TRANSCRIBERS:   Jerry Hurbert, Herbert Phelps, Pam Warren,  Jaime Kerr,  Kay Brearton, Bev DeFilippis, Walter Warren, Mary Nigro, Jay Stevens,  Georgiana Norris, Bob McConihe,  Eileen Guinee, Kathy Janus, Art Boyne, Gary Craver, Marilyn Trujillo, Pam Ward, Gwen Beiermeister, Colleen Wheeler, Janet Dill, Sandra Johnson, Beth Callanan.

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WARNING: This ward was a mess!  The enumerator wrote all over the surnames so we had great difficulty figuring out many of the names.  So, you will see many ?? at the end of names and in the middle of names.  Please don't use this as a source document, always go to the census itself for documentation.


Abbott to Bowes

Bowman to Campbell

Cannon to Connell

Connelly to Denney

Denomme to Fallon

Fanning to Glasheen

Gleason to Henry

Herson to Kelly

Kem??n to Magill

Maguire to McDonaugh

McFarlane to Minahan

Mincher to Nugent

O'Brien to Powers

Prout to Russell

Ryan to Smith

Sommerville to Varley

Vaughn to Wusterfeld 


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