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Marshall Infirmary

Benjamin MARSHALL, for many years a manufacturer of gingham and other cotton goods, at his mills on the south side of Congress Street, near Mount Ida Falls, desiring to provide feeble-minded and diseased people with such care and comforts as might be needed by them, founded in 1830 the infirmary, on Linden Avenue, near Pawling Avenue. The grounds, and the three-story brick building erected there that year, were then valued at $35,000.

On June 20th, 1851, the institution was incorporated by the name of the Marshall Infirmary in the city of Troy. The administration of its affairs was entrusted to twenty-seven persons annually elected governors of the institution.

Every person contributing ten dollars to it and annually paying three dollars to its support is a member of the corporation; and every person contributing one hundred dollars and annually paying thereafter five dollars to the corporation, besides being a member of it, may recommend one sick person to be cared for at the infirmary, without charge, for six weeks in each year of his contribution; and every person contributing one thousand dollars not only becomes a life member but also is privileged to recommend one sick person to be cared for without charge for fifty-two weeks in each year; and every person annually paying ten dollars may recommend one sick person to the care of the institution without charge for four weeks in each year.

Benjamin Marshall died on December 2nd, 1858, having contributed in land and money about $70,000 to the institution.

In 1859, the three-story brick building on the south side of the infirmary was erected by the supervisors of Rensselaer County for an insane asylum, and in 1861, they built a similar structure for lunatics, beyond the hill, on the grounds, east of the infirmary building. In 1880, a two-story building was erected south of the insane asylum for the care of refractory patients.

The grounds of the institution have an area of sixteen acres. The number of patients received into the different wards of the sick department, to January 1st, 1889, was 7,542; and into those of the insane asylum, 1,803. Since October, 1863, Joseph D. LOMAX, M. D., has been the resident medical superintendent of the institution, which is now known as the Marshall Infirmary and Rensselaer County Lunatic Asylum.

In 1889, the officers of the institution were Thomas COLEMAN, president, Francis A. FALES, first vice-president, George A. WELLS, second vice-president, George A. STONE, treasurer, and R. H. WARD, M. D., secretary.

Thanks to Bill McGrath who posted the above to the NY-Rensselaer Mailing List on July 18, 2003 and has given his permission to repost here.  His source:  Troy's One Hundred Years 1789-1889 by Arthur James Weise, M.A., published in Troy NY in 1891 by William H. Young.

Surname First Age Relation Born Occupation
? Christian 40 patient Rensselaer keeping house
?? Anabela 46 bdr Ireland launderess
?? Jane 43 bdr Ireland launderess
?? Margaret 44 bdr Ireland servant
?? Susan 40 bdr England cook
?? William 40 bdr Ireland laundryman
Ackley Philander 48 patient Washington school teacher
Anderson William 30 bdr Ireland atendent
Arnold William 27 patient Germany laborer
Baban John 37 patient Rensselaer gardner
Bancroft Jane 33 patient Albany dressmaker
Barber Bela 93 patient CT clerk
Barnard Lucy 65 patient Rensselaer domestic
Bentley Malissa 51 patient Rensselaer keeping house
Bigalow Danial 78 patient MA grane measure
Blanchard Mary 52    patient Rensselaer keeping house
Bloomingdale Mary  49    patient Rensselaer keeping house
Breen Ellen 24 bdr Ireland servant
Breen James 50 bdr Ireland launderyman
Breen Mary 25 bdr Ireland launderess
Brisol Sherman 46 patient MA clerk
Bryls Maria 76 patient MD
Burbridge Susan 19 patient Rensselaer domestic
Burdick Edson M. 27 patient Rensselaer laborer
Burkley Hannora 36 patient Ireland keeping house
Burnham James H. 38 patient Rensselaer brushmaker
Burns Thadeus 15 patient Rensselaer
Ca?kly Frank 5 patient Rensselaer
Caghlan Elizabeth 35 patient Rensselaer domestic
Cambell Ann 60 patient England keeping house
Carnell Margaret 43 patient Ireland domestic
Caterall Mary 49 patient Alb domestic
Cavanaugh Edward 48 patient Rensselaer moulder
Chandler Charles 27 patient Rensselaer carpenter
Channell Ellen 43 patient Ireland domestic
Charlton Eliza 75 patient Scotland
Chichester Theodore 37 patient Rensselaer
Chilstan Kate 17 patient Alb domestic
Close John 60 patient Saratoga
Crowel Jessie 30 patient Canada
Dalton Lucy 25 patient England keeping House
Darling Adeline 44 patient Rensselaer. keeping House
Davids Meriam 36 patient Mech domestic
Delana Herbert 38 patient MA cooper
Dexter Frank B. 38 patient Rensselaer clerk
Dunham Lucy A. 30 patient Rensselaer
Dwyer Joan 29 patient Canada launderess
Eliatt Joseph 60 bdr Ireland nurs
Engall Mary 45 patient Germany chair bottomer
Engmire Mary A. 50    patient England
Fero? Ann 68 patient Rensselaer
Fitzgerald Marggie 30 patient Ireland domestic
Flack Elizabeth 66 patient Rensselaer millenary
Flack Mary 56 patient Rensselaer millenary
Flynn Ellen 27 patient Ireland domestic
Ford Lilian 32 patient Rensselaer keeping house
French Ann 34 patient Ireland launderess
Garvey Mary J. 25 patient Ireland domestic
Gettie Francis 42 bdr Washington atendent
Gilbert Emma 56 patient Canada keeping house
Gleason Jane 77 patient Ireland housework
Gould Charles 25 patient NJ laborer
Gould Margaret 40 bdr Ireland  
Gould Samuel 46 bdr England carpenter
Gould Samuel 5 bdr Rensselaer.  
Gould William 1 bdr Rensselaer.  
Graham Ellen 28 bdr Ireland atendent
Grant Ann 50 patient Ireland domestic
Gravel? Caroline 20 patient Canada hosiery hand
Green Mary 40 patient Ireland domestic
Greenwood George 60 patient Rensselaer carpenter
Harrer Jane 55 patient Ireland house keeper
Harris James 38 patient Ireland laborer
Harrison Catherine 40    patient Ireland domestic
Harrison Charlette E. 23 dgt Rensselaer.  
Harrison Irene 59 wife Oneida  
Harrison John 60 bdr England student of enf
Hartnette William 40 bdr Ireland nurs
Hathaway? Martinus 42 patient Washington ??
Head Maria 65 patient Columbia
Hermance Richard 27 patient Dutchess clerk
Hero John 66 patient Rensselaer barber
Horton Rodda 54 patient Russia housekeeper
Houghton J? 80    patient Rensselaer carpenter
Hulane Isaac 27 bdr England engineer
Hulen Martha 26 bdr England nurs
Jemersan John 64 patient Ireland wheel right
Jemersan Sarah 66 patient Saratoga
Jenks Lorinda 66 patient Rensselaer
Jillen James 21 patient Rensselaer laborer
John Rainsbury 30 bdr Rensselaer. atendent
Joseph John 26 patient Rensselaer clerk
Kaliker Margaret 28 patient Ireland keeping house
Kay Alice 32 patient England domestic
Keegan Ellen 36 patient Ireland keeping house
Kennedy Eliza 35 patient Ireland keeping House
Kennelly John 56 patient Ireland laborer
Kerrin Frank 16 patient Rensselaer laborer
Kilington Mathias 64 patient MD printer
Kirkland Wellington 39 patient Albany bar tender
Langley Amelia 43 patient England
Lester Catherine 64 patient Rensselaer domestic
Lomax Anna D. 4 dgt Rensselaer.  
Lomax Ezabela 35 wife PA  
Lomax Joseph D. 45 bdr England doctor of enf
Lundington George 50 bdr England atendent
Madden Moses 42 patient Ireland laborer
Madison Catherine 17 patient England  
Mahar Hanna 53 patient Ireland domestic
Manning John 25 patient Ireland puddler
Marettomont Ann 70 patient Albany
Martin Edward 21 patient Jefferson laborer
Masterson Ann 54 patient Ireland house keeper
McBride Jane 54 bdr Ireland washwoman
McCauley Dorah 58 patient Ireland
McCormick Ann 30 patient Ireland keeping house
McDowell Alexander 43 patient Ireland butcher
McHigny Honora 42 patient Ireland housework
McKeown Celia? 33 patient Ireland domestic
McLaughlin Frank 35 patient Canada mill right
Mead Johnathan 45 patient Vermont
Michael Hughs 25 bdr Rensselaer. atendent
Midelton Mary 47 patient Ireland
Moaklar Margaret 39 patient Rensselaer domestic
Mosier Versey 55 patient Mass domestic
Mulcahy Mary 55 patient Ireland
Munnich Mary 54 patient Russia
Murray Mary 60 patient Ireland keeping house
Muzzy Jane 26 bdr Washington atendent
Myer William 29 patient Germany tin smith
Nagan Mary 41 patient Ireland domestic
Newbank John 51 patient Rensselaer Presb Clergyman
Newell Elizabeth 39 patient Orange
Noalihan Luke 27 bdr Ireland laborer
O'Connell Mary 37 patient Ireland keeping house
Olmstead Jane 75 patient Green
Parr Hellen 36 patient Rensselaer domestic
Pelan Lucy? 44 patient Canada keeping house
Peterson Peter 31 patient Rensselaer laborer
Petrie Mary A. 70 patient Dutchess?
Phillips Katie 30 patient Rensselaer domestic
Poland Ellen 19 patient Rensselaer domestic
Quad William 22 patient Rensselaer laborer
Quinn Thomas 54 patient Ireland laborer
Reab William H 65 patient Rensselaer tin smith
Rice ?? 35 bdr Saratoga doctor
Rilley Peter 36 patient Ireland laborer
Rork Mary J. 59 patient Canada keeping house
Rose James H. 36 patient Rensselaer. farmer
Russell John T. 40 patient England clerk
Ryan Mary 20 bdr Rensselaer. servant
Ryan Patrick 34      patient Ireland
Ryan Patrick 35 patient Ireland confect dealer
Severall Maria 50 patient Rensselaer
Sliter Josephine 18 bdr Albany atendent
Sliter Sara 36 bdr Albany atendent
Smith Charles 21 patient Rensselaer laborer
Smith Frederick 44 patient Germany ?
Smith George G 35 patient Rensselaer book keeper
Smith Sarah 38 patient Ireland keeping House
Squire Catherine 36 patient Rensselaer domestic
Streeter Cynthia 45 patient Ireland domestic
Suima? Benjamin 74 patient VT blacksmith
Taylor Charles 42 patient Rensselaer. farmer
Thayer Lizzie 18 patient Rensselaer
Tracy Mary 45 patient Ireland domestic
Uline? Agustus 25 patient Germany laborer
Valentine William 40    patient Ireland laborer
Vanburgan James 58 patient Rensselaer laborer
Vanderzee Mary J. 32 patient Albany domestic
Vanhovenburg Tobias 45 patient Saratoga ??
Vanorner Julia 45 patient Dutchess
Walker Henry 62 patient Ireland
Watkins Caroline 63 patient Rensselaer housework
Whalen Mary 66 patient Ireland domestic
Wheeler Edward 60 patient NY laborer
Whitford Eunice M. 42 patient Rensselaer domestic
Whitham Hanna 33 patient England
Winecoop Jacob 67 patient Alb shoemaker
Wood Sarah 42 patient Rensselaer domestic


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