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  St. Vincent dePaul's Orphanage, 4th Ward

Mt Magdalen School of Industry & Reformation of the Good Shepherd, 4th Ward

Troy Orphan Asylum, 5th Ward

St. Joseph's Infant Home, 6th Ward

Little Sisters of the Poor, Home for the Aged, 9th Street, 7th ward

Samaritan Hospital, 8th Street, 7th Ward

House of Industry, 7th Ward

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Bob McConihe Lynn Grice Mary Nigro Ron Mauer Denise Jones
Eileen Guinee Kathy Janus Art Boyne Brooke Myers MaryAnn McConnell
Gary Craver Marilyn Trujillo Pam Ward Gwen Beiermeister Walter Warren
Sherry Geddes Herbert Phelphs Pam Warren Jaime Kerr Linda Wilson
Kay Brearton Colleen Wheeler Jay Stevens Susan Durand John McWilliam
Christine Dunham Jerry Hurbert Eugene Brown Georgiana Norris Robert Yoder
Janet Dill Sandra Johnson Beth Callanan Arleen Morrissey Bev DeFilippis
    Pat Connors    

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Census Microfilm Information

Census of Rensselaer County, New York, 1900

LDS Film Notes:

5 microfilm reels ; 35 mm. 
City of Troy, part ward 1, 1900 - LDS film #1241151
City of Troy, wards 1-10, 1900 -  LDS film #1241152 
City of Troy, wards 11-13, 1900 -  LDS film #1241153
Rensselaer County 1900 -  LDS film #1241150
Rensselaer County 1900 -  LDS film #1241151


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