Aliens Declarations
For Irish Born

Filed 1854 to 1884
In  Rensselaer County Court, Troy NY
Transcribed by Pat Connors
from LDS film #1304663
titled, "Alien's Declarations of Intention, Troy NY, 1854-1884

Please be advised that the following records may not be 100% accurate due to the fact that they were hand written and in old style handwriting.  The clerk who filled in the form also misspelled many of the surnames and I have transcribed the name as written except when the applicant signed the record with a different spelling.  At that time I used the applicant's spelling.  ALWAYS use transcribed records as a resource and not a source document.  Refer to the film for accuracy.




Abbott - Cassidy

Cassin - Dillon

Dinnen - Foley

Folknar - Higgins

Higney - Loftus

Logan - McLane

McLaughlin - O'Hear

O'Malley - Shaw

Shay - Zock


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