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Surname Year Moved  Emigrated
to Troy
Emigrated or Moved From
(country, state, or county)
Last Known Troy
Madigan bef 1870 Ireland 6th ward Marsha Ensminger
Madison 1790s MA Petersburg Susi J Pentico
Maguire 1887 Ireland 4 15th St, 1900 Patty Rubino
Malone 1880 Ireland 12 House Ave, 1910 K Cooney-Ayotte
Mann 1865 Ireland not given Lorraine A Hughes
Manning not given not given Troy NY Eileen Manning
Manning 1880 Co Cork IE 322 9th St Rita O'Brien
Marchese 1911 Italy 213 5th Ave Jo Ann Burke
Markham 1840 Ireland various Kathleen Ethier
Martin 1910 1870 139 Fifth Ave Bonny Robilard
Martin 1810 NJ not given Trudy
Martin 1881 Co Galway IE 374 9th St Kevin M Pemrick
Mattison 1790s MA Petersburg Susi J Pentico
McAuliffe ca 1876 Ireland 322 4th St Joan Howe
McAuliffe by 1850 Co. Cork, Ireland 127 Ferry St Mary M. Nigro
M(a)cAvoy unknown unknown unknown Bob MacAvoy
McCann 1862-63 NYC 27 North 2nd St, in 1880 Brenda
McCann 1907 Ireland 220 Lincoln Carolyn Corcoran
McCarthy est early 1800x unknown 64 Ida St. St. Mary's Church Laura Smith
McClure 1890s Vermont 242 9th St, 1930 Marsha Ensminger
McCorkle unknown not given 1900-3320 6th Ave Martha Johnson
McCullen poss 1880s Ireland>NYC unknown Judy Herbert
McDonald 1849-50 Ireland not given Connie McDonald
McDonnell ca 1880 Co Mayo 862 3rd St Stephanie Feldman
McDonough 1846 Clare? Galway? West Troy Pat Wood
McEniry 1840 not given not given Edward McEniry
McEntee 1858 Ireland 1850 West Troy > 1860 Troy census Pat Connors
McHugh bef 1959-66 Ireland, NYC 2234 6th Ave Barbara Sweeney
McGaughnea 1864 Ireland 562 2nd St, So Troy Mary M Frisbee
McGivern unknown Canada 1 Warren Ave Joan Howe
McGivern unknown not given Lincoln Ave Alice Montgomery
McGuigan, McGough etc 1853 Ireland, Scotland not given Geraldine R Ames
McGuinness 1848 Co Meath, Irel South Troy d 1881 Mary Kay Kuhfittig
McGuire not known Canada, NY, Ireland??? 1838 Arlene Rogers
McGurn ca 1850 Ireland unknown Walt Warren
McLean ca 1861 Ireland Watervliet Barbara Lockard
McKeown 1880 Cork City, Co Cork IE 332 9th St Rita O'Brien
McNamara ca 1862 Co Limerick, Ireland 4th St (So Troy), Hill St Cheryl Mack
McNulty 1888, 1893 Balina, Co Mayo 1920s 416 1st St Eileen Foley
McTigue 1887 Co Mayo, Ireland 220 Lincoln Carolyn Corcoran
Miller bef 1850 unknown 179 4th Ave Bob Miller
Millett unknown Ireland unknown address Mary
Minahan 1889-1900 Co Limerick, Ireland St Joseph's Parish Jeanne Daley
Minogue ca 1870-80 Ireland > VT 52 Washington St Mike Minogue
Miter 1775-1790 England Died Lansingburgh Dec 16 1822 Brad Miter
Mooney 1863 Ireland 4th, Ida, Hill Sts Patricia Mooney
Moore 1791 Durham, ENG Rensselaer Co Jan Jordan
Moore unsure Maine 1906, address unknown Catherine Bergh
Moran 1852 or before Westmeath, pos Carrick unknown Jeanine Matthews
Moran Before 1860 Ireland 1861-67 So. Troy 1870-? Green Island Lois Hartnett
Morrison 1819 Northern Ireland 62 2nd St Kate Colwell
Morrissey prior to 1875 Waterford, Ireland 4 Christy Street Albany after 1875 Jeanne Keefe
Morsello unknown Italy 511 Jacob St Teddi Levine
Muckle 1869 Co Down > Scotland Brunswick Rd, Brunswick Tnp Mindy H Wroten
Mullaney pre 1900 Kiltimagh, Co Mayo not given Nancy M Reeb
Mullen 1851 Ireland Greene St, First North Karl Smith
Mullen unknown Ireland Troy 1838 Arlene Rogers
Mulready 1857-99 Ireland rear 352 2nd St Gloria Parker
Murnane betw 1847- 1863 Ireland via Chateaugay, NY Possibly  3 Van Buren, Troy Joseph R. Murnane
Murnin 1860 Co Down, Ireland unknown Matthew Costello
Murray not known b NYS Dec 1872 343 2nd St Troy in 1900 Pat Connors
Nolan born in Troy born in Troy 219 Stowe Ave, 6th ward James Quigley
Noone late 1800s Ardkill, Kilmaine, Co Mayo IE not given Loretta Barnard
Oakman bef 1850 Ireland City of Troy Vicki Strickland
O'Brien not given Ireland 60 King St Jude Gage-O'Brien
O'Connor ca 1888 Co Kerry IE Green Island Bob Barnes
O'Connor 1860s Co Tipperary, IE Cliff St 1908 Pat Connors
O'Haire not given not given not given D Cary
O'Keefe 1906 Cullen, Co Tipperary, Ire Ida St Kathleen Ethie
O'M(e)ara, Mara 1915 not given 122 Vail Ave, 13th ward Gerry Duffy
O'Meara ca 1890 Irel or AU 42 Ida St   1926 Kay Brearton
O'Neil 1955-60 Ireland 350 Monroe St Robin Pettit
O'Neil 1882 or 1891 Ireland poss Stow Ave Danine Gebhart
Organ 1848 County Waterford IE Pawling Ave (1899) P J Organ
Palmer 1852 England River St Pati Brunswick
Peetz 1900? not given not given Claudia P Hinkson
Pemrick 1877-1888 Claremorris, Co Mayo, not given Kevin Pemrick
Peters 1863 not given not given Trish L Taylor
Pettit, Petit, Pettitt 1850 Wash. Co, Columbia Co NY 7th ward Kevin M Pemrick
Phelps 1840 Schodack & CT 222 No 2nd St Carla Johnson
Pierce b Troy b Troy unknown Phil Newton
Pike 1850 Scotland, Canada? 6th ward, 1850 Pat Crimmel
Pillard by 1853 Quebeck unknown Barry Considine
Plouman 1900s unknown unknown Jennifer
Powers 1900s- Ireland 2786 Seventh Ave Jennifer
Powers after 1800 Ireland 1st St, So. Troy PJ Trudeau
Powers unknown Ireland 429 1st St Cindy Hoffman
Quigley unknown Ireland 429 1st St Cindy Hoffman
Quinlin bef 1860 Co Cork, Ireland 1880 Rensselaer St Virginia R Higgins
Quinn 1855 Ireland not given Peggy Quinn
Quinn ? Ireland not given Jimmy
Radcliffe b 1867 not given d 1929 Jacqueline B McGinnis
Ramroth 1846 Germany Capitol District Matt Bloomfield
Ranken ca 1829 Co Derry IRE unknown Scott O Fraser
Ratigan mid 1800s Ireland 2746 6th Ave  1898 Elaine McCormick
Raymond not given not given not given Susan Neumann
Reardon 1860 Ireland 428 4th St, 1934 Joan Howe
Redmond 1916 unknown 1916, Troy Drake
Reed 1800-50 not given not given Deborah L Allen
Reed 1850 Dublin 710 5th Ave, Lansingburgh Cindy Hoffman
Retford, Redford 1850 England City Firefighter Pat Crimmel
Reynolds ca 1755 Bristol ENG, or RI Rensselaer Co Jan Jordan
Riley pre 1880 Ireland 340 Ninth St (1880) Mary Beth Brown
Riley ca 1874 Co Galway IE 114 Earl St, 1898 Jan R Sullivan
Robbins bef 1840 Ireland unknown Francis Troy
Rogers after 1930 bef 1870 3215 6th Ave, 1930 Marsha Ensminger
Rohan, Roughan, Rowan ca 1830, move from Troy bef 1840 Limerick, Ireland unknown, attended St Peter's Church Kitty
Ryan 1849 1850 not given Linda Mitchum
Ryan 1881 Ireland 502 2nd St 1902 John Ryan
Ryan not given not given not given Jacqueline B McGinnis
Ryan bef 1862 not given 111 3rd St, Troy Mary Nigro
Ryan bef 1860 Thurles, Co Tipperary, I moved to Chicago ca 1866 Jeanne Arguelles
Saxe 1850 St Albans, VT 193 Second St Andrew F Saxe
Scarry unknown Ireland unknown Cindy Hoffman
Scullin 1849-50 Essex, VT 2nd @ Main St. So Troy 1867 Joan Firth Kaysen
Seney not given not given not given Bob Seney
Sewell, Suell, etc 1845 Quebec CAN 7th wd, 1850 Mary L Carr
Sharp 1930-40 Cleveland OH not given Robert Leonard
Shea September 1866 Waterville, Co Kerry 71 Railroad Avenue, Troy Richard Shea
Shehan 1839 Ireland unknown Edward Waugh
Sheppard 1860 Canada North 3rd St Thomas Turley
Sherry 1931 Ireland 11th St Thomas S Sherry
Shortsleeves betw 1818-1911 Three Rivers, Canada unknown Francis Troy
Sibbald 1850 Scotland 769 Third Street 1932 Mark Dionne
Simon ca 1790 unknown Schodack Jan Jordan
Sipperley bef 1850 unknown unknown Penny Sabin
Smith unknown unknown 125 4th St Barbara Sheridan
Spain 1852 Offaly not given Dennis Fitzgerald
Spencer not given England Lansingburgh 1840 Jane Schneeloch
Spratt unknown unknown 35 1st St Barbara Sheridan
Stansfield ca 1870 Poughkeepsie NY 138 4th St Bill Stansfield
Stanton 1847 Charleville Co Cork South Troy Stanton M Broderick
Stevens unknown Germany? unknown 1887 Connie Winterton
St.Martin 1922? or bef unknown 645 1st Ave N Troy Patrick B Moxhet
Sullivan not given County Kerry, Ireland not given Joan Fitch
Sullivan 1860 not given unknown Anne McLaughlin
Sullivan Abt 1848 Ireland 1023 5th Ave Troy Raymond Warriner
Sweeney 1847 Co Leitrim IE 688 Burden Ave Kevin M Pemrick
Tanguay 1870 Canada 1st St, Watervliet, 4th Ave Carla Lakatos
Tator ca 1850 to 1870 Ghent, Columbia, NY not given Bryan Healy
Tetreault ca 1880 Quebec, Canada Troy Tonya G Kellum
Toohey 1848-present Tipperary, Ireland all over Lisa
Toomey/Toomy 1850 Ireland 315 Congress St. 1900 Mark Dionne
Tracy 1870-1890s? not given 125 Ferry St Victoria Engbarth
Tracy 1860s Ireland via Duchess County 1908, 507 Fourth St Pam Ward
Trombl(e)y 1900 not given 2108 7th Ave Sheryl T Holden
Valente 1909 Italy unknown Jo Ann Burke
Vallee 1900 not given 1980 Candee Vallee
Vanderpool not given born in NY 15 13th St   1880 Alison McDowell
Van Pelt ca 1800 New Jersey unknown JoAnn Kaufman
VanVranken ca 1920 Holland Douw St 1930 Lisa Murray
Walsh 1860s County Laois, Ireland South Troy Barry Considine
Walsh unknown Ireland 240 Stowe Ave, Troy Mike Leonard
Walsh unknown unknown 15 Chestnut Street, Troy Richard Shea
Warriner betw 1920 & 1950 New Jersey Troy 1968 Raymond Warriner
Waterman unknown unknown 104 Ninth St Duane Waterman
Waugh 1860s Ireland Middleburgh St Edward L Waugh
Welch betw 1855-56 Manchester, England unknown Janet Dill
Weston unknown England 320 2nd St   1954 kay Brearton
Whalen late 1840s Ireland not given Gary M Thelen
Whelan 1882 Ireland > > Naugatuck, CT 4 Walnut St, Troy 1883 Michael Whelan
White 1802 Chesterfield, Berkshire MA Second District >WA Co, after 1812 M. Chamberlin
Whitman bef 1848 Germany 11 Walnut St, 1890 Jan R Sullivan
Whittam, Whitam, etc 1880 England 1880 Troy John Whitam
Wilcox 1812 not given not given Jim Wilcox
Williams 1901-1905  Wales via Granville, WashCo 2109 Seventh Avenue, 1905 Jenny Volker
Wilson 1879 not given not given Marilyn W Hughes
Wixted 1899 Ireland First St Jim Jendro
Wood unknown unknown Utica Taryn
Wright 1900 Ireland 499 8th Ave Robert J Wright






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