9th Ward


Abaise to Begley

Belineur to Bradley

Brady to Byron

Cady to Clavan

Cleary to Cora

Corbett to Cyrill

Dadus to Dorsey

Doty to Evers

Facemay to Furlong

Gaffney to Guy

Hackett to Hennessy

Henrique to Hyland

Isenberg to Kross

LaDuc to LeFebre

Leffler to Lyons

Macey to Manning

Marcerhal to McKay

McKeaver to Morris

Morrisey to Myette

Nace to Nuss

O'Brien to Payne

Peacock to Pury

Quade to Richards

Rielly to Ryan

Sareasean to Sweeney

Tatro to Tyrrell

Upea to Ziegler

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