Abbott to Armsborough
Baggs to Bennoit
Benson to Brady
Braman to Burk
Burke to Byson
Cahil to Casey
Cassady to Connaly
Connell to Cron
Cronin to Cushing
Dailey to Donovan
Dooley to Dwyer
Eagan to Fitzgerald
Fitzpatrick to Girald
Glashine to Guye
Haddan to Hefferman
Hendrehan to Irvin
Jackson to Kelly
Kempson to Kunyan
Labell to Lyons
Mack to McCormick
McDonald to McNamara
McNight to Monahan
Mooney to Myers
Nagle to Owens
Pairtre to Quirk
Racicot to Russell
Saile to Slattery
Smith to Sweeny
Taflam to Turner
Valier to Yullett

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