1865 New York State Census


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Census Alphabetically by Surname

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TABLE HEADINGS:  N-number of children born to women; X-number of times married; S-current marriage status (w-widow, m-married, s-single); N-citizenship of foreign born (NA-naturalized, AL-alien); W-ward; D-dwelling number; F-family number

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Family History Library Microfilm Information

State Census of City of Troy, New York, 1865

City of Troy,  FHL US/CAN Film #549891
Info given on census:  Dwelling number; material of which dwelling is build; value; family number; name; age, sex and color (white, black, mulatto or Indian); relation to head of family; place of birth (county of NYS, other state or foreign country); whether now married, widowed or single; how many times married; how many children women have had; profession, trade or occupation; usual place of employment (those in military service list former home); native and naturalized voters; aliens; owners of land; over 21 who cannot read and write; deaf and dumb, blind, insane or idiotic.

Always refer to source document for accuracy.
Census now online, see below on how to find your family
after finding them in the above index.


State Census of City of Troy, New York, 1865
Images on line at:  http://pilot.familysearch.org/recordsearch/start.html

1.  Click on 'Browse our record collections'
2. Click on down arrow on right of 'All Regions' (left of button that says, 'Browse Collections'
3.  Click on 'Canada, USA, and Mexico'
4.  Click on 'Browse Collections' button
5.  Under the United States, go down to New York State Census, 1865 and click on it
6.  On the left, under County, click on Rensselaer
7.  Then on the right, go all the way down to Troy Wards

1.  If you find your family in the above index, note the ward number
2.  After writing down the ward, write down the Dwelling and Family numbers
3.  Open the ward on the Pilot website and check the pages for family and dwelling numbers till you find your numbers.
NOTE:  If the ward is in two or more districts, then you can have the same dwelling and family numbers in each district, so after you get into the ward, you need to read the top of the census page to see what district you are in.  Once you are in your district, then find your dwelling and family numbers.




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