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Surname First Age/Yr Born Relation Place Born #Child Xs Marry Married? Widow? Single? Occupation
McIntee Bridget 1805 wife Ireland 16 1 y
McIntee Bridget 1830 wife Ireland 8 1 y
McIntee Catherine 1860 daughter Rensse
McIntee Edward 1830 head Ireland 1 y moulder
McIntee John 1844 son Rensse
McIntee Mary 1862 daughter Rensse
McIntee Michael 1851 son Ireland
McIntee Patrick 1805 head Ireland 1 y laborer
McIntee Stephen 1810   Ireland   1 y     farmer
McIntee Rose 1849 daughter Rensse
McMahon Bridget 1827 head Ireland 4 1 y washer woman
McMahon Charlie 1854 son Rensse
McMahon Margaret 1858 daughter Rensse
McMahon Michael 1857 son Rensse
McMahon Thomas 1860 son Rensse
Mullahy Mary Jane 1843 daughter Rensse 1 y
Nicholson (Duffy) Bridget 11 child Rensse     n   y  
Nicholson (Duffy) Charles 16 child Albany     n   y  
Nicholson James 55   Ireland     y      
Nicholson (Duffy) James 8 child Rensse     n   y  
Nicholson Margaret 50 wife Ireland 5   y      
Nicholson (Duffy) Margaret 13 child Albany     n   y  
Nicholson (Duffy) Owen 18 child Albany     n   y  
O'Conner Ann 1835 wife Ireland 7 1 y
O'Conner Ann 1857 daughter Rensse
O'Conner Catherine 1841 wife Rensse 3 1 y
O'Conner Edward 1820 head Ireland 7 1 y moulder
O'Conner James 1860 son Rensse
O'Conner Margaret 1864 daughter Rensse
O'Conner Margaret 1864 daughter Rensse
O'Conner Mary 1862 daughter Rensse
O'Conner Thomas 1836 head Ireland 3 1 y moulder
O'Conner Thomas 1855 son Rensse
O'Conners Bridget 1811 head Ireland 7 1 y
O'Conners Margaret 1839 wife Ireland 2 1 y
O'Conners Margaret 1841 daughter Mass.
O'Conners Peter 1839 head Ireland 1 y laborer
O'Connor Bridget 1834 Ireland y servant
O'Connor Henry 1848 boarder Mont. Co carriage trimmer
O'Connor Margaret 1838 servant Ireland y servant
O'Connor Mary 1835 servant Ireland y servant
O'Connor Minnie 1844 servant Ireland y
O'Connors Ann 1830 wife Ireland 6 1 y
O'Connors Ann 1855 daughter Rensse
O'Connors Catherine 1852 daughter Rensse
O'Connors Catherine 1862 daughter Rensse
O'Connors Daniel 1858 son Rensse
O'Connors Edward 1859 son Rensse
O'Connors Eliza 1861 daughter Rensse
O'Connors Elizabeth 1861 daughter Rensse
O'Connors Ellen 1855 daughter Rensse
O'Connors Frances 1863 daughter Rensse
O'Connors Jeremiah 1836 head Ireland 1 y moulder
O'Connors John 1852 son Canada
O'Connors Margaret 1837 wife Ireland 2 y
O'Connors Margaret 1864 daughter Rensse
O'Connors Martin 1850 son Canada
O'Connors Mary 1854 daughter Rensse
O'Connors Michael 1819 head Ireland 1 y laborer
O'Connors Michael 1837 head Ireland y
O'Connors Patrick 1854 son Canada
O'Connors Rose 1821 wife Canada 9 1 y
Ohine Catherine 60 mother       n y n  
Ohine Michael 30 child       n   y  
Phelps Charles 61 head CT   1 y n   moulder
Phelps Emeline 17 child NY     n n y  
Phelps Hellen 10 grand child Rens Co     n n y  
Phelps Josephine 20 child NY     n n    
Phelps Margaret 38 child (visiting) NY   1 y n    
Phelps Maria 56 wife NY   1 y n    
Pratt Jeanette 1824 head Scotland 3 2 y
Pratt Mary A 1845 daughter Rensse y
Pratt Wm 1848 son Rensse y
Rainey John 65/1800 head? Ireland 8 1 y     laborer, moulder
Riley Anna M 1863 niece Rensse            
Riley James 1859 son Rensse
Riley John 1849 son Onida
Riley Martin 1856 son Rensse
Riley Michael 1851 son Rensse
Ryan Philip 1838 head Ireland 2 1 y     puddler
Sculey Fanny 1863 daughter Rensse
Sculey Frances 1838 wife Rensse 2 1 y
Sculey Stephen 1835 head Rensse 1 y tinsmith
Smith Bridget 19 child Ireland     n n y  
Smith Christopher 60   Ireland     y n n  
Smith Mary 56 wife Ireland     y n n  
Smith Peter 22   Ireland     n n y  
Spain Denis 1792 fath in law Ireland 1 y boatman
Walon Bridget 1849 servant Dutchess Co y


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