Flynn Cemetery Inscriptions

(graveyard inscriptions found in assorted data at the Troy Public Library in 1999
and from visiting the various cemeteries in 1998 and 1999)

Surname First Cemetery DOD Age Buried With Comments
Flynn Catherine St. Peter's 1913(2/22)   wife of Patrick  
Flynn Charles St. Ida's 1848-8/15 45 (erected by wife-Bridget Flynn) father of Thomas
Flynn Coleman St. Ida's 1848-4/9 36   b Leddington, Cork
Flynn Elizabeth St. Joseph's 1873-6/23 48 (erected by husb-John) b Drumbane Par, Tipperary
Flynn Francis St. Peter's 1918(10/17)   Patrick and Catherine  
Flynn James St. Mary's 1866-5/13 27 John Flynn, father in memory
Flynn James St. Peter's 1892-11/3   Patrick and Catherine  
Flynn Jennie St. Peter's 1946(6/13)   Patrick and Catherine  
Flynn John St. Mary's 1881-10/17 76 James Flynn, son b. Loughkeen Par. Tipperary
Flynn Martin St. Peter's 1888-5/29   Patrick and Catherine  
Flynn Patrick St. Peter's 1893-3/23   Catherine Finnegan-Wife  
Flynn Thomas St. Ida's 1848-7/5 3 (erected bymother-Bridget Flynn) son of Charles
Flynn Thomas St. Peter's 1902(12/11)   Patrick and Catherine  

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