Surname First Townland Notes
Anderson widow Rockfinihy crossed out
Armstong, Rev'd Wm Commons of Knocervoula
Bourke Walter Ballyboy
Bourke Richard Ballyboy
Bourke Thomas Ballyboy
Bourke John Ballyboy
Bourke James Ballyboy
Bourke Patrick Fenehy
Bourke widow Rockfinihy
Bourke Michael Lower Moher
Bourke John Upper Moher
Bourke Richard Upper Moher
Bourke Thomas Garranakilka
Bourke John Seskin Willam crossed out
Bourke William Seskin
Bourke Michael Granira
Bourke William Shehevry
Bourke Judeeth, widow Shehevry
Bourke Thomas Knockatouroe
Bourke (Rick) Patrick Ballyboy
Bourke (Rick) James Ballyboy
Bourke (Ricks) John Ballyboy
Bourke (Seskin) William Knockatouroe
Bradshaw Thomas Gurtkelly
Breen Winnefred Gurtaknara widow of Michael
Breene John Commons of Knockellennagough
Browne John Upper Moher
Cahill Catherine, widow Ballyboy
Cahill John Ballyboy
Cahill John Ballyboy
Callanan Dennis Rockfinihy crossed out
Carew Thomas Knocknabansha
Carew James Knocknabansha
Carew Patrick Comer Carew
Carew Darby Comer Carew
Carew Jeremiah Comer Carew
Carew Patrick Groushall
Carew Jeremiah Groushall
Carew Darby Groushall
Carew Peggy Shehevry widow crossed out
Carr  Daniel Commons of Knocervoula
Carroll Michael Granira
Carroll Edmund Commons of Knocervoula
Connell Thomas Gortatuder
Connell John Shehevry
Connell Michael Shehevry
Conners James Rockfinihy crossed out
Corbit Edmunde Cappaghanavile
Corbit Patrick Currahduff
Corbit Michael Currahduff
Corbit John Granira
Corbit William Shehevry
Corbit Edmunde Commons of Knocervoula
Corbit Patrick Knockatouroe
Corcoran Michael Commons of Knockellennagough
Cormick Edmunde Cappaghanavile
Cormick John Granira
Cormick, Senr. John Granira
Costelloe John Ballyboy
Crowe John Knocnaroe
Crowe Patrick Groushall
Crowe John Commons of Knocervoula
Darcey Darby Cappaghanavile
Darcy James Commons of Knocervoula
Darmady Jermiah Lower Moher
Daverern James Commons of Knocervoula
Day Nicholas Upper Moher
Dervern James Knocnaroe
Doherty Patrick Gurtkelly
Doherty Edmunde Commons of Knocervoula
Doyle James Knockatouroe
Duggin Dennis Gurtkelly
Duggin William Granira
Duggin James Shehevry
Duggin Michael Shehevry
Duggin James Shehevry
Duggin James Commons of Knocervoula
Dunn Bryan Fenehy
Dunn Thomas Lower Moher
Dunn Laurnce Gurtkelly
Dwyre Patrick Fenehy
Dwyre Jermiah Lower Moher crossed out
Dwyre Peggy Kearhow widow of John
Dwyre Timothy Kearhow
Dwyre Dennis Garranakilka
Dwyre Thomas Currahduff
Dwyre Edmunde Currahduff
Dwyre Darby Currahduff
Dwyre Connor Commons of Knockellennagough
Dwyre Philip Commons of Knockellennagough
Dwyre James Knockatouroe
Dwyre Dennis Knockatouroe
Fahy Patrick Commons of Knocervoula
Fitzpatrick Peter Rockfinihy
Fitzpatrick Mathew Kearhow
Flannery William Rockfinihy crossed out
Gleeson widow Ballyboy
Gleeson widow Fenehy
Gleeson Dennis Upper Moher
Gleeson John Upper Moher
Gleeson Timothy Upper Moher
Gleeson (John) Francis  Upper Moher
Gleeson (John) Patrick Upper Moher
Gleeson (Tim) Patrick Upper Moher
Gleeson (Tim) Francis  Upper Moher
Gleeson, Junr John Upper Moher
Gorman James Upper Moher
Grady Philip Lower Moher ??
Grady Timothy Lower Moher ??
Grady Philip Lower Moher ??
Grady Patrick Lower Moher ??
Grady Philip Gurtkelly
Griffin Michael Comer Quinlan
Griffin Edmunde Comer Quinlan
Griffin Edmunde Foylnamanne
Griffin James Currahduff
Hanley William Rockfinihy
Hanley James Risciha
Hanley Mary Knocnaroe widow of Roger
Hanley John Knocnaroe
Harrington Timothy Gortatuder
Harrington Patrick Coombeg
Harrington Patrick Commons of Knocervoula
Harrington Patrick Commons of Knocervoula
Harrley? Daniel Shehevry Harty crossed out
Harty Michael Granira
Hasset? Tom Ballyboy Edmund Purcel crossed out
Hayes William Ballyboy
Hayes Philip Ballyboy
Hayes Patrick Rockfinihy
Hayes Michael Rockfinihy
Hayes John Rockfinihy
Hogan Martin Rockfinihy
Keating Thomas Ballyboy
Kelly Mary Currahduff
Kennedy Philip Knocknabansha
Kennedy Michael Foylnacanana
Kennedy Andrew Garranakilka
Kennedy Patrick Groushall
Kennedy James Groushall
Kennedy Philip Groushall
Kennedy Edmunde Cappaghanavile
Kennedy Patrick Cappaghanavile
Kennedy Edmund Glanfinchnag
Kennedy Philip Glanfinchnag
Kennedy Patrick Glanfinchnag
Kennedy Patrick Seskin
Kennedy Edmunde Seskin
Kennedy John Glaninchinavee
Kennedy James Currahduff
Kennedy Roger Granira
Kennedy John Commons of Knocervoula
Kennedy Edmunde Knockatouroe
Kennedy Patrick Knockatouroe
Kennedy Edmunde Knockatouroe
Kennedy Mathew Knockatouroe
Kennelly John Currahduff
Lacey James Rockfinihy
Lahy Patrick Rockfinihy
Lee Patrick Shehevry Leigh crossed out
Lee Emunde Commons of Knocervoula Leigh crossed out
Lee Patrick Commons of Knocervoula Leigh crossed out
Lee John Commons of Knocervoula Leigh crossed out
Leigh Edmunde Shehevry
Leigh John Shehevry
Leigh William Commons of Knocervoula
Lemy Patrick Gortatuder
Mackey Mathew Gurtnahalla
Mackey Patrick Gurtnahalla
Maloney John Shehevry
Mara Bryan Seskin
Mara John Knockatouroe
McGrath Philip Ballyboy
McNamara Bartholomew Ballyboy
Meagher John Knockatouroe
Minehan Patrick Shehevry
Minihan Daniel Granira
Minihan Patrick Granira
Moloughney Thomas Commons of Knockellennagough
Murray Patrick Gurtkelly
Murray Philip Gurtkelly
Murray Patrick Foylnamanne
Phelan Patrick Granira
Phelan Pat  Shehevry
Phelan John Shehevry
Phelan Tom Shehevry Michael Carse? crossed out
Phelan  Thomas Granira
Phelan, Mr John Currahduff
Phelan, Mr Francis  Currahduff
Phelan, Mr Bryan Granira
Purcel Patrick Gurtkelly
Purcel Richard Gurtkelly
Quinan Terence Upper Moher
Quinlan William Lower Moher
Quinlan Mary Kearhow Thomas crossed out
Quinlan James Kearhow
Quinlan Bridget Kearhow Luke? crossed out
Quinlan Dennis Knocknabansha
Quinlan Patrick Groushall
Quinlan John Comer Quinlan
Quinlan Thomas Gurtaknara
Quinlan Mathew Shehevry
Quinlan Thomas Commons of Knockellennagough
Quinlan James Commons of Knockellennagough
Quinnan Michael Gurtnahalla
Quinnan John Gurtnahalla
Quinnan Edmund Lower Moher
Quinnan Judith Lower Moher widow
Russell Thomas Knocnaroe
Russell John Knocnaroe
Russell Catherine? Knocnaroe James crossed out
Russell Thomas Coombeg
Russell Thomas Commons of Knocervoula
Russell James Commons of Knocervoula
Russell John Commons of Knocervoula
Ryan Thomas Ballyboy
Ryan John Ballyboy
Ryan Patrick Ballyboy
Ryan Anthony Ballyboy
Ryan Pat  Ballyboy
Ryan Owen Ballyboy
Ryan Margt Ballyboy widow of James
Ryan Peggy Ballyboy widow of Patrick
Ryan John Gurtnahalla
Ryan Thomas Gurtnahalla
Ryan Tom Gurtnahalla William Toole? crossed out
Ryan Daniel Fenehy
Ryan widow Fenehy Anthony crossed out
Ryan Michael Rockfinihy
Ryan widow Rockfinihy
Ryan Matty Lower Moher ??
Ryan John Lower Moher ??
Ryan Michael Lower Moher
Ryan Patrick Kearhow
Ryan Michael Kearhow
Ryan Patrick Gurtkelly
Ryan John Gurtkelly
Ryan Patrick Knocknabansha
Ryan Catty Knocknabansha widow of Denis
Ryan Edmund Risciha
Ryan Michael Foylnacanana
Ryan Thomas Knocnaroe
Ryan Thomas Tourfiba
Ryan James Tourfiba
Ryan Michael Tourfiba
Ryan Patrick Tourfiba
Ryan Martin Tourfiba
Ryan James Garranakilka
Ryan Edmund Garranakilka
Ryan widow Garranakilka
Ryan Timothy Groushall
Ryan Thomas Groushall
Ryan Philip Groushall
Ryan Thomas Coombeg
Ryan James Coombeg
Ryan Michael Coombeg
Ryan Patrick Coombeg
Ryan Martin Coombeg
Ryan Mathew Seskin
Ryan Thomas Coomageehy
Ryan Philip Glaninchinavee
Ryan Ellen Glaninchinavee John crossed out
Ryan Catherine Gurtaknara widow of Edmunde
Ryan Dennis Mogland
Ryan Thomas Mogland
Ryan Connor Mogland Thomas Shanahan crossed out
Ryan Connor Mogland widow Meagher crossed out
Ryan Connor Mogland widow Dwyre crossed out
Ryan Connor Mogland widow Manning crossed out
Ryan Michael Mogland
Ryan Darby Mogland
Ryan John Glanbeg
Ryan Thomas Glanbeg
Ryan John Glanbeg
Ryan Timothy Glanbeg
Ryan Edmunde Glanbeg
Ryan Michael Glanbeg
Ryan Cornelius Glanbeg
Ryan James Granira
Ryan Timothy Shehevry
Ryan William Shehevry
Ryan John Shehevry
Ryan Laurence Commons of Knocervoula
Ryan Roger Commons of Knocervoula
Ryan Patrick Commons of Knocervoula
Ryan Michael Commons of Knocervoula
Ryan Thomas Commons of Knocervoula
Ryan Lanty Commons of Knockellennagough
Ryan Catherine Commons of Knockellennagough widow of Edmunde
Ryan Mary Knockatouroe widow crossed out
Ryan Timothy Knockatouroe
Ryan (Bawn) John Ballyboy
Ryan (Bawn) Edmunde Commons of Knockellennagough
Ryan (Coomageehy) Thom's Commons of Knocervoula
Ryan (Coome) Thomas Commons of Knockellennagough
Ryan (Coome) James Commons of Knockellennagough
Ryan (Coome) Michael Commons of Knockellennagough
Ryan (Coome) Patrick Commons of Knockellennagough
Ryan (Coome) Martin Commons of Knockellennagough
Ryan (Dennis) Conner Upper Moher
Ryan (Dennis) John Commons of Knocervoula
Ryan (Dennis) Philip Commons of Knocervoula
Ryan (Doctor) John Upper Moher
Ryan (Garrinakilha) Jam's Knockatouroe
Ryan (Garrinakilha) Edmunde Knockatouroe
Ryan (Glanbeg) Conner Upper Moher
Ryan (Glanbeg) Connor Commons of Knockellennagough
Ryan (James) John Ballyboy
Ryan (James) widow Gurtnahalla
Ryan (James) Michael Fenehy
Ryan (John) Michael Fenehy
Ryan (John) Patrick Foylnamanne
Ryan (Michael) John Foylnacanana
Ryan (Patrick) James Ballyboy
Ryan (Redmond) Michael Foylnacanana
Ryan (Roger) Patrick Foylnamanne
Ryan (Roger) John Coombeg
Ryan (Roger) John Commons of Knocervoula
Ryan (Roger) Patrick Commons of Knocervoula
Ryan, Esq George Commons of Knockellennagough
Ryan, Junr Timothy Commons of Knockellennagough
Ryan, Junr Lanty Commons of Knockellennagough
Ryan, Mr John Rockfinihy
Ryan, Mr John Gurtkelly
Scanlan Thomas Risciha
Shanahan Anthony Ballyboy
Shanahan Dennis Ballyboy
Shanahan James Kearhow
Shanahan Patrick Garranakilka
Shanahan Dennis Garranakilka
Shanahan Martin Cappaghanavile
Shanahan Michael Glanbeg
Shanahan Michael Commons of Knockellennagough
Shanahan John Commons of Knockellennagough
Shanahan Edmunde Knockatouroe
Shanahan John Knockatouroe
Shanahan Thomas Knockatouroe
Shanahan Patrick Knockatouroe
Shanahan Dennis Knockatouroe
Shortal James Kearhow
Slattery James Shehevry
Spellin Mary Comer Quinlan widow crossed out
Stapleton James Fenehy crossed out
Stapleton John Gortnaskehy?  --induff?
Stapleton Thomas Gortnaskehy?  --induff?
Stapleton Timothy Lower Moher ??
Stapleton Philip Gurtkelly
Stapleton Michael Gurtkelly
Stapleton (Anne) Thomas Rockfinihy
Stapleton (Math's) Thomas Gortnaskehy?  --induff?
Stapleton (Math's) Thomas Rockfinihy
Tierney Michael Shehevry
Tierney John Commons of Knocervoula
Tierney Michael Commons of Knocervoula
Wade John Garranakilka
Wade John Knockatouroe
Walsh Mathew Granira
Walsh Edmunde Shehevry
Walsh Laurence Shehevry
Walsh Patrick Shehevry