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Templetuohy Templemore


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County Tipperary Discovery Maps


Surname Tipperary Location Immigrated Year/Where Contact
MacCarthy Cloughjordan, Borrisokane Union 1900 New Zealand Anne MacCarthy
MacCarthy Tipperary 1750s Bordeaux FR S DeLacvivier
MacCreadie Nenagh 1851 Victoria AUS Margaret Kirby
MacDonnell unknown 1850+ Victoria AU Marge Madsen
MacGrath Commons 1850 NY, RI Alice Fay
Mackey Tipperary 1883 Australia Noel Mackey
Mackey Monard, Limerick Junction 1860s Boston MA or NYC Jean Mackey
Mackin unknown 1850s Toledo OH Patricia Smith
MacLaughlainn Thurles 1890 USA Audrey Birch
Mackey Templetouhy 1867 USA Bill Mackey
Madden Tipperary Town not given Steve O'Brien
Madden Glouncuna 1903 Winnipeg, Manitoba CAN Mary Madden
Madden Clerihan 1864 New South Wales, AUS Gail Macqueen
Madden Nenagh not given Bev Wheeler
Madden Lorrha 1850 Port Phillip, Vic, AU Luann
Madden Cloughjordan 1854 Port Philip AUS Peggy Quinn
Madden Borrisokane 1848 NY>Knox Co IL Patti
Madden Burgess ca 1850 NSW, AU Sue Wood
Maddocks, Maddox Carrick on Suir, Lismore Par 1700s Newfoundland, CAN Gloria Collins
Magner Clonbeg ca 1845 Delphi IN Bonny Decker
Maguire Thurles, Stradovehor 1908 Manchester, England Patricia Newell
Maguire Bonahnave, Thurles 1950 Philip Maguire
Maher Forest Townland, Templemore 1825 Quebec, Canada Luanne O. Griffin
Maher Roscrea ca 1905 USA, Chicago IL Victoria C Herndon
Maher Thurles 1880? Iowa USA Dennis Wallace
Maher Annfield, Goldengrove 1900-1913 Glasgow SCOT Joan Gates
Maher Annfield, Goldengrove 1890-1907 New Jersey, New York Joan Gates
Maher Ardmayle 1855 Australia Karys Fearon
Maher not given 1852 Port Adelaide, So Australia Alan Mahar
Maher Roscrea 1851 New York City Ray Sheehan
Maher unknown ca 1850 Springfield IL Joan E Southwick
Maher Roscrea ca 1820 Camden NSW, Australia Ross Quinlan
Maher unknown ca 1884 Omaha NE Mike Maher
Maher Old Park Bourney 1855 Australia Joan Barry
Maher Killenaule 1906 Buffalo NY Sandra Miller
Maher unknown 1842 Victoria AUS Charlotte Broun
Maher Tulla, Tipperary 1859 Queensland AUS Kay C
Maher Roscrea 1856 So Melbourne, Victoria, AU Maureen Doyle
Maher Killenaule 1854 NY > Pleasant Valley OH Leo Strapp
Maher Clogheen, Ardfinnan 1920s UK William P Logan
Maher not given 1853 Fremantle AU Tiggeman
Maher Cahir 1903 Boston Terry Walsh
Maher Killenaule 1851 NY, Pleasant Valley OH Leo Strapp
Maher unknown Ireland Deborah Welsh
Maher unknown ca 1900 USA, ENG John Burden
Maher, Meagher Templemore 1853 Elmira NY Ellen Buglewicz
Maher Roscrea area 1880s NY, NJ Anne Evola
Maher Gortlassabrien, Ballina 1898 Philadelphia PA Theresa Liewer
Maher Ballydonnell, Mullinahone 1924 Flushing NY Erin O'Mara-James
Maher, Meagher Templemore 1861 NYC > MN > IL Charlotte Bzoskie
Maher, Meagher Ballynennan Brooklyn, NY, USA ca 1900s >>Torrington, CT Mary Cecil
Maher, Marr, Meagher Roscrea, St. Cronan Parish 1840s NY > MI Sheila Snyder
Maher Ballinlooty, Drom, Tipperary 1920 US Linda Sjogren
Maher Tipperary  Victoria, AU c1858 Maeve
Maher Ballycahill NYC 1861 >> Marshan Township. Dakota Co., Minnesota Charlotte Bzoskie
Mahoney South Riding? 1849 NY > MA Sally Mahoney
Mahoney/Mahony unknown MA 1849 >> Neb 1880 >>Utah 1893 >>Montana 1898 Sally Mahoney
Mahony Glencallaghan 1862 Australia Pat Hannan
Mahony Kilcommon & Hollyford 1870 New Zealand Peter Dillon
Mahony, Mahoney Co Tipperary 1873 VIC, AUS Ellen Swebbs
Maley, Mealy, Meally Tipperary 1845 Tasmania Kesa
Malone unknown 1859 Australia Lois Bedggood
Malone not given 1920 New York Arthur E Malone
Maloney Cashel, Clonmel 1930s Upstate NY Kathleen ONeil
Mandeville,Manderville Clonmel AU 1840 Carole Hayes
Manning not given 1852 New York USA Dunton Downs
Manning CastleHill, Borrisoleigh not given Myriam Scott
Manning Carrick-on-Suir 1864 Mary Driscoll
Mansell unknown 1830 Brooklyn NY Maggie Spetnagel
Mansergh Tipperary 1864 Australia Elva Broussard
Manton, Mantin Borris, Urard, Urlingford, Templemore, Killough 1868-69 Mary Mamalakis
Mara Borrisoleigh 1842-43 Port Phillip Anne Coxall
(O) Mara Holycross 1830 Bruce O'Mara
Mara, O'Mara Ballinveny, Aghnameadle Parish 1880 Providence RI Roy Gannon
Mara, Meara Killistafford emig Iowa ca 1851 Cheryle Rappe
Markby, Marksby anywhere not given Cindy Wood
Markley Fethard 1845 USA Joe Markley
Marlin Borrisokane 1852 Liverpool > NSW, Australia Bernard Brown
Marr unknown late 1830s NJ, MA & Canada Dennis F Marr
Marr, Maher, etc Roscrea, St Cronan Par late 1840s NYC >> MI Sheila Snyder
Martin Templemore not given Jerry Molloy
Martin Knockanrawley not given Elizabeth Harri
Martin Clonmel ca 1848 Ohio Terri Joos
Martin not given Australia Claire Stapleton
Martin not given not given Bill Martin
Martin Tipperary Town 1887 Townsville, Queensland K Pawley
Martley, Markley Thurles 1876 Albany NY Janet
Mason Cashel, Cahir 1839 Australia Robyn
Mason Newport RC parish 1870 Chicago IL Judith Mason
Mathews Nenagh 1850 Canada Candice Jenson
Maule Templemore 1815-45 England D. Carr
Max Moycarkey 1860s USA Danny Wilson
McAvoy, McEvoy Roscrea 1848-51 Niagara Co, NY Gail M Hannigan
McCabe Cappaghwhite bef 1853 Christine Ashe
McCabe Newport 1913 New York Dermot McCabe
McCann unknown Canada Sharon K More
McCarthy Lackamore 1867+ USA Roberta Williams
McCarthy unknown 1859-68 Peter McCarthy
McCarthy Doon Parish ca 1862-66 Australia Cynthia Neale
McCarthy Fethard 1884 Sydney NSW, AU Maggi
McCarthy Fethard 1880-3 Boston Bob Tomonto
McCarthy Springhouse not given Joanne Connors
McClelland unknown 1834 convict to AU Gwen Sky
McClure unknown ca 1853 Brooklyn NY Lynne Dolan
McCormack Louchmore 1855 Vic., Australia Tina
McCormack, Carmack Cashel not given Marlene Carmack
McCormack, MaCormack Cashel 1850 Victoria, Australia Steve McCormack
McCormick Redmonstown bef 1840 Kent Co. Michigan Mary Dart
McCormick Tipperary Town? ca 1850-60 Victoria AU T McCormack
McCormick unknown 1842-50 Quebec CAN via NY? Sherry
McCormick unknown 1840-50 Montreal CAN Michael McCormick
McCormick Ballynennan did not emig Mary Cecil
McCormick, McCormack unknown New Zealand ca 1865-75 Heather Hohepa
McCormick, McCormack Gortlassabrien, Ballina 1868 Kansas Theresa Liewer
McCoy unknown 1850s PA >> Cleveland OH Maura McCormick
McCready, McCreedy Nenagh 1851 Victoria AUS Margaret Kirby
McCue not given 1860 Syracuse NY Kathleen Pyatak
McCutcheon any townland unknown Cindy Wood
McCutcheon any townland 1850 W Nissouri Twp, Ontario CAN Dick McCutcheon
McCutchin (..eon) Killalane 1843 W Nissouri Twp, Ontario CAN Dick McCutcheon
McDermott Clonmel 1850s Joan Loe
McDonagh unknown 1800 Shelly
McDonnell Templetuohy, Killanighan, Casteliney 1831 Australia Michael McDonnell
McDonnell unknown ca 1850 Bendigo VIC, Australia Bob Keating
McDonnell Co Tipperary ca 1850+ Sandhurst, VIC AU Marge Madsen
McDonnell Clonmel pre 1850 Spencer MA Maggie Rahn
McDoole, McDuell Bourney, Ballynough, Roscrea 1863 Western Niagara Co, NY J P Carey
McDowell Roscrea ca 1860 New York City Penny Stanley
McEniry Emly not given Stephen McEniry
McGlinn, McGlynn Lacka, Arraghbeg, Larch Hills not given John
McGrath Bancha 1855 Australia Barbara Kernos
McGrath unknown Vermont (b 1798 d 1893) John D Huard Sr
McGrath Castletown Sydney Colleen Malone
McGrath Roscrea not given McGrath
McGrath Emly 1900 NYC Sile McGrath
McGrath Ballingarry 1830-80 Ballingary/Australia John Pritchard
McGrath Tipperary Town, Fethard not given Catherine Fitzgerald
McGrath unknown 1859-68 Peter McCarthy
McGrath Cahir ca 1894-5 Manchester John McGrath
McGrath unknown 1853 Liverpool > NY? Marty Gorman
McGrath not given note given Ed McGrath
McGrath Nenagh 1842 VT > Fond du Lac > Eau Claire WI Jocelyn Harvey
McGrath not given 1888 New York RK Smith
McGrath Rossmore 1852 Australia Robert Lawry
McGrath Clonmel 1893 Boston > Manhattan Kathleen Paton
McGrath Nenagh not given warburtang@aol.com
McGrath unknown 1850 New Orleans LA Mary Dalton
McGrath not given ca 1850 New York Roger Scott
McGrath Thurles, Upperchurch 1891 Troy NY Bill McGrath
McGrath Carrick on Suir 1800 Newfoundland Joanne Connors
McGrath not given 1853 Houghton Co MI > Buchanan IA Marlys Rice
McGrath, MacGrath Bird Hill or Ballina 1841 Australia Carol Thompson
McGrath McGraw, etc North Riding? ca 1850 IL > NE Sally Mahoney
McGrath, Magrath Skeheenaranky,Clogheen 1892 Waterbury CT Kathleen Brearton
McKay Boytonrath not given Brenda Collins
McKay Thurles 1820s Pam Brown
McKenna not given 1853 Australia Kieran Murphy
McKeogh not given 1860 Syracuse NY Kathleen Pyatak
McKeogh,Kehoe,Kehew Gortlassabrien Collingwood, ONT-1855 to Salem MA,USA 1860 Blaine O'Connell
McKevitt unknown bef 1880 Charloe OH Laura C Clark
McLachlan Clonmel not given Kiwi Barb
McLaughlin not given 1833 NY & MA Kat Collaro
McLoughlin Annacarty did not emig Kath B
McMahon Nenagh 1963 UK Elizabeth McMahon
McMann unknown New York City, ca 1835-1840 Arlene E. Zirkel
McNamara Clonmel London, England Laurell Brown
McNamara Toomevara 1841 Australia Lance McNamara
McNamara Bohernarnane,Ballyooby New Zealand abt 1846 Anne Dawling
Meagher unknown by 1856, Rochester NY, by 1858 Eastern Ontario, Canada Mary Beth Raycroft
Meagher Borrisokane Australia Peg Dyson
Meagher Cashel region 1852 Melbourne AUS Kevin O'Connell
Meagher maybe Drom 1860s Paterson, Passaic NJ Elizabeth Baehrel
Meagher Clonmel not given June Shanahan
Meagher not given Canada Lisa Roberson
Meagher Roscrea area ca 1830 Hastings Co, ONT, CAN Donald Meagher
Meagher unknown ca 1853 Brooklyn NY Lynne Dolan
Meagher unknown 1830 Boston? > NV Marilyn Ornbaun
Meagher, Maher Drum, Rossmore, Clonoulty ca 1850 Iowa USA Janet Lyons
Meagher Templemore Templetouhy 1957 NYC Richard Meagher
Meara Thurles ca 1858 Beechworth VIC, AU Jim Spencer
(O) Meara Kilcommon, Borrisokane ca 1850-68 New Haven CT & WI Ann Bergstrom
Meehan Upperchurch or Ardfinnan 1848 Wheatland, NY Suzanne Wall
Meehan Ballylooby, Drumlemon not given Sara Carroll
Meehan Kilcoran, Tubbrid 1820s Castletownroche Co Cork Bob Meehan
Meehan Clogheen Kilcoran Farm did not emigrate Ted Meehan
Mehigan Clogheen, Kilcoran Farm Castletownroach, Co Cork; Cambridge MA (USA) Bob Meehan
Merritt Cloughjordan 1912 Manitoba CAN Ken Merritt
Merry South Tipp near Kilkenny 1640 > New Hampshire James Merry
Middleton Nenagh 1868-99 Sydney? AU William Johnson
Miles, Myles Cashel, Ardiffian 1860s UK, USA; 1876 Canterbury NZ Alan L Miles
Millea Island or Lismolin ca 1839 Lanark Co, Ontario CAN Thomas Mullally
Miller Killenaule 1906 Buffalo NY Sandra Miller
Minahan Clonmel not given Colin Liddell
Minogue Derrybeg, Derry, Portroe Dist. 1860  NY > 1880  VT Mike Minogue
Mockler unknown United States Valerie Gerry
Moffett Thurles 1855 Manchester ENG John Moffatt
Molloy Templemore, Lisheen ca 1853 NYC>L.I. & 1860 Victoria AUS Jerry Molloy
Moloney Newport New Zealand Cheryl Murray
Moloney not given not given Jan
Moloney Youghal, Newtown, Nenagh 1850 Sydney NSW, AU Joan Hickey
Moloughney Templederry New Zealand Judith Knoche
Mona(g)han Moycarkey ca 1850 Guernsey Channel Islands Patricia Monaghan
Monaghan unknown 1880s Falkland Islands, South Atlantic Pauline Maddison
Mooney Roscrea 1847 Kevin
Mooney Modreeny 1852 Australia Janelle Collins
Mooney not given New Zealand F M Mooney
Mooney St Mary's Clonmel, Russellstwn 1863? Patricia M Mooney
Mooney Templemore No Riding 1848 St. Lawrence, Co. NY  > Marshall Co, IA Don Mooney
Moore Clonmel, Summerville 1840 Vivian Mulcahy
Moore Nenagh 1830-1832 Delbert Moore
Moore Borrisokane area late 1820s Bytown, Upper Canada Francie Heagney
Moore Tipperary Melborne Bryan Hayden
Moore Solohead 1920 U.K. Carlo
Moore Bawnmore, Twomileborris 1825-29 Canada Eldeen Moore
Moore Nenagh & Borrisokane 1830-32 By Town (Ottawa) CAN Delbert Moore
Moran Tullaghorton 1750 John Moran
Moran Borrisokane Melbourne, Australia Edward Kelly
Moran Templetouhy 1849 Dublin > Liverpool ENG > US Sharron L Smith
Moran Fethard did not emig Bob Tomonto
Moran Dorrha Civil Parish 1826-56 Troy NY Barbara Andrejkovics
Morgan Tipperary ca 1835 Ontario, Canada Dave Morgan
Morgan Thurles 1841 Australia Kathleen Morgan
Morgan Tipperary 1818 Canada Dee Soderholm
Morgan unknown 1864=5 Victoria AU Frances O'Meara
Moriarty Goat Lane, Tipperary Town not given Elizabeth Harri
Morkin Borrisnoe 1850s USA Tom Switzer
Moroney Bansha pre 1876 Melbourne AU & New Zealand Catherine Cavanagh
Moroney Ballinahinch & Killoscully 1851 Auburn NY Michael Moroney
Moroney Nenagh ca 1948 London > Manchester Carrol Booth
Moroney Nenagh not given Rachel Brennock
Moroney Nenagh unknown Moroney
Morphy Littleton 1819 Ramsey T, ONT, CAN Bill Thompson
Morphy unknown ca 1797 Charleton Place CAN Art Robertson
Morris Greenlawn, Borrisoleigh 1918 New York City Marion Morris
Morris all ca 1970 Merthyr Tydfil,  Wales John Morriss
Morris not given Canada Lisa Roberson
Morris Killenaule 1879-99 NY, Jersey City NJ Jackie Brown
Morris unknown 1830 Boston? > NV Marilyn Ornbaun
Morriss all county 1860s Merthyr Tydfil, Wales John Morriss
Morrissey Galbally Rd, Tipperary (West Urban) 1887 & 1927 USA William J Morrissey
Morrissey Cashel 1860s South Australia Josie
Morrissey Clogheen 1872-3 NY Susan M Smith
Morrissey Lickfinn, Ballynastick 1851 NY > Waukau WI Mike Morrissey
Morrissey unknown 1851 Buffalo NY Wm J Morrissey
Morrissey Thurles, Ballingarry district 1893 Milwaukee WI, USA Dave Benthal
Morrissey Drum? Thurles? > Two Mile Borris, Moyne ca 1815-1905 did not emig John Nolan
Morrissey ? Torah, Clonoulty Par. NYS > Rockland, Brown WI Kris M Kurtz
Morrissey ?Torah>Cashel, Clonoulty Par. ca 1840s NSW, AU, 1850s CA, NV, USA Kris M Kurtz
Morrissey Cahir none Agnes
Morrissey Ballyfowloo?? did not emig family now in Mayfield, Tipp Bill Grimes
Morrissey Cashel Australia 1880s Cliff Pavey
Morrissy Golden Port Phillip NSW, AUS Jim Morrissy
Morrissy Cashel 1860? Victoria AU Andrew Tate
Morrissy Cahir, Clogheen unknown Julie
Moten Roscrea 1900 Ellis Island Paul Moten
Mouloughney unknown New Zealand 1885 Judith Knoche
Moylan Newport did not emig Eamon
Moylan Nenagh after 1859 Aylmer, Quebec CAN Peter Connors
Mulcahy Clonmel, Summerville 1840 Vivian Mulcahy
Mulcahy Newcastle, Clonmel not given Desmond Mulcahy
Mulcahy unknown 1847 Huron Co ONT>CA>AZ>British Columbia J Mulcahy
Mulchay Cashel not given Bronwyn
Mulcahy Crohane Lower 1880 Donna M Shine
Mulcahy Thurles, Cappawhite? late 1800s Troy NY Daniel J Mulcahy
Mulcahy Cappawhite 1847? Troy NY Paul Dwyer
Mulcahy Thurles ca 1850 St Louis MO William Barrett
Mulholland unknown 1830-40? Virginia Joan Mulholland
Mulholland Littleton, Thurles 1898 Scranton PA > Chicago IL Art Mulholland
Mullally, Lally Lismalin ca 1839-43 Ontario CAN Thomas Mullally
Mullally Clonakenny 1878 New Zealand Lesley Kennedy
Mullally unknown 1835-39 Victoria AU Barbara
Mullally, Mallalla etc unknown 1875, 1893 WV Mary J Bohme
Mullally Mullaly etc South Riding ca1839, Ontario Thomas Mullally
Mullampy Nenagh Sale, Victoria, AU Gordon Lindner
Mulvany Thurles 1864 Australia Pamela Grant
Murnane Tipperary pos 1842-47 Chateaugay, Franklin Co, NY Joseph R Murnane
Murnane Oola, Solohead 1855 Victoria AU Michelle Leddin
Murphy Raheen, Ballybacon Maryborough, Qld, Australia; ca 1880-90 Paul Ryan
Murphy Cloughjordan 1870-85 Canada Marge Kealey
Murphy Cashel 1966 England Richard
Murphy Bansha 1955 Canada Susan Gallivan
Murphy Carrick on Suir, Clonmel did not emig Ray Dortenzo
Murphy Tipperary Town not given Michelle Healy
Murphy not known 1825-40 Alcester, ENG John Wiletts
Murphy Tipperary Town did not emig Maureen Murphy
Murphy Tipperary county 1860s Merthyr Tydfill, Wales John Morriss
Murphy not given 1860s Merthyr Tydfil, Wales John Morriss
Murphy Carrick-on-Suir Wales Julie
Murphy unknown Victoria, AU bef 1843 Ellen Hollow
Murphy unknown did not emig Ellen Hollow
Murphy unknown  NYC approx 1884  Theresa Heller
Murray Nenagh ca 1870 Iowa Barbara Ramirez
Myers Thurles 1848 England, USA Francis Myers
Myers Cormackstown 1854 London > Sydney AUS Sue Milson
Myers Clonmel 1875 NY, Australia 1878 June Shanahan
Myers Cashel 1900-7 Brooklyn NY Tom Myers
Myers Cashel New Zealand Richard Travers
Myers Bohercrow, Tipperary Town did not emig Robyn Hogan
Myles unknown 1827 Upper Canada Garry McFadden
Nagle Kilboy Canada Maudie Winnifred
Nagle unknown did not emig Carol Sherer
Nailon unknown unknown Michael Nailon
Nailon unknown 1860s Australia John Nailon
Nash not given 1890-1900 New York Lee Rogers
Nash Clogheen Long Island, NY ca 1890-1900 Veronica Gaoua
Needham Kilbarron ca 1858 Philadelphia PA Mary Beth
Neely Thurles, Cormackstown 1866 Yonkers NY Nancy K Neely
(O) Neill Carrick-on-Suir UK poss Wales Julie
(O) Neill Ballinclogh Ontario as early as 1819 Cathy Wagner
Neville Fethard 1849 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Carol Sherer
Nevin Lonergan 1900 Mrytle K Niven
Nevins Cashel area 1865-70 USA John Vincent
New Cloughjordan 1852 British Army Norm
Newman Thurles, Drombane, Rosmult 1841 Sydney AU Robyn Hardie
Nixon not given Marlborough, Ottaway, Ontario CAN Jeanette Michalets
Nixon unknown not given Brian Wray
Nolan Monsea 1860s Nevada > Arizona Cindy Barnhart
Nolan Cregg Rd, Carrick on Suir 1863 Boston > Ohio > Kansas City BJ Maguire
Nolan Templetuohy Australia Tony Nolan
Nolan not given 1830s Canada Irish Lady Liz
Nolan Fennor, Rathbeg, Kilkenny border not given Pat Callaghan
Nolan Thurles, Two Mile Borris > ? 1860 NY > CA 1875 John Nolan
Nolan Aghnameadle Syracuse, NY 1852 Tim Gannon
Nolan unknown NY, USA 1860 >> CA 1875 John Nolan
Nolen unknown Schuylkill Co PA Joanne Brentari
Noonan Mt Bruis 1929 NYC Marian Noonan
Noonan unknown 1825 Prince Edward Island, CAN Roy Gannon
Noonan Roscrea New Orleans, NJ Jennifer Carter
Noonan born Tipperary Town from  Waterford 1839 to NSW AU John McCarthy
Norman Nenagh 1830 Ontario CAN Linda Sherlock
Norton Thurles 1837 Australia Ron Norton
Norton Ballingarry 1840 Port Jackson, Syd. AUS Julie Holmes
Nowlan Thurles 1790 St John's NFLD Pat Vanatta
Nugent Clonmel not given Fiona
Nugent Clonmel 1849 Port Phillip, AU Carmel Robins
Nyhan Emly 1912 Brooklyn NY Jane Risdon
Oakley poss Aghnameadle lated 1850s NY>IL> El Dorado Co. CA Betty Spelman
O'Brien not given not given Margaret Michel
O'Brien Co Tipperary 1845 NYC, NY > Providence RI Melia Donovan
O'Brien not given unknown Judith Le Roy
O'Brien Tipperary Town ca 1842 Steve O'Brien
O'Brien Bansha 1830s Charlotte Co, New Brunswick, CAN Donna Rayner
O'Brien Tipperary 1870 Liverpool, England Lynda Atkinson
O'Brien not given NSW, Australia John O'Brien
O'Brien Ballingarry, So Riding ca 1873 Clinton IA M M Morrow
O'Brien Tipperary 1876/77 Australia, New Zealand Dianne Black
O'Brien Thurles, Cashel, Golden not given Janice Matthews
O'Brien Cashel 1849 Canada, Iowa Peter R O'Brien
O'Brien Newport 1870 Chicago IL Judith A Mason
O'Brien Kildanogue 1850+ Victoria AU Maureen Doyle
O'Brien Bird Hill ca 1870 Victoria AU Kim Croker
O'Brien Clonoulty 1852 Victoria Maureen Read
O'Brien unknown ca 1899 Quebec CAN Christine Gallant
O'Brien Toomevara, Aghnameadle ca 1850s NZ and AU B.  O'Byrne
O'Brien unknown ca 1870 New Zealand Teresa O'Brien
O'Brien Mullinahone 1800s St Louis MO Sean O'Brien
O'Brien Fethard not given Carol Blum
O'Brien Cahir? ca 1854 AU Margaret Cooper
O'Brien Carrickbeg 1881 Rockhampton QSLD AU Robert Armstrong
O'Brien Cashel 1861-64 AU maybe via USA Michele Chidgey
O'Brien Five Alley, Nenagh 1866 Cohoes NY Rita O'Brien
O'Brien Tipperary 1876/77 AU >> NZ Dianne Black
O'Callaghan Cahir 1852 Melbourne AU Denis Braddy
O'Callaghan not given 1855? Melbourne AU Sharon Rossi
O'Carroll Holycross not given Stella O'Carroll
O'Connell Tipperary, don't know location 1860-90 Tipperary Greg
O'Connell not known early 1850s, Canada > NY, USA Annie O'Connell
O'Connell Cashel 1850s Melbourne > Maitland NSW Sue Howard
O'Connell Thurles 1906 Australia Carmel Arnold
O'Connell Cashel region 1852 Melbourne AUS Kevin O'Connell
O'Connell Hollyford 1860s New Zealand Josephine O'Connell
O'Connell Birchgrove n. Hollyford 1850s NZ & USA Elizabeth O'Connell
O'Connor Donohill ? before 1853  Australia Robyn Debnam
O'Connor Thomastown, Golden 1915 Marie O'Connor
O'Connor, Connor Mullinahone ca 1860 Australia Helen Crowley
O'Connor, Connor(s) Bansha 1862 Australia Lisa Sukra
O'Connor not given 1858 NYC Irish Lady Liz
O'Connor Cashel or Clonmel ca 1840 Dolores Campbell
O'Connor Nenagh 1870s Troy NY Bill McGrath
O'Connor Tipperary, Emly Parishes 1850-60s Troy NY Pat Connors
O'Connor unknown 1771-72, PA, USA Ruth O'Connor Kast
O'Dea Thurles 1926 England O'Dea
O'Dea Thurles 1926 England Ellen Devenney
O'Dea Cashel area Dublin IE Joni Leffler
O'Dea, Dea Fethard 1888 Victoria AUS Barbara Pincott
O'Donnell Caher US early 1900s Steven Whalen
O'Donnell Rathmore, Mortlestown, Cahir ca 1930 South Africa Gloria
O'Donnell Bansha, Kilmoyler 1850 USA, LaSalle Co, IL Cindy Smith
O'Donnell Ballingarry 1861 New Zealand Candice
O'Donnell Knockgraffon, Cahir ca 1885 Agnes McFarlane
O'Donnell Knockanglass, Killenaule/Moyglass Par 1858 Liverpool, Lancashire UK Farrell Hopwood
O'Donnell Borriskane bef 1853 New York USA Tracy Powell
O'Donnell Newport unknown Terry O'Donnell
O'Donnell Cahir 1800 Nova Scotia Joanne A Kuhlmann
O'Donnell Lisronagh, Clonmel USA Imelda O'Donnell
O'Donnell not given 1847-1852 Joanne Carroll
O'Donnell Burncourt, Clogheen ca 1864 Australia Mary Beaumont
O'Donnell Clonmore 1849 New York Sharon K More
O'Donnell Caher ?yr St John's, NFLD Mary G Henderson
O'Donnell Cahir 1800 Newfoundland, 1900 USA Joanne Connors
O'Donnell Cashel, Golden 1848 Illinois Pat Doyle
O'Dwyer Hollyford Bronx NY Teresa O'Dwyer
O'Dwyer Drumbayne ca 1851 Victoria AUS Carol Harper
O'Dwyer Tipperary Town, Tipperary parish 1831 Pennsylvania USA Michelle Ortz
O'Dwyer Oola 1965 USA Maria Murphy
O'Dwyer Kilfeacle not given Pam Griffin
O'Dwyer Thurles, Upperchurch ca 1900 Jersey City NJ Margaret Nitka
O'Dwyer not given 1864 Canada Tom O'Dwyer
O'Dwyer countywide various Janet Crawford
O'Dwyer unknown ca 1867 Jerry Dwyer
O'Gorman Hollyford 1940 USA Patricia
O'Gorman not given 1880 Nova Scotia CAN Darrell Gorman
O'Grady not given 1929 NY Mary Pantelias
O'Halloran Thurles 1854 NYC > WI Darcy Thorn
O'Halloran unknown ca 1855 Australiz D Quinlan
O'Halloran Fethard ca 1890s NYC, NJ Maureen O'Halloran
O'Hern, Ahern, O'Hearn Ballyporeen mid 1830s Canada Monica Cosgrove
O'Keeffe Cashel 1939 England Kevin O'Keeffe
O'Keeffe Cashel not given Arthur L O'Keefe
O'Leary Bansha 1840 Australia Marie Riley
O'Leary unknown ca 1848 Batavia, Genesee Co NY Richard G Birmingham
O'Leary, Leary Clogheen, Shanrahan not given Veronica Gaoua
O'Loughlin Ballyshean 1864 Queensland, AUS Maree Neal
O'Loughlin not given mid 1800s South Australia George Herring
O'Mahoney Galbarry 1886 Rockhampton, QSD, Australia Cherril
O'Mahoney not given Ashburton NZ Melanie Candy
O'Mahony, Mahony Carrick-on-Suir July 1911 Ellis Island Dennis M O'Mahony
O'Malley Nenagh no info Kerry
O'Malley Galway 1880s Connie
O'Mara poss Nenagh 1860-70 Pennsylvania USA Joseph Backes
O'Mara not given 1891 Rosemary Westpheling
O'Mara not given not given Wendy O'Mara
O'Mara Templemore 1878 Australia Denise Rogers
O'Meara, O'Mara Nenagh, Offlay 1847 London ONT, CAN Susan O'Meara
O'Meara Emly 1845-55 Bernadette Duncan
O'Meara Roscrea Victoria & NSW, Australia Sandra Armstrong
O'Meara South Riding ca 1865 Wigan, England UK Kate O'Mara
O'Meara Tipperary? ca 1900 J Daly
O'Meara Borris, Urard, Urlingford, Templemore, Killough 1868-69 Mary Mamalakis
O'Meara Emly 1900 NYC Sile McGrath
O'Meara Newport 1850-60 Thomas J O'Meara
O'Meara unknown 1864-5 Victoria AU Frances O'Meara
O'Meara, Mara Fishmoyne? 1878 Australia Andrea
O'Meara not given not given Glenna
O'Meara Nenagh ca 1830 Ontario CAN Michel
O'Meara poss Silver Mines area 1846/50 Chicago via NY Gerald O'Meara
O'Meara Borriskane Lampton Co, Ont CAN 1847 >Kenockee , St. Clair co,MI Mary Bailey
O'Neil Lattin USA ca 1851 Dan O'Neil
O'Neill, Neil, Neale Thurles 1850s Cork City Janet
O'Neill, O'Neil, Neil, Neale Thurles 1849-76 Albany NY Janet
O'Neill Carrick on Suir UK Julie
O'Neill Clonmel 1950? UK Dan O'Neill
O'Neill Grange, Curabaha, Grangelough Victoria AU Gay O'Neill
O'Neill Ayle, Cappagh White 1847 CAN>So Franklin Co NY Lorraine D Eachus
O'Neill Clonmel 1866 NY, Brooklyn? Jean Ehmann
O'Neill Nenagh 1840 Ottawa CAN Frank B Smith
Orchard Rathduff, Tipperary Town Australia 1880s John Orchard
O'Rea Owhney Barony 1660s/70s to USA Lee H Hoffman
O'Rinel Tipperary 1767 Brittany, France Mike O'Rinel
Organ unknown Victoria, Australia Adrian Ingleby
O'Rourke Roscrea 1879 Maryborough, Australia Catherine Mackintosh
O'Rourke Clashduff, Coalbrook, Thurles 1955 Manchester Johanne O'Rourke
Orrange not given 1946 Quebec CAN Kate Orrange
Orrange unknown 1846 Canada Deletta Orange
O'Shannessy Thurles, Loughmore 1858-62 New South Wales, AU Bill Chapman
O'Shea Newtown 1916 London Robert Dunlop
O'Shea Bullinruan, Garrangibbon 1890 Poughkeepsie, NY Brian J Healy
O'Shea not given 1916 London Sheila Emmins
O'Sullivan Carrick on Suir 1911 USA Ray Dortenzo
O'Sullivan Tipperary, Cahir not given Walt O'Sullivan
Owens Roscrea 1852 NY, USA Donna Wilson
Pancel Nenagh 1924 Nenagh North Pancel
Parkinson Thurles 1847 ?? Patricia Tomkins
Patrick Ballinclough Quebec 1819 >>Ontario 1832 Cathy Wagner
Patterson Borrosole not given Mary Nortcliff
Payne Nenagh 1845 Lancaster, Erie Co, NY Nancy Tweedie
Pembroke Grangemockler late 1840s-50 Marion OH Tyla Raredon
Pennef(e)ather Cashel, Clounalty 1850 New York Pauli Grasso
Perce Tipperary 1819 Dorothy
Percy Cappalahan not given Jerry Molloy
Perry Kilboy ca 1830s Co. Clare Vicki
Peters Knockane, Toomavara Australia Annie Peters
Peters Glen of Aherlow 1955 Canada Susan Gallivan
Peters Cashel 1884 Melbourne AU Dorothy Venosta
Peters not given 1830 or 40 Victoria AU Margaret Peters
Peters Strogue Twp. Castleiny 1853 NY > Johson Co IA Mary O'Connor
Peters Drum & Inch Parish 1863 Troy NY Trish
Phelan Bansha 1857 New Zealand Sean O'Connell
Phelan Mullinahone 1865 Australia Bev Johnston
Phelan Carrick on Suir did not emig Ray Dortenzo
Phelan Killenaule moved to Carlow Town, Co Carlow Jo Cordell
Phelan Clonmel AU 1841 >> Melbourne Kay Clark
Phillips not given Australia Rose Cron
Phillips Fetchard bef 1819 Lisburn, Co Antrim Harry S Phillips
Pierce unknown 1841 Prince Edward Island CAN Robert Pierce
Pinkerton unknown 1912 US Kris Pinkerton
Piper Nenagh 1842 Canada Shelley
Poe Donnybrook, Ballymackey n/a Peggy Dolan
Pollard Ballingarry 1848 Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada Pauline Baldwin
Pollard Ballingarry (Thurles) 1855 Australia Dave Crowley
Poole Golden b 1873 Louis M Kline
Pound Ballybeg, Toomevara 1848 John
Powell Dolla Knockmeale, Curraghleigh 1927 Chris Coleman
Powell North Riding not given Cindy Wood
Power Tipperary, exact location unknown 1864 Victoria, Australia Diane Gillespie
Power Moheragh, Anarcarty 1870s South Australia Josie
Power Nenagh 1921? New York City John Power
Power Carick On Suir 1876-7 New Zealand Aaron Clark
Power Annacarty 1974 SoAustralia Kay Mumme
Power Carrick on Suir did not emig Francis X Fitzgerald
Power Carrigeen 1854 Sydney AU Kathy Cairns
Power, Powers Lacka, Arraghbeg not given John
Power(s) Carrick-on-Suir ?? Mt Carmel PA Rose Powers
Powers Carrick-on-Suir 1848 Salem MA Julia Stillwell
Powers not known 1880-5 Manhattan NY Kathleen Powers
Predegast not given 1890s Newport, Wales Robert Purnell
Prendergast Fethard, possibly 1830s LA, MS; USA Dorothy O'Neill
Prendergast unknown 1932-7 London Jon Jon
Prendergast Tipperary unknown Connie P
Prendergast Clogheen ca 1854 Tower Hill, VIC, AU Ann Johnstone
Prendergast Clonmel 1800s AU & USA Maurie
Price Coleraine 1880 New Zealand Wendy
Purcell Upperchurch, Drumbane, Thurles 1839-51 New South Wales, AUST Shirley Turner
Purcell Loughmore unknown bef 1845 Grace P Dietz
Purcell Borrisoleigh not given Barbara L
Purcell Nenagh mid 1800s Terry
Purcell Thurles not given Karen
Purcell Nenagh 1800s? Chris Kitchen
Purdue Ballingarry some emigrated to USA Robyn Hogan
Pyne Nenagh 1879 Victoria, Australia Elly Hill
Pyne Kilcooley USA in 1878 d Jan 1933 Wash D.C. Daniel O'Connell Pyne
Quigley Thurles & Ballycahill/Holy Cross 1848-53 Buffalo NY Dianna M Winsor
Quigley Castletown 1857 New York James Quigley
Quigley Thurles, Cloughjordan not given Karen Wright
Quigley Cashel, Cahir 1839 Australia Robyn
Quigley Silvermines 1852 Western NY State Tom Quigley
Quigley Clonmore, Templemore not given Jim Harrahill
Quigley Thurles not given Karen
Quigley countywide various Janet Crawford
Quill Thurles not sure Carmen Crundwell
Quillinan Raheen not given Pam Griffin
Quillinan countywide various Janet Crawford
Quinlisk not given Liverpool > NY 1851 > Ohio 1860 Rita Elaine Elkins
Quilty Cappagh White 1848 Boston Rick Haverty
Quilty not given ca 1840 Australia Sue Wood
Quin Ballycahill 1841 NSW Australia Annie Kirwan
Quin Ballynavin 1847 Port Phillip AU Peter Quinn
Quin(n) Clonmel bef 1859 Australia > 1863 New Zealand Sally
Quinane Upperchurch 1852 Melbourne AUS Terry Quinane
Quinlan Silvermines, Nenagh not given Richard Moore
Quinlan Roscrea ca 1820 Camden NSW Australia Ross Quinlan
Quinlan Moyne, Thurles, Cooleeney 1865 NY, Rockford IL Dennis Craddick
Quinlan Glennareisk, Springfield 1864 Hawkesdale, VIC, AUS Greg Carey
Quinlan Twomileborris, Cashel ca 1850-60 A McGinn
Quinlan Ryninch ca 1930 Elizabeth NJ Geralyn Rodano
Quinlan Mayanna ca 1850 AU and NZ B. O'Byrne
Quinlan not given 1832 Liam Quinlan
Quinlan countywide 1852-53 NY to Michigan Robert Burke
Quinlan countywide various Janet Crawford
Quinlisk Templemore 1851 New York Annette Quinlisk
Quinlisk Roscrea (Carrick Hill) n/a Margaret Ranieri
Quinn Upperchurch Troy NY Mary Hoar
Quinn Twomileborris, Thurles 1872 New York, NY Marguerite
Quinn Skeagh 1890 Indiana Mary Danaher
Quinn poss Kilsheelan ca 1880 Saugus MA Paula
Quinn Cloughjordan 1848 Port Philip AUS Peggy Quinn
Quinn Tipperary Town 1898 Liverpool > NY Timothy Quinn
Quinn Ballintarsna, Newchapel, Clonmel 1884 Chicago IL Cathie Quinn
Quinn Carrick on Suir 1875 Auckland NZ Richard
Quinn Lattin RC parish 1850 Lafayette Wisc Alice McCabe
Quinn Clonmel not given Veronica
Quinn Templemore NorthRiding St. Lawrence Co. NY 1848 > Marshall Co, IA Don Mooney
Quirk Conoulty 1863 NSW Bill Holligan
Quirk Holycross, Drombane, Thurles 1900 Boston MA David MacGillivray
Quirk Templemore 1863 NY, Rockford IL Dennis Craddick
Quirk Templederry 1851 Australia Sharon
Quirk Colonalty 1863 Australia > USA? Wilford Walter
Quirk Borrisokane 1849-59 Vic., Australia Tina
Quirk Cashel ca 1845 Lisbon Township, WI Mary Quirk-Thompson
Quirk Cappawhite mid 1800s So Africa Leanne
Quirk(e) Cahir ca 1886-8 Australia Ann Milne
Quirke Cashel, Nenagh, Cappawhite 1862 on Patrick Ryan
Quirke Ballyvadlea, Drangan 1830-1900 Mary Quirk-Thompson
Quirke Tipp near Ballintober, LIM not given Pat Petrizzo
Quirke Anacarty, Donohill ca 1875 Brooklyn NY Nancy Ford-Kohne
Quirke Drangan, Ballyvadlea not given Catherine Harris
Quirke Donohill, Anacarty ca 1875 Brooklyn NY Nancy Ford
Quirke Templetuohy ca 1895 New South Wales, AU Lorraine
Radley Bourney, Roscrea 1898 Canada Peter J Radley
Rainsford Newport Parish unknown Nancy Peregrine
Raley Ballynacree not given Bud Heider
Ralph Borrisokane 1879 Canada William R Peterson
Ralph unknown unknown Maggie
Read, Reed, Reid not given ca 1851 UK Sandra Bull
Ready Ballingarry, So Riding ca 1873 Clinton IA M M Morrow
Ready unknown ca 1830 St John New Brunswick CAN Peter Maher
Reardon unknown 1830s & 1850s Australia Shirlee Cantwell
Reardon unknown bef 1860 US Mike Schmiade
Reddan, Redden Nenagh not given Beverly Enz
Reddan, Redden, Redding, Reddin Borrisokane, Terryglass ca 1850 Birmingham & Manchester ENG, Brooklyn NY, Clinton IA, Orange NJ Susan
Redmond Tipperary ca 1868-70 Kyneton, VIC, Aust Maryann
Reede Borrisokane not given Bridget Brennan
Reid, Reed Roscrea 1860-65 Queensland, Australia Janet Henriksen
Reid Castleiney 1898 Indiana Mary Danaher
Reid Borrisokane 1831 Ontario CAN Tammy
Reidy Clonmel 1864 Boston > KS Sheryl McClure
(O)Reilly Annacarty, Dundrum did not emig Kath B
Rem(m)ington Burntwood, Modreeny did not emig Linda
Renahan unknown ca 1840 Prince Edward Isl, CAN Kathy Savage
Renihan, Ranahan Roran, Ballina 1850-2 Rutland VT>Kansas 1856 Theresa Liewer
Revington, Rivington Burntwood, Modreeny did not emig Linda
Reynolds Terryglass 1854 Maureen Roberts
Reynolds Terryglass 1846 Margaret Reynolds
Richardson Borrisokane not given Sharon Lipsit
Richardson Scartnaglorane, Ballylooby, Cahir 1927 New Haven, CT > Bronx & Queens NY Liz
Richardson Borrisokane Richmond, Ontario, CAN 1818 Mary Richardson
Riley Annacarty Parish 1820-25 Constance Merrill
Riley, Reilly Tipperary ca 1820 Ruth Ellis
Riordan Kilross 1945 England Rachel O'Dea
Riordan not given 1882 Chicago Jane R Williams
Riordan Kilross, Galbally 1890 Boston James Reardon
Roach Mullinahone 1834 USA, Baltimore > Kane Co, ILL Mike Mackie
Roach Knockavilla bef 1875, QLD, Australia Alison Rodgers
Roach unknown 1860-61 Melbourne AU Joy Gothe
Robertson not given not given Donna Cater
Robinson Borrisokane 1819 Mascouche QUE, CAN Jean
Robinson Greyfort, Borrisokane ca 1830s Canada Sharon Lipsit
Roche Portroe, Nenagh 1888 Boston MA, USA Peg Curro
Roche Duncummin not given Ann Hayes
Roche not sure ca 1840 Ontario CAN Anne Marie Harrington
Rochford Killenaule, The Commons not given Peggy Rochford
Rochford Gortnahoe 1948 Mary Slade
Roe Moyne, Ballyknockane, Templetuohy 1890s England David Bradshaw
Roe Orkney Cottage, Templemore ca 1884 New Jersey Claire White-Peterson
Ronan poss Fethard 1862 Australia Phyllys Donald
Ronan, Ronayne Carrick on Suir did not emig Francis X Fitzgerald
Ronayne Powerstown 1862 Australia Phyllys Donald
Ronayne Thurles did not emig Nicola Jennings
Rooney Tipperary (county/town?) 1848 Dodge Co, Wisconsin USA Kyle Rooney
Rowland Roscrea not given Maggie
Ruggiero Solohead 1920 U.K. Carlo
Russell Ballyporeen not given Pat Russell
Russell Galbooly unknown O. Bushell
Russell Templetouhy 1846 Wash.  Co WI Thomas Bohan
Ruttle unknown 1890-1 Lancashire Valerie Howarth
Ruxton Kilmore 1845 Boston MA Irene Zager
Ryan Clonoulty, Tipperary 1844-1850 Mary Ryan
Ryan Templemore, Clonmore-College Hill not given Gerard Ryan
Ryan Thurles, Cashel, Roscrea 1858-1904 Patrick Ryan
Ryan Drom, Curraduff, Templemore 1850-53 St Louis MO Joseph Ryan
Ryan Moycarky, Thurles Channel Islands > Syracuse NY, USA Kathleen T Pyatak
Ryan Ballycahill ca 1846-51 South Wales Richard Ryan
Ryan Upperchurch, Drumbane, Thurles 1839-51 New South Wales, AUST Shirley Turner
Ryan Lackamore, Newport 1857 Melbourne (Sugarloaf Ck), VIC, AU Mark Ryan
Ryan Upperchurch, Drombane 1841 Sydney AU Shirley Turner
Ryan Nenagh b 1837, 1883 to Simsbury CT Sheila Falkon
Ryan unknown 1865 USA, Daviess Co, Indiana > Arkansas Carol Cannon
Ryan Bansha, Tipperary 1856 Sydney, NSW, Australia Terri Gallatly
Ryan Thurles 1841 Australia Leonie Purcell
Ryan unknown 1852 Durham, ENG; 1855 Danville, PA, USA Megan Ryan
Ryan Bishopwood did not emig Dian Moncrieff
Ryan Rossmore 1856 Sydney AUS Robert Prior
Ryan Newport, Birdhill 1857-1863 Australia Peter Ryan
Ryan Golden 1900 Australia Verna Lumby
Ryan Birdhill, Newport ca 1860 Australia Peter Ryan
Ryan Tipperary Town ca 1869 Chicago IL > 1874 Tipp Town Kevin Ryan
Ryan Cashel most stayed, some to USA, 1903 Tom Sadlier
Ryan Borrisokane 1852 South Australia Anita Tsamtsikas
Ryan Cappamore 1846-7 Chicago IL John Downs
Ryan unknown 1850s Savannah, GA Tony Ryan
Ryan Nenagh 1830s England Sally Owens
Ryan Borrisoleigh 1842-1864 Victoria Carla G
Ryan Clonoulty not known Ciara Doyle
Ryan Borrisoleigh, Leigh 1853 Ballarat, VIC, Australia Mike Ryan
Ryan unknown 1843 Jennifer
Ryan Clonmel, Tipperary 1868 Jacqueline Hulbert
Ryan Drumclieve 1830-40 Canada Susan Tuff
Ryan Templetuohy 1911 Philadelphia Peggy
Ryan Tipperary Australia ca 183? Ellen Elis
Ryan Upperchurch area 1867 New York Roger Hoffmann
Ryan Cappawhite, Ballikveen 1880s Chicago IL Thomas Frost
Ryan Kilconnell, Ballyduagh, Knockbritt 1888-90 NY > Leetonia, Youngstown OH Ed Ryan
Ryan Clonoulty 1963 Boorowa NSW, Waterhole Flats Ryans Michael Ryan
Ryan Nenagh 1858 New Zealand Joy Todd
Ryan Tipperary Town 1861-3 El Dorado, Victoria, AUS V. Lawler
Ryan Cappawhite, Ballykiveen 1885 Chicago IL Thomas Frost
Ryan not given 1865 Patrick Ryan
Ryan Clonoulty 1834 Woonsocket Fall, RI Michael W Ryan
Ryan Cappawhite, Ballykiveen 1885 Chicago IL Thomas Frost
Ryan Nenagh 1914 NY via Ellis Island Maura Rochel
Ryan unknown ca 1840 So Australia Esther Kahn
Ryan unknown early 1880s NYS, Albany Darleen M Lansing
Ryan Newport 1860s Australia Rob Ryan
Ryan Templetenny (Ballyporeen) 1840s, Cumberland, England Christine McGowan
Ryan Balina 1895 USA Jim Barry
Ryan unknown Nebraska, USA Helen Ryan
Ryan Emly Australia Donna Hardy
Ryan Clonmel early 1900s Boston MA, USA Gail Zimmerman
Ryan unknown 1854 Melbourne AU > Dookie Karian Joansson
Ryan Nenagh 1850s US, PA Donna Cauffiel
Ryan Borrisoleigh 1848-55 Australia Barbara L
Ryan Fethard 1830s LA, MS; USA Dorothy O'Neill
Ryan Gleninchnaveigh, Upperchurch 1855 Onondaga Co, NY, USA Pat Bird
Ryan unknown unk year, Canada Dody Bround
Ryan Carhue 1883 Troy NY Terry Bora
Ryan Cappawhite 1863 Brisbane, Queensland AU Sharyn Exelby
Ryan Briarfield, Druminda unknown Robert Ryan
Ryan Kalmacogue unknown Bob Ryan
Ryan Fairyhall, Annaholty, Montpilier, Stradbally Parish 1891 Boston MA > New Bedford & Pawtucket MA Bob Ryan
Ryan unknown 1846-7 Troy NY Laura H Smith
Ryan Thurles after 1827 Gert R Coffin
Ryan Cashel, Nodstown, Rathcannon 1862-3 Australia Horton
Ryan Clonoulty Parish 1844 Cumberland Town, Woonsocket RI Michael W Ryan
Ryan Torah, Rossmore, Clonoulty 1852 Australia Margot Reedy
Ryan Thurles, Clonulty Parish 1851 NY, 1853 IL Mary Farley
Ryan Cashel 1863 Queensland AUS Anne Horton
Ryan Bansha ca 1855 Melbourne AUS Laurie Thompson
Ryan Clogheen 1849-52 St Louis MO or IL Matt Quinn
Ryan unknown 1852 Australia Jo Tait
Ryan Cappagh White 1874 London > Brisbane QLD, AUS Susan Rogers
Ryan Ballyneill 1842-55 AUS Julie Harper
Ryan Fethard not given Sandra Ryan
Ryan Nenagh 1903 Terry
Ryan Thurles bef 1849 USA Bill Hickman
Ryan Templederry 1846 USA, IL Mark Ryan
Ryan Tipperary ca 1800 Prince Edward Island Sally Caron
Ryan Birdhill 1850s NSW Australia Betty Davis
Ryan poss Terryglass or Portland 1840s NY, Ontario, Iowa Joan Nugent
Ryan unknown 1854 South Australia Bill Ward
Ryan Turraheen 1880+ Chicago Eilish
Ryan unknown 1850-60 New Zealand Kevin Ryan
Ryan Silvermines? 1884? Australia Julie Holmes
Ryan Rosmult, Upperchurch 1836 Sydney AU Robyn Hardie
Ryan Co Tipperary 1853 Woosocket Falls RI Michael W Ryan
Ryan Annacarty 1848 San Francisco CA Gerald F Ryan
Ryan Silvermines Australia Julie Holmes
Ryan Bansha New York City Nancy R Ferrara
Ryan Moycarkey Parish did not emig Sally Jean Ryan
Ryan Bulloghee 1866 Cohoes, NY Cornelius Ryan
Ryan Clonoulty 1832 Valerie B Gushee
Ryan Nenagh ? United States Anne R Zsiga
Ryan Cahir 1857 Liverpool > Melbourne Patricia Wecker
Ryan unknown 1853, Rockaway, Morris NJ Anne M Hunsicker
Ryan Templemore unknown Pam Forrest
Ryan Doon 1850 NY, WI, Goodhue Co MN K F Ryan
Ryan not given ca 1840 Pt Phillip, Kilmore AU John Ryan
Ryan Silvermines area 1840 Sydney AU Jill Wearing
Ryan Kilcommon 1857 Victoria AU Shirley Brown
Ryan Templemore 1860 QUE > Calvin Twp ONT, CAN Wendy Ward
Ryan Arfinnan not given Bob Cox
Ryan not given NY 1840-50s Robin Hill
Ryan Clonoulty ca 1850 New York? Margaret Spillane
Ryan unknown 1851 NY to Iowa Cindy Wise
Ryan Hollyford Piper Ridge, Thurles 1840 Waukon IA Dale Ryan
Ryan Thurles, Crossroads near Holy Cross 1845-1846 Thomas P Ryan
Ryan Thurles, Upperchurch ca 1900 Jersey City NJ Margaret Nitka
Ryan Butlerstown 1881 Boston > Cranford NJ Joe Ryan
Ryan unknown 1895 New York City Nancy
Ryan Thurles 1846/48 Tasmania AU Michelle Jackson
Ryan unknown 1871-2 Engl > NY Jean R Driscoll
Ryan Bansha 1880-90s NYC Jim Ryan
Ryan Toomevara bef 1859 Kilmore, VIC, AU Lisa Lyons
Ryan Nenagh 1854 AU Lisa Lyons
Ryan Glenough, Clonoulty Par. ca 1850 Otsego, Onondaga NY > WI Kris M Kurtz
Ryan Ballingarry Parish 1849, Schuylkill Co, PA Ester McGreevy
Ryan Cahir 1865 New York Jeffrey Ryan
Ryan Oola & Solohead ca 1865 Christchurch NZ Jo Carruthers
Ryan Knocknavar, Cappagh White 1868 USA Shirley Baxter
Ryan Ryninch 1883 Philadelphia John Ryan
Ryan Nenagh 1840s Pittsburgh PA Dan Ryan
Ryan Clonmel 1850 unknown Tom Ryan
Ryan poss Nenagh 1860s-80s Moira Hannam
Ryan not given 1860 ? Jenny Vincent
Ryan Pallas Donohill 1840 Montreal area Douglas Ryan
Ryan Ballykiveen, Cappawhite ca 1846 CAN>So Franklin Co NY Lorraine D Eachus
Ryan Knockaville 1850 Sydney AU Joy Ryan
Ryan Churchfield, Donohill 1850 Palmyra NY Eilidh
Ryan unknown 1845 Philadelphia PA Karen Verhonich
Ryan unknown 1850 USA via CAN? Jill Gaffney
Ryan Kilsham? 1853 Brisbane AU Gary W
Ryan EGortshane, Newport 1892 Boston MA via Annaholty Bob Ryan
Ryan Moanmore, Emly never emig Marilyn Shanahan
Ryan Golden AU ca 1840 Carole Harris
Ryan Cappagh White unknown Madelene McClelland
Ryan Toomyvarra (Tomyvara) Sydney, AU 1857 & 1855 Jim King
Ryan Loran 1833 Canada >>Tyendinaga Twp., Hastings Co., Ontario Joan Low
Ryan Gleninchnaveigh (Glown) Onondaga Co, NY by 1855  NY & WI & IA Garbird@aol.com
Ryan unknown  Marysville CA 1865 Aislinn Ryan
Ryan, O'Ryan Nenagh 1850 Ontario CAN Candice Jenson

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