St John's Cemetery Index
Volume 2


NOTES:  This index covers all the names found in the book, St John's Roman Catholic Cemetery Inscriptions, Lansingburgh, Troy NY, Volume 2, compiled by L.M. Nial in the Summer of 1976.

HOW TO USE THIS INDEX:  The index is in alphabetic order for all those names inscribed on tombstones in the cemetery.  Once you find your name of interest, note the page number.  Using that number, go to the actual pages for Volume 2 and find your page.  Click on the image and you will get the enlarged image of the page.

THANKS:  The following good people helped transcribe this index:  Erin James, Ronnie Lorentz, David Rowell, Kathleen Buckley, Rebecca Rector, Amy La Pietra, Kay Brearton, Richard White, Jeanne Alesandro,  and Debbie Gilligan.

ADDITIONAL THANKS:  Many thanks to the relatives of the late Lorretta Nial for permission to get the book's information online.

CAUTIONS:  The printing, spelling and condition of the book pages, made some names hard to impossible to read, hence some ??.  But, the pages are there for you to make your own opinion on what the record shows.  Because of some misspelled surnames, check out those first names that look familiar.



Accard to Doe Holliday to McCulagh
Dolan to Hogan McCune to Purcell

Purvis to Zlotnick


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