Rensselaer Co. Troy Justice Court, Naturalizations Index
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NOTES:  The pages of this index cover Naturalizations issued by the Troy Justice Court from January 21, 1860 to November 13, 1869 (over 6,000).  There is one name to a line and the columns of information are labeled:  Name of Person Naturalized, To who he owed Allegiance, Date of Declaration, Where Made, Names of his Witnesses, Their Place of Residence, Date of Naturalization, By Whom Sworn.

HOW TO USE THIS INDEX:  The naturalization process started with the emigrant filing a Declaration of Intention (to become a citizen).  On the declaration, there can be much important genealogical information, such as:  where born, port entered and date, age, residence, etc.  This index gives the date and place of where the declaration was made (didn't need to be in the same place).  Once you have that info, you can then find the declaration, many from Troy are on this website.

THANKS:  The following good people helped transcribe this index:  Michael McDonald, Carol Tomaselli, Ronnie Lorentz, Bob McConihe, Joe Murnane and Sharon Henke.

CAUTIONS:  The handwriting, spelling and condition of the book pages, made some names hard to impossible to read, hence the many ??.  But, the pages are there for you to make your own opinion on what the record shows.  Because of the misspelled names, check out those first names that look familiar.



?? to Cahee


Cahill to Croak


Crofland to Ellrott


Elsasser to Guthrie


Guy to Keith


Keller to Maher/Mahen?


Mahon? to Molony


Monaghan to Owens


P? to Shaw


Shay to Zinks


Pages 1 - 4, not included in above



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