The Search For Missing Friends
October 1831 to October 1921

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Volume I:  1831-1850

Volume II:  1851-1853

Volume III:  1854-1856

Volume IV:  1857-1860

Volume V:  1861-1865

Volume VI:  1866-1870

Volume VII:  1871-1876

Volume VIII:  1877-1920



Book Notes:    A leading resource in Irish genealogy. The advertisements for missing persons placed in the Boston Pilot from 1831 to 1916, transcribed and indexed in The Search for Missing Friends series, tell poignant, often heartbreaking stories that depict much of the nineteenth-century immigrant experience. These ads, unlike passenger lists, also identify the Irish townland and parish of thousands who came to America and sought, or were sought by, relatives already here. Thus the work paves the way for millions of Americans to trace ancestors in Ireland. These ads often include physical descriptions, relationships, destinations and personal information, making them fascinating reading as well.

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