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Surname Year Moved or Emigrated
to Troy
Emigrated or moved From
(country, state or county)
Last Known Troy
Allen 1865 Ireland not given Lorraine A Hughes
Ancona 1880s unknown 1892 507 Fourth St, Troy Pam Ward
Andres 1840s unknown near PS 5th St Sue Sullivan
Armstrong Ca 1858 Kilmore, Co. Fermanagh 102 Congress, Troy, 1918+ Don Boyle
Ashley unknow Northumberland unknown Trudy
Atkins 1920 1870 163 N 2nd St, 137 5th Ave Bonny Robilard
Aylward unknown unknown unknown Lisa Murray
Bailey 1850s England Mill Street Shirley Dilsworth
Balthazard 1860s Quebec unknown Barry Considine
Balthazard 1868 Canada (French) 316 2nd St Mark Balthazard
Barnfather ca 1900 not given 491 7th Ave Lee Cognetta
Barnum 1920 1870 not given Bonny Robilard
Barrett unknown unknown 85 4th St Lauri Mosall
Bates ca 1825 Mass, 539 Congress Street, Troy 1918 Cyndy Bates Finnie
Bather 1846-50 England unknown Penny Sabin
Belanger 1888s Canada 1315 1st Ave Carla Lakatos
Belli 1911 not given Ferry St Virginia Dunphy
Bills ca 1830 Jamaica, Windham Co VT unknown N Kechnie
Birch unknown unknown Cohoes or Troy Lisa Murray
Black ca 1875 Ontario CAN Troy City 1910 J Corfield
Bloomfield 1880 Northern Ireland 613 Congress St Bonnie Kohler
Bohne not given Germany not given Robert Henderson
Bohrer 1881 Klein-Hausen, Hesse, Germany 101 Ida St David Bohrer
Boland 1878-81 Ireland 9th St Mary Marsicano
Bond 1904 Shanagolden, IE unknown Tracy Bond
Bonehill bef 1840 England Springfield, Illinois------about 1909 Truman l. Flatt
Boyle ca  196- Ireland, England 1 Van Buren St Michael Boyle
Bradley after 1856 Ireland 2nd St Cindy Hoffman
Bradley unknown unknown unknown Lisa Murray
Bradshaw early 1800s England Troy, Lansingburg Shirley Dilsworth
Brandon 1847? Ireland d in Troy 1903b St. Mary's Trish L Taylor
Brown ca 1880 Vermont River St Troy 1902 Eugene Brown
Brown abt 1890 Ireland 410 4th Street Troy - 1920 Raymond Warriner
Browne 1852 Co. Tipperary, Ireland 1860 census, 2nd ward Donna Wilson
Brozick 1870-1900 Poland So Troy Polish area Pati Brunswick
Buckley 1848 Tipperary Ireland unknown Austin Fadden
Burke abt 1900 Jones Co IA unknown Mary Kay Kuhfittig
Bushell unknown Ireland 361 4th St Robin B Pettit
Buskin 1841 Ireland 538 4th St Carole Buskin
Byrne ca 1881 Co Mayo 862 3rd St Stephanie Feldman
Cahill 1887 Ireland 4 15th St Patty Rubino
Caldwell Abt. 1856 Ireland 1860 - Troy Gloria Hoehn
Callahan 1884 Ireland 18 Hutton St Mimi Nicotina
Campbell unknown unknown 298 3rd St Barbara Sheridan
Campbell late 1860s Ireland or Scotland St Joseph's Parish Danine Gebhart
Campbell 1870s b County Armagh IE 518 Second St,So Troy 1922 Pat Connors
Canfield 1880 unknown West Sand Lake Rita O'Brien
Cannon ca 1850 Ireland 300 4th St Walt Warren
Carey 1855 Ireland via Montreal area South Troy 1855 - ca 1930 Lynn Grice
Carter not given b NY 7 Pawling Ave 1880 Alison McDowell
Casey 1847 Co Cork 96 Hanover Matthew Costello
Cashman 1854 Ireland 144 President St Julie Cashman
Cassin, Capin, Casson 1820 not given not given Lee Cassin
Castle 1940s not given not given Barbara Collins
Caulfield 1857 not given Not given Kathryn Murdoch
Cavanaugh abt 1870 Ireland >> Providence RI 6 Campbell Highway, Troy Richard Shea
Charette ca 1880 Canada Renssalaer Co 1900 Tonya Gauthier-Kellum
Chase unknown unknown unknown Sean McCarthy
Chesire 1850 Culmullen, Co Meath, Ire unknown Mary Kay Kuhfittig
Christian bef 1830 Quebec 7th dist  1840 Joyce
Christopher unknown Yonkers NY Zip code 12182  1972 Judy Christopher
Clapp 1800? England not given Mike Butler
Clark(e) unknown unknown 604 River St. Troy,  1953 Carolyn Helin
Claven by 1850 Ireland 127 Ferry St., 154 Second St. Mary M. Nigro
Clements unknown unknown unknown Beryl O'Gorman
Cole ca 1910 Boston Troy Orphanage, 5th Ward Leslie
Cole 1910s Boston MA Dean St? Sharon
Connolly, Connelly bef 1865 Ireland 300 2nd St Nancy Sheridan-Siegel
Connors 1853 Drom Par., Co Tipperary N 157 3rd St Jackie Pillsworth
Connors ca 1829 Ireland 216 4th St 1880 Lisa M Murray
Connors unknown unknown 8th Ward 1880 Tom Crossett
Connors 1860s Co Tipperary IE 102 Cliff St 1908 Pat Connors
Considine 1846 Ireland 3rd St, 4th St; South Troy Barry Considine
Corbett unknown unknown unknown Lisa Murray
Costello before 1830, moved 1840 Limerick, Ireland unknown, church-St Peter's in Troy Kitty LaPointe
Costello 1892 Borrisoleigh, Co Tipperary, 126 Bedford St 1948 Matthew Costello
Courtois ca 1861 not given Cohoes, Troy Susan Dahl
Crandall 1898 not given not given Kris MacDonald
Crosby not given not given not givne Noreen Connell Welch
Cushing bef 1844 pos Limerick 8th wd, 1860 Pat Seger
Daley unknown Ireland 789 5th Ave, Lansingburgh Cindy Hoffman
Dandurand bef 1869 Iberville, Quebec CAN unknown Jude Wynne
Davis 1854 NH 1860+ 2nd ward Donna Wilson
Dawson 1843 England 309 9th St  1880 Dawn Perry-Taft
Dean 1822 not given 18 8th St LoriAnn
D'Eb(b)oli Debboli 1890 Italy 1437 5th Ave Frank Debboli
Delaney 1848 Ireland not given Carole Buskin
Delaney 1865 Tullamore, Co Offaly, 127 Ferry St., Troy, 1870 Mary Nigro
DeLee 1857 or earlier Limerick IE So Troy, Albia Stanton M Broderick
Devenish 1851 Westmeath, Ireland 1860-8th ward, 1870-10th ward Marguerite Harrington
Devereux bef 1860 Ireland moved to Chicago ca 1866 Jeanne Arguelles
Dickson 1900s unknown unknown Jennifer
Ditm(e)yer 1870-1890s? not given 125 Ferry St Victoria Engbarth
Divine, Dwain bef 1852 b Ireland not given Chuck Gahm
Diviney, Divilly 1882-3 Co Galway, Balrobuckbeg 538 2nd St Terry Bora
Dollard 1879 Kilkenny IE 200 9th St John E Dollard
Donnelly ca 1869 Westmeath, Ireland 7 Washington Park Wendy Evans
Donohue 1855 Ireland not given Peggy Quinn
Donovan 1868 England 570 First St., 1911 Gail Unwin
Dougherty not given not given not given Noreen Connell Welch
Dougherty ca 1888 Ballina, Co Sligo North Greenbush Bob Barnes
Duffin ca 1850 Ireland 290 4th St Walt Warren
Duffy 1847 Ireland 333 1st St, 1913 Joan Howe
Dugrenier 1860 Canada Little Sister of the Poor Carla Lakatos
Dumin abt 1887 W Prussia, Ger. unknown William Dunn
Durand unknown unknown unknown Lisa Murray
Earls 1846 Clare? Galway? West Troy Pat Wood
Ellis ca 1875 Ireland Troy City 1930 J Corfield
Entwistle 1832-37 Harwood, England not given Becky Lutz
Fagan 1839 Ireland 538 4th St Carole Buskin
Fallon not given MA father d MN Mary Fallon Richards
Farrell after 1837 b Ireland 1837 83 Hoosick St, d Troy 1914 Linda Farrell Sharp
File unknown Ireland 1 Warren Ave Joan Howe
Fitzgerald 1852 Offaly, Ireland not given Dennis Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald abt 1872 poss Co. Cork 288 4th or 9th St Jean F Cook
Fitzpatrick Troy 1873 Ireland 436 1st St, attended St. Joseph's Tracey C Marcelo
Flynn unknown Ireland unknown Sheila R Ploof
Flynn 1859 b Ireland St. Mary's Ave 1880, 624 4th St 1908 Pat Connors
Flanagan 1840s Ireland South Troy Barry Considine
Flanagan 1859 Co Roscommon, Ireland Troy > VT 1865 Mike Minogue
Flannery bef 1852 b Ireland not given Chuck Gahm
Fleigring ca 1750s Germantown NY? Europe? Greenbush Jan Jordan
Fogarty 1864 Ireland 1880 Third St > 1910 Jackson St Maria Baker
Fogarty 1800 not given unknown Mary Presnell
Follett B 1881 not given 1907 Jacqueline B McGinnis
Forman 1846 Engl, Canada Baptist church N Kechnie
Frear unknown 1850-60 Ward 2 Marilyn Blake
Frey 1901 German 46 Pawling Ave Peggy Dolan
Frederick 1847-57 Quebec not given Robert Gilbert
Friedhof n/a parents from Germany 1875 Ken
Fitzgerald Offaly      
Gagen, Gahagan, Geoghegan 1870 Co Down, Ireland unknown Barry Considine
Gallagher not given Ireland 406 4th St  1907 Kay Brearton
Gardner bef 1860 NY Green Island Donna Wilson
Garvey ca 1850 not given 5th ward, 1850 Mary Ellen
Gauther ca 1880  Quebec, Canada Cohoes, Albany County 1895 Tonya Gauthier-Kellum
Geran,Gearin, etc before 1892 Ireland Schaghticoke Linda Geren
Gibbs before 1810 Conn. First Ward 1860 Census
Gifford not given not given not given Diane Reuscher
Gilbert 1847 Quebec unk address 1855-56 Robert Gilbert
Gleason ca 1830 Jamaica, Windham Co VT unknown N Kechnie
Godfrey not given not given Lansingburgh 1845 Jane Schneeloch
Goodell 1870-1900 Canada River St, Ferry St Pati Brunswick
Gray, Grey prior to 1840 Ireland unknown Patti Gray-Smith
Greene(e) unknown unknown unknown Bobby Green Brown
Green bef 1850 England or Ireland 216 4th st Lisa Murray
Grinlinton not given not given Troy Susan Seifert
Hagarty, Haggarty 1880s Ireland 230 4th St Jim Potter
Hagerty/Haggerty 1880s Co Cork Irel 300 9th Ave >>Brooklyn 1910 M. Barnett
Hannon/Hannan 1871 Ireland 253 Third St,  St. Mary's Church Laura Smith
Hansen late 1880s Denmark possibly North Troy 1886 Dawn Burgess
Hartnett 1852 Coachford, Co Cork, Ireland 146 President St Julie Cashman
Hasell not given Canada not given Sheryl T Holden
Hastings unknown NY various Carla Johnson
Heaney 1860s Co Longford IE various Rose Marie
Herbert ca 1850 Ireland 290 4th St Walt Warren
Higgins 1855 Ireland not given Peggy Quinn
Hines, Hynes 1853 Ireland So Troy, Burden Ave, Stow Ave area Kevin M Pemrick
Hogan not given Ireland not given Howard Bancroft
Hogan late 1840s Co Limerick, IE 4th ward Judy Herbert
Hogan abt 1850 Ireland 319 2nd St Carole Buskin
Hogben 1865 England not given Debbie Stokke
Holland unknown Ireland unknown Cindy Hoffman
Holliday, Halliday 1880-1920 Poughkeepsie 4th St, Congress St, 3rd St, William St, Adam St Linda
Hooppell 1850 Quebec 44 13th St Bonnie Kohler
Hope 1850s Quebec unknown Sean McCarthy
Houlihan, Holohan 1870 not given 524 Second St Gerry Duffy
Howe ca 1848 Enniskillen IE 200 Congress St, 3 South St Bill Stansfield
Howe By 1800 possibly from VT 1855  Boonville, Oneida, NY Penny Sabin
Howell 1868 Wales 72 thompson st sheryl nelligan
Howell 1868 Wales 72 thompson st sheryl nelligan
Humphrey unknown England unknown John William Whitam
Hunter 1832 1930 1910 6th Ave LoriAnn
Hurley aft 1835 bef 1857 Coleraine, Ireland Troy & Green Island Joseph Hurley
Jackson 1850 not given not given Edith Harling
Jones 1770s Rhode Island Petersburh > Jones Hollow Susi J Pentico
Jordan ca 1863 Northern Ireland various Lauri Mosall
Julien 1866-68 Ireland Mill St, So Troy Barry Considine
Kearney ca 1850 Irish Free State 3 Short 7th Carla Johnson
Keary ca 1894  Kilcolgan, Co. Galway 47 Christie St, Troy 1963 Kathleen H. Duff
Keefe, O'Keefe prior to 1858 Cork, Ireland 6th Avenue behind St. Peter's Church Jeanne Keefe
Keenan ??? Ireland d in Troy 1863 Jacqueline Burke-McGinnis
Keleher 1859 Ireland unknown Marsha Ensminger
Keller ca 1850 Germany 725 River St ca 1940 Connie Winterton
Kelly unknown Ireland unknown Cindy Hoffman
Kennelly 1850s Co Limerick, IE not given Judy Herbert
Kenney b Troy b Troy unknown Dorothy Kenney
Killeen 1868 Co Mayo, Ire River, Canal, 1st to 5th Sts Tom Killeen
Kimmerle ca 1852 Germany Grant St Lauri Mosall
King 1852 Ireland Stow Ave Kristine White
Kinn(e)y, Kenna 1852 Scotland not given Geraldine R Ames
Klages ca 1850s Breman unknown C. H.Porzenheim
Klein ca 1850 German unknown Connie Hanton-Porzenheim
Klockner ca 1740s Germany Greenbush 1798+ Jan Jordan
LaJeunesse ca 1862 not given Cohoes, Troy Susan Dahl
Langan unknown Ireland unknown Sheila R Ploof
Langley 1870s Stafford, England unk, > Saugerties NY Barry Considine
Langton 1851 Ireland 83 10th St Eileen C. Werth
Lanigan 1850 Tipperary not given John Kearney
Lanigan 1847 Tipperary, Ireland unknown Austin Fadden
Larkin 1904 Claremorris, Co Mayo 4th St Kristine White
Larkum 1930-40 Cleveland OH not given Robert Leonard
LaRose ca 1890 Canada 495 2nd Ave Bob Miller
Leahy 1840 not given unknown Kathy Egan
Leonard ca 1874 Lawrence MA 4th near St. Luke's Mike Leonard
Leonard 1914 Rochester, NY 41 Christie Street, Troy Richard Shea
Lepper early 1880s Nova Scotia Vandenburgh Ave, 1890 Jan R Sullivan
Leunen ca 1650 unknown Beverwyck, Albany Jan Jordan
Lillis 1875-99 Cullen, Co Tipperary Ire various Kathleen Ethier
Lilly 1842 Ireland VanBuren c Willow 1872 Greg Schwarz
Liney 1860 Scotland Hoosick St Peter Liney
Little pre 1860 unknown 1st Ward Stanton M Broderick
Loeffler 1840s B Baden, Ger 240 5th Ave Mary Marsicano
Logan 1840s Ireland 73 Fourteenth St Richard Cochrane
Long 1838 Ireland 1855 9th ward Greg Schwarz
Long 1846 Co Antrim, Ire, Canada Baptist church N Kechnie
Long ca 1870 Ireland 535 4th St M. Costello
Loomis ca 1850 unknown unknown Jon Gray
Loomis ca 1845 Egremont MA 330 Congress St Bill Stansfield
Lovett prior to 1812 unknown 3rd ward 1850 census Jackie
Lowell 1845 New Hampshire not given Carla Johnson
Lunny, Lunney 1840 not given unknown Kathy Egan
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