Baptisms at St. Josephs RC Church in Troy NY

O'Connor, Flynn, McEntee Campbell 1800s to early 1900s

Godmother Godfather Child Surname dob Parents
McNamara, Honora Dunn, Lawrence John Campbell 1877-8/1 George/Bridget Flynn
McGovern, Helen Maxwell, Patrick Michael Campbell 1879-2/25 George/Bridget Flynn
Flynn, Margaret Flynn, John  Elizabeth Campbell 1881-11/29 George/Bridget Flynn
Kelly, Mary Anna Flynn, Hugh George Campbell 1884-1/9 George/Bridget Flynn
Flynn, Mary Kelly, Bernard Daniel Campbell 1886-6/22 George/Bridget Flynn
Coffey, Mary Mattimore, John Anna Campbell 1888-11/11 George/Bridget Flynn
Johnston, Cecelia Briely, John Francis Campbell 1891-3/8 George/Bridget Flynn
    Andrew Campbell 1867 William J./Mary Stapleton
    John Campbell 1872 William J./Mary Stapleton
    William Campbell 1887-4/29 William J./Mary Stapleton
    John Campbell 1855-8/2 William/Anna
    Thomas Campbell 1859-6/16 William/Anna
    Mary C. Campbell 1820  
    Joseph H Campbell 1857  
    William Campbell 1825-12/3  
O'Meara, Emily Maloney, William William T. Conner 5/29/1866 John/Mary O'Neill
Connors, Margaret Margaret Conner 5/15/1850 Redmund/Catherine English
Connors, Catherine Halpen, John Catherine  Conners 2/25/1852 William/Helena Barron
Dorsey, Helena Sheehy, Bryan Daniel Conners 6/5/1860 William/Helena Barron
Hogan, Helena Monahon, Bartholomew Bridget Connor 3/23/1876 James/Bridget Hogan
Connors, Mary Coleman, Martin Sarah Connor 9/28/1886 John/Johanna Martin
Connors, Mary Kelley, Thomas Catherine E. Connor 7/25/1872 Martin/Mary E. Kelly
Connors, Margaret Killala, Patrick Michael Connors 12/1/1865 Edward/Bridget
Ryan, Bridget Connors, Martin John J. Connors 7/10/1860 Edward/Bridget
Perrey, Margaret Monahan, Martin Anna Connors 2/23/1892 James/Anna Monahan
Connors, Helena McCarthy, Dennis James Connors 7/29/1851 Jeremiah/Johanna
Burns, Bridget Connors, John Mary T. Connors 6/25/1874 Martin/Mary E. Kelly
Noonan, Bridget McGaughney, Thomas Bridget Connors 7/22/1871 Michael/Margaret Welsh
Connors, Helena Lonegran, Jeremiah Michael Connors 7/29/1869 Michael/Margaret Welsh
Otis, Catherine Connors, John Francis Connors 12/16/1885 Patrick/Anna Mulvihill
English, Margaret Mahar, John John Connors 1/29/1858 Redmund/Catherine English
Monahan, Mary Monahan, William Helena Connors 2/20/1865 Redmund/Catherine English
Connors, Bridget Connors, John Agnes Connors 6/30/1871 Redmund/Catherine English
Casey, Honora Doyle, John Jeremiah Connors 8/31/1868 Timothy/Helena Doyle
Stapleton, Cathering Gibbons, Thomas Honora Connors 9/6/1872 Timothy/Helena Doyle
Scott, Helena Delaney, Michael Helena Connors 7/20/1876 Timothy/Mary Delaney
     Michael Connors 10/13/1864 William/Helena Barron
     Patrick Connors 3/16/1862 William/Helena Barron
Connors, Catherine    Mary Connors 3/31850 William/Helena Barron
Flynn, Bridget Manning, Thomas Edward Flynn 1874-7/6 Hugh & Mary Cumisky
Burns, Bridget Dwyer, Patrick Catherine Flynn 1876-9/23 Hugh & Mary Cumisky
Kelly, Honora burns, James Alice Flynn 1869-2/8 Hugh & Mary Cummisky
Flynn, Helena Kelly, James Mary A. Flynn 1869-2/8 Hugh & Mary Cummisky
Frill, Mary Manning, Patrick Margaret  Flynn 1878-10/12 Hugh & Mary Cummisky
Smith, Mary Smith, John R. Helena Flynn 1873-1873 James & Helena Pendergast
Mahar, Mary Mahar, James Margaret A. Flynn 1856-3/29 James & Mary Egan
Egan, Anna Monahan, William Mary Flynn 1857-7/5 James & Mary Egan
    William Flynn 1860-2/7 James & Mary Egan
Egan, Anna Kelley, James James Flynn 1861-10/5 James & Mary Egan
Kelley, Mary Monahan, Matthew Christopher Flynn 1864-10/2 James & Mary Egan
McCoy, Bridgey Welsh, Patrick James Flynn 1892-7/22 John & Anastasia Brennan
Flynn, Honora Morey, David Alice Flynn 1876-4/25 John & Catherine M. Kelly
Morey, Mary Connelly, Patrick Mary Flynn 1878-4/25 John & Catherine M. Kelly
Morey, Mary A. Morey, David Catherine E. Flynn 1880-8/21 John & Catherine M. Kelly
Foley, Catherine Foley, James J. Joseph E. Flynn 1886-9/10 John & Catherine M. Kelly
English, Mary English, Lawrence William Flynn 1888-11/1 John & Catherine M. Kelly
Flynn, Alice F. Flynn, John Jr. Sarah Flynn 1893-4/19 John & Catherine M. Kelly
Smith, Frances A. Langley, Thomas John H. Flynn 1887-12/3 John & Mary Hanrety
Hopey, Sarah Langley, Thomas Mary A. Flynn 1889-5/25 John & Mary Hanrety
Clampit, Mary Clochasy, David John Flynn 1868-5/21 Lawrence & Catherine Begley
McNamara, Mary Gibbons, John Patrick Flynn 1868-5/21 Lawrence & Catherine Begley
Wallace, Margaret Byron, Thomas Michael Flynn 1869-7/26 Lawrence & Catherine Begley
Hanrahan, Mary Milligan, Michael Anna Flynn 1870-8/24 Lawrence & Catherine Begley
Flynn, Mary Morrissey, James Paul Flynn 1870-9/17 Paul & Helena McMahon
Welsh, Margaret Begley, Dennis Helena Flynn 1872-1/23 Paul & Helena McMahon
Fitzpatrick, Johanna   Agnes Flynn 1888-1/18 Thomas & Mary Tully
Flynn, Anna   Joseph P. Flynn 1890-4/1 Thomas & Mary Tully
Mullins, Sarah Purcell, Richard Mary H. McEntee 1862-6/23 Edward/Bridget O'Donnell
Crosby, Catherine Crosby, Peter Rose McEntee 1883-7/11 Michael/Mary Crosby
Dorr, Bridget Brierton, James Catherine McEntee 1886-3/1 Michael/Mary Crosby
Agars, Anna Mary, Nicholas Anna McEntee 1891-4/8 Michael/Mary Crosby
Connors, Winifred Connors, Martin Edward O'Connor 5/9/1864 Edward/Anna Horn
Connors, Winifred Connors, Martin Margaret O'Connor 5/9/1864 Edward/Anna Horn
  Keran Horn Anna E. O'Connor 8/27/1857 Edward/Anna Horn
Tobin, Helena Power, Michael Christine O'Connor 10/31/1872 James/Anna Henneberry
Connors, Margaret Walsh, Patrick Stephen O'Connor 12/26/1873 James/Anna Henneberry
Connors, Margaret Connors, Peter William  O'Connor 4/27/1870 James/Anna Henneberry
Connors, Catherine Talbot, Dennis Timothy O'Connor 8/6/1870 James/Mary A. McEntee
Nolan, Anna Ryan, Cornelius Jr. James O'Connor 11/3/1878 James/Mary McEntee
Connors, Mary Weston, William Timothy O'Connor 4/7/1872 James/Mary McEntee
Quinlan, Catherine Finnan, Michael Winifred O'Connor 9/12/1876 James/Mary McEntee
Connors, Helena Kelley, John Helena O'Connor 1855 Jeremiah/Anna Rainey
Niles, Mary McCann, William Daniel O'Connor 1/25/1858 Jeremiah/Anna Rainey
Croomey, Frances Rainey, John Mary A. O'Connor 11/13/1853 Jeremiah/Anna Rainey
Rainey, Mary Murray, Michael John C. O'Connor 12/3/1865 Jeremiah/Anna Rainey
Vinet, Margaret Rainey, Patrick Elizabeth O'Connor 4/1/1860 Jeremiah/Anna Rainey
Bonehill, Margaret Maloney, Patrick Francis O'Connor 7/22/1862 Jeremiah/Anna Rainey
Enright, Mary Connors, Michael Mary O'Connor 9/14/1871 John/Anna Enright
Donnelly, Margaret Connors, Peter Charles O'Connor 11/6/1857 John/Josephine
Campbell, Mary Scanlon, John Michael O'Connor 6/11/1853 John/Josephine
Monahan, Anna Scanlon, John Elizabeth O'Connor 6/11/1853 John/Josephine
Killenn, Sarah Farrell, John Sarah O'Connor 3/27/1869 John/Mary O'Shaughnessey
Delaney, Mary McMahon, Michael Terrence F. O'Connor   John/Mary O'Shaughnessey
Connors, Winifred Carey, Thomas John O'Connor 10/11/1883 Martin/Delia Barron
Myers, Anna Carroll, William Elizabeth O'Connor 1860 Martin/Rose Joyce
Bowlan, Mary Keese, Michael Andrew O'Connor 3/23/1866 Martin/Rose Joyce
Ryan, Bridget McCaffrey, James Winifred O'Connor 4/14/1863 Martin/Rose Joyce
Connors, Bridget Connors, Francis Margaret O'Connor 5/12/1855 Martin/Rose Joyce
Connors, Winifred Connors, Thomas Anna O'Connor 5/12/1855 Martin/Rose Joyce
Connors, Catherine Neilan, William Bridget H. O'Connor 1/15/1883 Michael/Catherine Neilan
Grogan, Mary Hayden, John Catherine O'Connor 2/16/1880 Peter/Margaret Hennabury
Kelley, Frances Kenny, Patrick Bridget O'Connor 2/27/1875 Peter/Margaret Hennabury
Hayden, Margaret Connors, John Mary A. O'Connor 3/2/1867 Peter/Margaret Hennabury
Connors, Helena Connors, John Elizabeth O'Connor 4/24/1873 Peter/Margaret Hennabury
Tuffle, Anna A. Talty, Michael James H. O'Connor 7/24/1865 Peter/Margaret Hennabury
Connors, Margaret Connors, Timothy Catherine O'Connor 7/20/1868 Redmund/Catherine English
Baker, Henena Connors, James Joseph O'Connor 9/7/1860 Redmund/Catherine English
Ryan, Honora Hessy, Patrick Mary O'Connor 3/19/1856 Thomas/Honora
Connors, Catherine Baker, James Thomas O'Connor 8/8/1887 Timothy/Catherine Madden
McCormick, Anna Elligott, Michael Mary O'Connor 7/20/1875 Timothy/Catherine McCormick
O'Shea, Margaret Fitzgibbons, Thomas Catherine O'Connor 8/31/1873 Timothy/Catherine McCormick
Sullivan, Julia Farrell, Thomas Cornelius O'Connor 9/26/1870 Timothy/Helena Doyle
Dye, Mary Casey, Michael Mary O'Connor 9/6/1866 Timothy/Helena Doyle
Pidgeon, Bridget Connors, John Helena O'Connor 5/16/1874 Timothy/Mary Delaney
Foy, Catherine Foy, Hugh James O'Connors 11/8/1863 Peter/Margaret Hennabury

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