1864 Yonkers Businesses

Westchester County Directory

compiled by J. H. Lant, Albany
Albany: Weed, Parsons and Company, Printers 1864


Contributed by Mary Hoar


Business Category

Name of Business or Owner


Architect J. S. Hatch house Grinnel cor Prospect
Baker Andrew Hahner Riverdale n Prospect
Baker Cokalette & Guernsey 9 So. Broadway
Baker John McSweeny 41 N Broadway
Bank Bank of Yonkers Getty sq
Bank Palisade Bank Mechanic n Getty sq
Bank Yonkers Savings Bank Getty sq
Blacksmith E. C. Lawrence Main
Blacksmith F. A. Back Broadway n Washington
Blacksmith William Fay 10 Bashford
Boot & Shoe Dealer Andrus Schutt 35 N. Broadway
Boot & Shoe Dealer Gustav Kuster Getty sq
Boot & Shoe Dealer W. E. Tompkins 7 N. Broadway
Builder J. & D. Stewart Wells av near Broadway
Butcher C. B. Lawrence Getty sq
Butcher Crisfield & Van Tassell Palisade av
Butcher John B. Crisfield Broadway cor Getty sq
Butcher Lawrence & Hughes 3 Underhill's block
Butcher Molenar & Schryver 29 N Broadway
Butcher P. E. Radcliff 3 Wheeler's row
Carpenter and Builder A. O. Kirkwood Ashburton av near Oak hill
Carpenter and Builder A. W. Cutbill Mechanic near Getty sq
Carpenter and Builder Bailey Nelson & Son Grinnell
Carpenter and Builder Burns & East Warburton av near Wells av
Carpenter and Builder Gale Forsyth & Jewitt Broadway near Washington
Carpenter and Builder John Shewood Nepperhan
Carpenter and Builder Smith & Seger Nepperhan
Carriagemakers James Bashford Mechanic near Getty sq
Carriagemakers W. H. Anderson Dock near River
China and glass Ware Adam Machin 25 N Broadway
Civil Engineer T. C. Cornell 67 n Broadway
Clergyman Rev. Abraham B. Carter St. John's sq
Clergyman Rev. D. M. Seward Broadway near Lamartine
Clergyman Rev. Joseph B. Wakeley Broadway near Ashburton
Clergyman Rev. Robert Kirkwood house Ashburton pl
Clergyman Rev. Thomas Byrne house St. Mary
Clergyman Rev. V. M. Hulburt Clinton cor Prospect
Clothiers H Symons 5 Wheeler's srow
Clothiers P. Marksville 9 N Broadway
Clothiers thomas Alfred 39 N Broadway
Coal and Lumber Sdeedling & Lawrence Dock cor Main
Coal and Wooddealers A. W. Doren 4 Dock
Coal and Wooddealers Ackerman & Deyo Wells av
Coal and Wooddealers L. R. Condon Main
Confectioner A.. J. Danby 7 Wheeler's Row
Cutlery J. V. Mumford 59 N Broadway
Dentist G. W. Perry 5 S Broadway
Druggist G. P. Reevs 8 N Broadway
Druggist R. J. Toplis Getty House
Dry goods E. b. Taylor & Co. 15 Main
Dry goods M. W. Rooney 5 N Broadway
Dry goods SamuelGoodman Jefferson
Dry goods Vail & Elting 18 and 20 N Broadway
Express Noah S. Riker Main near Riverdale
Fancy Goods E. V. Sawyer 7 S Broadway
Fancy Goods Mrs. R. Morrison 3 Dock
Fancy Goods Mrs. T. R. Price Mechanic near Getty sq
Fish Market Dennis Nodine Broadway opp Dock
Florist A. Lachaume Broadway opp Dock
Florist P. Millot Broadway opp Dock
Flour and Feed John Moffatt Dock
Forwarding Capt. Joseph Peene Dock
Fruits A. Lachaume Broadway opp Dock
Fruits James Hart N Broadway
Fruits Thomas Harbor Mechanic near Getty sq
furniture Augustus Gaul N Broadway cor Baldwin pl
furniture F. Newman Mechanic near Getty sq
furniture J. A. Post Broadway opp Dock
Gas Apparatus H. H. Parsons Nepperhan
Gas Cooking Stoves Andrews & Gouch Main near Buena Vista av
Grist Mill P. F. Peek & Co. Mill near Main
Grocer Archibald & Collins Broadway cor Dock
Grocer B. Townsend Nepperhan av cor Mechanic
Grocer Dennis McGrath Broadway cor Washington
Grocer Edgar Acker & Co. Main cor Depot
Grocer H. H. Brevoort 10 & 12 N Broadway
Grocer James Fulton 33 N Broadway
Grocer John Gaffney Mechanic
Grocer Keegan & Burke Palisade av
Grocer M. Desmond Washington
Grocer P. McEnroe Palisade av near Locust
Grocer P. Rohan Riverdale cor St. Mary's
Grocer P. White Riverdale near St. Mary's
Grocer S. S. Balcon Main
Grocer Samuel Grimes Washington
Grocer Waring & Rockwell Broadway cor Main
Grocer White & Slawson 111 N Broadway
Gun and Pistol Manufacturer Starr Arms Co. Vark av
Hair Dresser Emil Wiederhold Getty Square
Hair Dresser M. Poulin 10 Dock
Hair Dresser William Kaeser Getty House
Hardware B. S. Washburn 3 N Broadway
Hardware Chadeayne & Bro. 8 N Broadway
Harness and Saddle Maker John Ryan 7 1/2 Dock
Hat Manufacturer Eagle Hat Co. Palisade av
Hat Manufacturer Union Hat Co. Palisade av
Hats and Caps S. S. Peck 4 Wheeler's row
Hoisting Machines N. P. Otis & Bro. foot Vark av
Hotel Denslow House (O. C. Denslow, prop) Depot cor Nepperhan
Hotel Everett House (A. Logue) Broadway cor Prospect
Hotel Getty House (O. W. Doty) Getty sq
Hotel Yonkers Hotel (W. C. Churchill, prop.) Dock
House Furnishing B. S. Washburn 3 N Broadway
House Furnishing Chadeayne & Bro. 8 N Broadway
Insurance Agent Stephen R. Struthers Dock
Insurance Agent Yonkers & New York Fire Ins. Co. Getty House
Jeweler C. W. Starr 3 S Broadway
Jeweler Otto C. Beer Dock cor Warburton
Jeweler T. Gaul 29 N Broadway
Justice of the Peace Lyman Cobb, Jr. Getty sq
Justice of the Peace Thomas Smith Main near Broadway
Lawyer James P. Sanders Flagg's Building Getty sq
Lawyer John M. Knox Main cor N Broadway
Lawyer John M. Mason Main cor N Broadway
Lawyer Ralph E. Prime 11 Dock
Lawyer W. W. Woodworth Dock cor Warburton
Lawyer William Romer N Broadway cor Baldwin pl
Livery Stables C. H. Smith Broadway near Dock
Livery Stables Lyman Seely Mechanic near Getty sq
Livery Stables T. Hampson Broadway near Wells av
Lumber Jacob E. Parsons 6 Dock
Machinists H. H. Parsons Nepperhan
Machinists Osterheld & Eickemeyer Chicken Island
Marble Yard Julius Cable 13 Main
Merchant Tailors H. Lowenthall Underhill block
Merchant Tailors Harviss Hart Palisade av
Merchant Tailors W. P. Drummon S Broadway near Getty sq
Milliner M. H. Murphy Main cor Broadway
Milliner R. S. Jones 16 N Broadway
Milliner S. Hynard Mechanic near Getty sq
Milliner Sophia Packard Dock
Morocco Factory Fould & Malliband Mechanic
News Depot David Burns Palisade av cor Getty sq
Newspapers The Independent (Hale & Richardson) Main near Broadway
Newspapers The Statesman (W. E. Strickland) Getty sq
Newspapers Yonkers Gazette (J. P. G. Holden) Main near N Broadway
Oyster Saloon William H. Huestes 19 Main
Painter John McLain Mechanic near Getty sq
Painter Patrick Shannon Palisade av cor Locust
Painter Pilson Conway 12 Main
Painter Sickley & Thompson 7 Dock
Paper Boxes Ralph Shipman 13 Palisade av
Paper Hanger Conway Pilson 12 Main
Paper Hanger John McLain Mechanic near Getty sq
Photographer Samuel Bruckner Broadway
Physician A. W. Gates S Broadway opp Prospect
Physician Edward Arnold Broadway near Hudson
Physician G. B. Upham Warburton av
Physician g. P. Reevs 11 Dock
Physician George Harriet 95 Spring
Physician H. P. Pike 5 Buena Vista
Physician J. H. Pooley Warburton av
Physician L. W. Flagg Broadway near Hudson
Physician M. Linguist Nepperhan av cor Chestnut
Physician M. Reinfelder Broadway near Wells
Physician W. B. Ropes South Broadway
Pistol Manufacturer Baird, Wells & Co. Chicken Island
Planing Mill Mann & Keeler Nepperhan
Plumbers Charles Stillings Palisade av near Getty sq
Plumbers J. J. Coffey Wells av cor N Broadway
Porter House Anthony Egus Washington cor Jefferson
Porter House G. P. Leitre Spring
Porter House James Bowes Mechanic
Porter House John Koutz Mechanic near Getty sq
Porter House John T. Foley Riverdale cor St. Mary
Real Estate Agent James Youmans 4 Dock
Restaurant George L. Condit Broadway cor Getty sq
Saddle and Harness Maker Anderson & Pagan Broadway near Getty sq
Saloon Daniel Shea Riverdale
Saloon Eernest E. Hasse Main cor N Broadway
Saloon H. McElroen Broadway near Washington
Saloon Henry Lages Mechanic near Getty sq
Saloon J. Simader Riverdale
Saloon James Jackson Dock cor Bashford
Saloon John S. Widman 11 Palisade av
Saloon Lawrence Burns Vark av cor Riverdale
Saloon Nicholas Rost 23 N Broadway
Saloon R. Crapkowsky Dock
Saloon W. Brown Mechanic near Getty sq
Saloon W. T. Cummings Riverdale n Prospect
Saloon Woolcot Hall 10 Main
Sash, Blind and Door Makers H. V. Clark Nepperhan
Sash, Blind and Door Makers W. A. Myers Nepperhan
Saw Mill John Copcutt Nepperhan
Seed Store Timothy Ryan Main near Broadway
Silk Manufacturer George B. Skinner Elm
Silk Manufacturer William, James McFarland n Palisade av
Stationer and Bookseller Wm. H. Post Main cor Broadway
Stone Yards Frazier & Bro. River near Dock
Stone Yards John Jordan River cor Dock
Stoves and Tinward B. S. Washburn 3 N Broadway
Stoves and Tinward John Fegan Palisade av cor James
Stoves and Tinward John s. White Palisade av near Getty sq
Stucco Workers Leeds Brothers N Broadway near Dock
Tobacconist J. Lennerlein 31 N Broadway
Tobacconist Mathias Dogel 6 Dock
Tobacconist Mrs. A. Meyer 37 N Broadway
Tobacconist Nepperhan Tobacco Works Nepperhan
Tobacconist W. Steinkamp Mechanic, near Getty sq
Turner John McSweeney Nepperhan
Undertaker John Wheeler 4 Wheeler's row
Varieties E. Harris Spring
Varieties J. Campbell 5 Wheeler's row
Varieties John Jordan Palisade av
Varieties Mary Kennedy Palisade av near Locust
Varieties Sarah Gedney Palisade av
Wagon Maker F. Friend Wells av
Wagon Maker Francis Getler Wells av
Wine and Liquor Dealer Perriman, Sims & Co. 6 N Broadway
Wine and Liquor Dealer Schwartz & Auerback Underhill's row


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