cedar Place Vikki M Liverpool
Morrissey 1884 North Yonkers Johnna Parliament
Moynihan, Humphrey & Alice 1884 121 Lake Ave Andy Moynihan
Moynihan, Timothy ca 1860 d Yonkers 1900 Pat Wilber
Mulcahey 1860 36 Parker St Sheila M Fredericks
Munson not given not given Thomas L McGlinchey
Nyahay, Steven 1900s? Riverdale Ave Bob Nyahay
Neely, Thomas 1866 Pier, Purser, Fernbrook, etc Nancy K Neely
Nodine 1742 not given John F Kolb
Noell ca 1900 unknown Jade Schmitt
O'Brien 1933 not given John O'Brien
O'Brien, Dennis 1846-1852 unknown Michael K Wood
O'Brien, Nora Ann 1865+ 100 Orchard St Nancy K Neely
O'Connor, Daniel & Nancy 1868 from Ireland 67 Garden St Bryan Healy
O'Gorman, Gorman not given not given Ann Marie K Durgin
O'Mara 1851 unknown W. Paul O'Mara
O'Neill, James, Julia late 1920s-30s not known Shelagh M O'Neill
Ormond not given 256 Nepperhan Ave Stan Ettinger
Otto, Maria 1920s 288 Crestwood Ave Veronica Malmberg
Palmatier ca 1920 238 No Broadway Wendy in UK
Parliament 1875 Nepperhan Ave Roger
Parliament not given not given Johnna Parliament
Peene 1830-1960 Spring Valley NY Glenn Borghoff
Peene not given not given Karen Barrett
Peene 1835-1960 not given Ruth Claud
Pollock 1940-64 25 Tower Pl Susan P Wighton
Popot 1900 Willow Place Marie Kennedy
Pryor ca 1890 14 Cornell Ave, Sunnyside Dr Richard Pryor
Purdy not given not given Thomas L McGlinchey
Ramsey, Otto 1918 unknown Ron Stone
Reagan 1850 Vineyard Ave Art McCormick
Reid, Ann bef 1864 Glenwood, Grove Sts Nancy K Neely
Reilly 1882 Riverdale Ave Geraldine R Ames
Renault, Alfred 1894 51 Lincoln St Joan Perkins
Reynolds not given Palisaide Ave B Lent
Richardson, Rev. James E 1920-87 St Peter's Church Edward D Richardson
Rizzetta 1920 77 Hyatt Place Lucille
Robbins, Vincent & George 1924 not given Stephanie Kitchener
Roche, John & Dora 1905 Ashburton Ave Eileen (Pennie) Ash
Rollinson ca 1840 unknown Joy E Bold
Rose 1874 362 Riverdale Ave Wendy
Ross 1905 41 Sunnyside Dr Sharon Ross
Ryan, Thomas & Mary Shea, Catherine, Bridget, Mary, John 1885 Mulford St Therese
Sabol unknown Mulberry St Elizabeth Douglas
Sabol, Szabolik 1886 poss Ashburton or Nepperhan Paul Sabol
Sarubbi, Peter & Catherine 1900 41 Ellsworth Ave Jonathan Sarubbi
Sasko 1877 to present 121 Clinton Ave George Marshall
Schaeffer b 1868-1940 Yonkers 215 Sedgwick Ave Merideth S Overton
Schaub, William, Johanna, Joseph, Marion not given 109 Elm St Shannon Stover
Schlottmann ca 1920-66 4 Lincoln (1930) Patricia Eckardt
Semanonko 1903 15 Mulberry St Debbi Cokewell
Servidio, Danato 1930 unknown, ice dealer B. Drago
Sherwood, Irving John 1884-1950s 112 Morningside - 1930 M. Karr
Shunk ca 1850 from Bavaria 36 Main St Anne M Gault
Skwarlo 1920s not given Bernadette
Sleight, Mary & John 1939-1951 90 Buckingham Rd Joan S Thompson
Smith, Frank 1880-86 Grove, Glenwood Sts Nancy K Neely
Smith, Robert 1884 from NYC, d 1894 Ravine St Nancy K Neely
Smith, Thomas 1852 from Brooklyn NY, d 1874 Main St Pat Connors
Smith, William B 1870 census unknown Robin
Sosnicki, August & Minnie bef 1904 none given Donna Dexter
Spence, James, Elizabeth, John, Catherine ca 1868 Elm St Bill
Staron not given Ashburton, Nepperhan Aves Lynda Davis
Stack ca 1900 11 Overlook Terrace Joe O'Hare
Sullivan, Nicholas, Ellen, Thomas, Mary 1880 from Ireland South Broadway Ed Spaeth
Sullivan, Simon, Patrick, Michael 1893-1898 28-148 & 24 St Mary's Shannon Stover
Sullivan, Simon, Mary, Margaret, Johanna, Nellie, Patrick, Michael 1891 28-148 & 24 St Mary's Shannon Stover
Sullivan, Roger, Catherine, John, Mary, Anne, Elizabeth, Kate, Thomas, Rebecca, Benjamin ca 1868 94 Vineyard Ave Bill
Sweeney, Eugene 1885 16 Moquette Robert Sweeney
Sweeney, Eugene V ca 1898  West Farms 1 Waring Row - 1938 Pat Wilber
Tacinelli 1900 to 1980 86 Yonkers Ave B Tacinelli
Tator ca 1880 6 Hawthorne Ave Bryan Healy
Terrell, Theodore ca 1863 17 Woodworth Ave (1880) Donice R Horton
Tighe 1900 Pier St Kevin W Tighe
Tracy ca 1850 not given Krys Boccumini
Tynan 1929 47 Gordon St Thomas Tynan
Tyrrell, Luke Igatius ca 1900 Mulford Gardens 1968 Tyrrell
Ulicny, John, Ilona (nee Sabol) ca 1922 20 Mulberry St Elizabeth Douglas
Vail, Amanda Flushing>Bkln>Ynk 1852 to Bay Shore LI after 1876 Pat Connors
Valentine Sr, Melvin 1886 470 South Broadway Chris Melvin
Vallelonga 1935 Morsemere Ave Michelle Vallelonga
Van Kirk 1851-1934 not given Marjorie
Wachenheim 1890-1920 School St Ellen Gassett
Wagner 1800s Linden St Marilyn Weakley
Walsh, Ann 1868 Grove, Glenwood Sts Nancy K Neely
Walsh, Hugh bef 1864 Grove, Glenwood Sts Nancy K Neely
Warnock, Henry (Hank), Joan, Colleen, Billy unknown 1055 Audubon Dr Colleen W McCarthy
Watkins 1951-81 119 Riverdale Ave Judith W Jones
Whalen 1870 Carlisle Pl, Webster Ave Joy Bugos
Whalen, Thomas & Frank 1906 & 1908 b on Orchard St Jim Whalen
Whyte, Julia, John etc bef 1860 unknown Lorraine Ramppen
Wicht 1850s Oak Street Marilyn Weakley
Wiederhold 1850s Saratoga Ave Pete Wiederhold
Wilson 1889 Waring Place Michelle Vallelonga
Wilson, Hugh and Rosetta 1920 342 Nepperhan Ave Alex
Wolff 1890s St Andrews Place Bob Nyahay
Wright, Declan 1904 Moquette Row, 1910 Peggy Woolf
Wright, Thomas, Margaret 1901, 1906 Orchard St Peggy Woolf
Wyskanycz 1890-1930 not given Jaroslaw Glet
Yates, Abram & Gertrude bef 1904 none given Donna Dexter
Youmans 1890s Poplar St Carol Brown
Zavada 1930s not given Bernadette
Zima 1885 330 Walnut St Frank J Zima

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