TRANSCRIBERS:   Pam Warren, Ron Mauer, Bob McConihe, Kathy Janus, Jay Stevens, Herb Phelps, Kay Brearton, Colleen Wheeler, Lynn Grice, Walter Warren, Gwen Beiermeister, Art Boyne, Eileen Guinee, Sandra Johnson, Christine Dunham, Boy Yoder, Pat Connors


Working Women of Collar City:
Gender, Class and Community in
Troy, New York, 1864-86
(Women in American History)



10,000 Vital Records of Central
New York, 1813-1850



Italians to America:  Lists of Passengers
Arriving at U.S. Ports, 1880-1899:
Passengers Arriving at New York
January 1880-December 1884


?? to Boughton

Bovee to Caughlin

Cavanaugh to Cunningham

Curran to Dunphy

Durchrane to Gibson

Gilbert to Harris

Harrison to Jennings

Jersky to Larton

Laub to Manetty

Mann to Miller

Millerster to O'Niell

Oppal to Rienheart

Riley to Sharkie

Sharlot to Steremston

Steren to Wakesky

Walker to Zom


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