1880 Federal Census




Poorhouse, 6th Ward
Surnames starting with A
Badrany to Bergin
Berkingham to Brewer
Brien to Byosiborn
Caddick to Clark
Cleary to Connors
Conrad to Crafford
Cramin to Curtis
Daly to DeFreest
Defty to Donovan
Doolan to Dyer
Eagle to Evans
Fagan to Fitzpatrick
Flanagan to Furguson
Gallagher to Griffen
Hackett to Hassell
Hatlee to Hidley
Higget to Huxable
Iler to Julius
Kairn to Kennedy
Kenney to Kynan

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Ladden to Lennan
Leonard to Lyons
MacFahlan to Maloney
Malony to McCant
McCarthy to McDowell
McGary to McLauglen
McLean to Millhouse
Millin to Morrow
Morse to Murnane
Murphy to Myres
Nailen to Nystrom
O'Brien to Owens
Packet to Powers
Pratt to Quirk
Radcliff to Roach
Robertson to Ryce
Saccet to Shaughnessy
Shaver to Smart
Smith to Stanton
Stearns to Sylvan
Taggart to Tyrrells
Uppon to Welsh
Wendall to Younger

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