1875 New York State Census


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Census Alphabetically by Surname

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Burn to Cadwell Cady to Cardoza Carey to Carver Cary to Chequin Cheratier to Cline Clinton to Comins Comisky to Connors Conoley to Corey Corkins to Cramer Cramp to Cullin
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McCoy to McGeoghney McGill to McKenna McKenney to McNally McNamara to Miland Mile to Moloney Monahan to Morris Morrisey to Murnane Murooney to Myer Myers to Noel Nolan to OBryan
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5th Ward Marshall Infirmary


Bob McConihe Lynn Grice Kay Brearton Marialice Mangan Marie McConky
Bev DeFilippis Terry Bora Bob Miller Sharon King Sharon Minkel
Joe Murnane John Nolan Gary Craver Gloria Furry Pam Trudeau
Colleen Wheeler Mary Hoar Shirley Becker Ronnie Lorentz Chuck Casale
Jeff Gaul Pat Connors      



Family History Library Microfilm Information

State Census of City of Troy, New York, 1875

City of Troy,  FHL US/CAN Film #549897 
Info given on census:  Dwelling number; material of which dwelling is build; value; family number; name; age, sex and color (white, black, mulatto or Indian); relation to head of family; place of birth (county of NYS, other state or foreign country); whether now married, widowed or single; profession, trade or occupation; usual place of employment (those in military service list former home); native and naturalized voters; aliens; owners of land; over 21 who cannot read and write; deaf and dumb, blind, insane or idiotic.

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