These are taken from the 1891-1892 Yonkers Directory; there are some grammatical/spelling oddities, but these are copied exactly from the directory.

Oakland Cemetery

Located cor Ashburton av and Saw Mill River road; contains 65 acres;
incorporated 1875.  Prices of lots from $50 to $800.  Terms of purchase,
cash on interment, office 45 Warburton Avenue.

St. John's Cemetery

Adjoins the Oakland Cemetery on the north.  it is the oldest cemetery in
the city and belongs to St. John's parish.

St. Mary's Cemetery

Lies just off the Tuckahoe road a short distance, near the Saw Mill
River road, and is the principal Roman Catholic cemetery of the city.

St. Joseph's Cemetery

Is comparatively a new cemetery, located about four miles north of
Yonkers, near Saw Mill River road.*

*St. Joseph's lies entirely within the city limits these days; does this
mean the city boundaries changed, or does it refer to being about four
miles away from the "old village" near Getty Square?  (MMH)

Contributed by Mary Hoar


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