9th Ward


TRANSCRIBERS:  Jerry Hurbert, Herbert Phelps, Pam Warren, Jaime Kerr, Kay Brearton, Walter Warren, Mary Nigro, John McWilliam, Robert Yoder, Georgiana Norris, Bob McConihe, Denise Jones, Eileen Guinee, Kathy Janus, Art Boyne, Gary Craver, Gwen Beiermeister, Sherry Geddes, Colleen Wheeler, Susan Durand, Christine Dunham, Ron Mauer, Sandra Johnson.

  Family & Local Histories

Abele to Bureau

Burke to Cooke

Coon to Donnelly

Donovan to Fleurdamore

Flurry to Heelan

Heenan to La??ire

LaBeau to Mannin

Manning to Mullaly

Mullen to Provost

Purcell to Sheean?

Sheedy to Ziemnock


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