Tithe Applotments

  Tubbrid Civil Parish 1827


  Clogheen Poor Law Union
     Iffa & Offa West Barony

Burges Bridge ca 1840

Curraghcloney ca 1840

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Research Notes:  The Tubbrid CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256695 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.


Surname First Townland
Achison John Rossrehill
Ahearn John Ballynomasna
Ahearn John Kilcoran?
Ahearn Michl Ballynomasna
Ahearne Edwd Rossrehill
Ahearne John Rossrehill
Ahearne Terrence Poulavalla
Ahearne Thomas Poulavalla
Anglem Edwd Ballylaffin
Anglem John Ballynomasna
Anglem Patk Roscoe Miles
Anglem Patt Ballylaffin
Anglem Thos Kilroe
Baker Liney Burges Brien
Bare, Mr John Ballyhohan
Baron Edmd Kilcoran
Baron Jno Kilcoran
Barret Willm Knockane Puttoge
Barron Jas Kilcoran
Barry Patk Kilcoran?
Beary Jas Burges Brien
Beary John Ballynomasna
Beary Michl Burges Brien
Beary Michl Curraghatoor
Beary Michl Curraughcloney
Beary Patk Ballynomasna
Beauchamp John Killinure
Beere John Killinure
Beston Dennis Curraghatoor
Beston Patk Knockane Keating
Blake, Mr Mary Ballyhohan
Blake, Mr Michl Ballyhohan
Boran John Clogheenafishogue
Boran Willm Ballyea
Boran Willm Scart beg
Brian Daniel Burges Beere
Brien Andy Clogheenafishogue
Brien Daniel Bohernarnane
Brien Danl Drumlummin
Brien Edmd Bohernarnane
Brien James Burges Beere
Brien Jas Parkaderreen
Brien John Burges Beere
Brien John Clogheenafishogue
Brien John Clogheenafishogue
Brien John Curraughcloney
Brien John Poulavalla
Brien John Poulavalla
Brien M Parkaderreen
Brien Michl Ballyhohan
Brien Michl Kilroe
Brien Morgan Kilroe
Brien P Parkaderreen
Brien Patk Ballynomasna
Brien Patk Curraughcloney
Brien Thomas Crannavone
Brien Thos Burges New
Brien Thos Poulavalla
Brien William Curraughcloney
Brotherick Jas Bohernarnane
Brotherick John Clogheenafishogue
Brotherick John Rossrehill
Bryan Willm Kilroe
Burke Alicks Cranna
Burke Dav'd Knockane Puttoge
Burke David Cranna
Burke Edmd Burges Beere
Burke Edwd Roscoe Burke
Burke John Ballyea
Burke Mary Cranna
Burke Math'w Kilcoran
Burke Michl Curraghatoor
Burke Milo Kilroe
Burke Patk Crannavone
Burke Patk Knockane Puttoge
Burke Patt Burges Brien
Burke Richd Burges New
Burke Rich'd Kilcoran
Burke Thomas Burges Beere
Burke Thomas Burges Brien
Burke Thos Roscoe Burke
Burke Wm Ballyea
Butler Jas Boolakennedy
Butler Jas Clogheenafishogue
Butler John Kilroe
Butler Toby Clogheenafishogue
Butler William Clogheenafishogue
Butler Willm Rossrehill
Butler Wm Jno Scart beg
Butler, Esq Edmd Kilroe
Cahil Jas Ballynomasna
Cahil John Ballydrennan
Cahil John Ballynomasna
Cahil Patt Burges Brien
Cahnaney Timothy Bohernarnane
Calahan John Kilcoran?
Carney Jas Rossrehill
Carrol John Burges New
Carrol John Kilcoran
Carrol Mary Cranna
Carrol Michl Bohernarnane
Carrol Thos Kilcoran?
Carrol Thos Kilcoran?
Carty Michl Roscoe Miles
Casey Andrew Ballynomasna
Casey Darby Clogheenafishogue
Casey John Clogheenafishogue
Casey Michl Clogheenafishogue
Casey Timothy Clogheenafishogue
Clance Michl Ballyhohan
Clancy Thos Kilcoran?
Cleary Jas Knockane Keating
Cleary Thos Knockane Keating
Cleary Wm Clogheenafishogue
Cleary Wm Drumlummin
Clifford Danl Scart beg
Clifford Danl Tubbrid
Clifford Danl/Davd Tubbrid
Clifford David Clogheenafishogue
Clifford Edmd Scart beg
Clifford Jas Boolakennedy
Clifford Maurice Rea Hill
Clifford Thos Drumlummin
Clifton Edmd Clogheenafishogue
Coffy Patk Tubbrid
Condon Thomas Ballylaffin
Conel Wm Cranna
Conisay? Patk Crannavone
Connel Edwd Ballyhohan
Connel Michl Cranna
Connel Thomas Ballynomasna
Connel Wm Curraughcloney
Connell Michl Kilcoran?
Connors Maurice Ballyhohan
Connors Patk Ballyhohan
Conway David Burges Beere
Conway John Burges Beere
Conway Jone Burges Beere
Conway Thomas Rossrehill
Conway Thos Clogheenafishogue
Conway William Burges Beere
Conway Wm Kilcoran
Cooke Jas Manghra
Cooke Patt Manghra
Cooke Thos Manghra
Cooke Walt? Manghra
Cooke Walter Ballylaffin
Cooney Timothy Manghra
Corbet Michl Ballyea
Corbit Edwd Drumlummin
Corbit Michl Burges New
Corbit Michl Roscoe Miles
Coughlan Jas Drumlummin
Creed John Knockane Gurm
Cunnan John Ballylaffin
Cusick Jas Cranna
Daniel Connor Clogheenafishogue
Daniel David Clogheenafishogue
Daniel Edwd Poulavalla
Daniel John Burges Beere
Daniel John Clogheenafishogue
Daniel John (Con) Clogheenafishogue
Daniel John Con. Bohernarnane
Daniel John Fox Bohernarnane
Daniel Michl Clogheenafishogue
Daniel Patk Clogheenafishogue
Daniel Willm Kilcoran?
Delahunty James Kilroe
Delahunty Michl Kilroe
Dempsey Michl Crannavone
Dempsey Patk Ballydrennan
Devereax James Burges Beere
Devereax Thomas Burges Beere
Dillon James Curraghatoor
Doile Edwd Drumlummin
Dolan Thomas Burges Brien
Donovan Daniel Ballylaffin
Dooling John Garranne
Dooling Michal Ballynomasna
Dooling Michl Garranne
Dooling Patk Ballynomasna
Dooling Patt Ballyhohan
Dooling Thomas Rossrehill
Dooling Willm Ballyhohan
Doyle John Tubbrid
Drake Thos Knockane Gurm
Drake Thos Parkaderreen
Drake Thos Rea Hill
Dumphy Jas Clogheenafishogue
Dwyer Edwd Clogheenafishogue
Dwyer Phillip Kilroe
Dwyer Richd Boolakennedy
Eagan Ellen Rea Hill
Eagan Jas Drumlummin
Eagan William Curraghatoor
English John Poulavalla
Evans Mary Ballyhohan
Everard Jas Manghra
Fahy Tim  Garranne
Farrel Jas Scart beg
Farrel Michael Burges Beere
Farrel Thos Munro
Farrel Thos Parkaderreen
Fennel Esq Wm Rossrehill
Fennel Esq Wm Jas Carrigataha
Fennel Esq Wm Jas Cranna
Fennessey Jas Manghra
Fennessy Edwd Kilcoran
Fennessy Richard Burges Beere
Finn John Roscoe Miles
Finn Phillip Roscoe Miles
Fitzgerald Jas Kilcoran?
Fitzgerald Jno Kilcoran?
Fitzgerald Wm/Mr? Burges New
Fitzpatrick Edwd Curraughcloney
Fitzpatrick Thos Manghra
Fleming Thos Cranna
Fliey Wm Bohernarnane
Fling Wm Cranna
Flinn Martin Roscoe Miles
Flinn Wid'w Parkaderreen
Foler Robt Clogheenafishogue
Foley Laurence Bohernarnane
Fox Edmd Curraughcloney
Gallanan Michl Ballydrennan
Gallanan Wm Ballydrennan
Gibbons Edwd Bohernarnane
Gibbons John Bohernarnane
Gibbons widow Garranne
Gleeson William Burges Beere
Glengall Lord Kilroe
Gorman David Curraughcloney
Gorman David Kilroe
Gorman John Curraghatoor
Gorman John Knockane Keating
Gorman Michl Munro
Gorman Richd Burges Brien
Gorman Thomas Burges Brien
Gorman Thos Curraghatoor
Griffin Ellen Kilcoran?
Griffin Jno Scart beg
Griffin John Kilcoran
Griffin John Killinure
Griffin Maurice Burges Beere
Griffin Thomas Cranna
Hacket Luke Burges Beere
Hallahan Edmd Munro
Hallahan Timothy Poulavalla
Hallahan Timothy Rossrehill
Hally Daniel Curraghatoor
Hally Patt Burges Brien
Hally Thos Manghra
Hanlan Michl Clogheenafishogue
Hanley John Clogheenafishogue
Hanley Patt Burges Brien
Harney Edmd Rossrehill
Harney Thos Knockane Gurm
Harney Wm Knockane Gurm
Heelan Dennis Curraughcloney
Heffernan Mathew Kilcoran?
Heffernan Richd Knockane Keating
Hennessey David Ballyhohan
Hennessey Pierce Burges New
Hennessey Thomas Roscoe Burke
Hickey Daniel Knockane Puttoge
Hickey Edmd Clogheenafishogue
Hickey Edmd Manghra
Hickey James Roscoe Hickey
Hickey Jas Clogheenafishogue
Hickey John Clogheenafishogue
Hickey Mary Rossrehill
Hickey Michl Ballylaffin
Hickey Michl Kilcoran?
Hickey Michl Scart beg
Hickey Thos Knockane Puttoge
Hickey widow Poulavalla
Hine Owen Ballylaffin
Hines Patk Crannavone
Hines Patk Crannavone
Hines Thos Kilroe
Hogan John Burges Ross
Hogan Thos Manghra
Hoolahan John Manghra
Howlahan James Rea Hill
Hughes Robt Manghra
Hunt Patt Ballyhohan
Hyland James Kilroe
Kearney John Kilroe
Keating Edmd Scart beg
Keating Edmd Tubbrid
Keating Jas Manghra
Keating John Boolakennedy
Keating John Kilroe
Keating Laurence Knockane Keating
Keating Maurice Knockane Gurm
Keating Maurice Knockane Puttoge
Keating Patt Ballyhohan
Keating Richard Knockane Keating
Keating Richd Rea Hill
Keating Thos Ballylaffin
Keating widow Scart beg
Keating William Garranne
Keating Wm Scart beg
Kehurny? Daniel Kilcoran?
Keley John (Con) Tubbrid
Kenedy Dennis Cranna
Kenedy Hugh Crannavone
Keneley Jone Ballylaffin
Kenely John Tubbrid
Kent Edmond Burges Beere
Kilcuddy Patk Scart beg
Kily Edmd Tubbrid
Kingsby Michl Bohernarnane
Kingssby Wm Clogheenafishogue
Lafford Thomas Burges Brien
Londergan Darby Clogheenafishogue
Londergan Edwd Ballylaffin
Londergan Jas Clogheenafishogue
Lonegan Edmd Clogheenafishogue
Lonergan Daniel Kilroe
Lonergan Edmd Parkaderreen
Lonergan Edmd Parkaderreen
Lonergan Edwd Curraghatoor
Lonergan James Boolakennedy
Lonergan James Kilcoran
Lonergan Jas Boolakennedy
Lonergan Jas Kilcoran?
Lonergan John Poulavalla
Lonergan Laurence Rea Hill
Lonergan Mary Rea Hill
Lonergan Mary Roscoe Miles
Lonergan Mathew Kilcoran?
Lonergan Michl Clogheenafishogue
Lonergan Michl Knockane Gurm
Lonergan Phillip Knockane Gurm
Lonergan Rody Boolakennedy
Lonergan Thoas Poulavalla
Lonergan Thomas Rossrehill
Lonergan Thos Clogheenafishogue
Lonergan Thos Kilcoran?
Lonergan Thos Kilcoran?
Lonergan Wm Bohernarnane
Lonergan Wm Clogheenafishogue
Lonergan Wm Poulavalla
Loughnane John Scart beg
Luddy Jas Manghra
Luddy Jas Parkaderreen
Macknamara Andy Clogheenafishogue
Magnion Edmd Manghra
Mahoney Dennis Ballynomasna
Mahoney Thos Burges New
Mahoney Thos Burges New
Mahoney Thos Munro
Mahoney Wm Burges New
Mallon David Bohernarnane
Maloney Jas Manghra
Maloney Patk Manghra
Maloney Thomas Cranna
Martin John Curraughcloney
Mauricy? Daniel Knockane Puttoge
McCarty Charles Drumlummin
McCarty John Cranna
McCarty John Drumlummin
McCarty Owen Drumlummin
McCarty Patk Ballydrennan
McCarty Timothy Ballydrennan
McCarty Timothy Ballynomasna
McCarty Timothy Drumlummin
McCarty Wm Cranna
McGrath James Cranna
McGrath Jas Boolakennedy
McGrath Jas Kilcoran?
McGrath Jeremiah Clogheenafishogue
McGrath John Ballylaffin
McGrath John Clogheenafishogue
McGrath John Clogheenafishogue
McGrath John Drumlummin
McGrath John Kilroe
McGrath John Roscoe Miles
McGrath Laurence Poulavalla
McGrath Mary Poulavalla
McGrath Willm Garranne
McGuire Jas Clogheenafishogue
McIniry John Cranna
McIniry Michl Cranna
McLaney John Manghra
Meagher Patk Clogheenafishogue
Meehan Edwd Burges New
Meehan Terrence Manghra
Miles Edward Ballydrennan
Miles Robt Ballylaffin
Morressey Daniel Kilcoran
Morrissey Jas Burges Ross
Morrissey Matt Drumlummin
Morrissey Patt Burges Ross
Mulocy Patk Burges Ross
Murphy Batt Burges Brien
Murphy Edmd Ballyea
Murphy Jas Rea Hill
Murphy John Kilcoran
Murphy Mary Ballylaffin
Murphy Patk Burges Beere
Murphy Patk Roscoe Miles
Murphy Patt Garranne
Neil Catherine Burges Beere
Neil Connor Clogheenafishogue
Neile John Clogheenafishogue
Neile Margt Ballyea
Neile Wm Clogheenafishogue
Noonan Frances Cranna
Norry John Poulavalla
Norry Michl Kilroe
Nugent Maurice Scart beg
ONeile Owen Rossrehill
Palmer Thomas Ballynomasna
Palmer Thos Tubbrid
Parker John Burges New
Pell William Garranne
Poor James Kilcoran?
Poor John Burges Brien
Poor John Curraughcloney
Poor Patk Crannavone
Prendergast Edmd Garranne
Prendergast Edmd Tubbrid
Prendergast Garret Burges Ross
Prendergast James Ballyea
Prendergast John Curraghatoor
Prendergast John Scart beg
Prendergast Patrick Curraghatoor
Prendergast Patt Drumlummin
Prendergast Thos Garranne
Prendergast Wm Burges Ross
Prendergast Wm Drumlummin
Purcel John Scart beg
Quirke Thomas Poulavalla
Quirke Thos Knockane Puttoge
Ready Patt Burges New
Rice Esq Henry Scart beg
Rieordan Jas Drumlummin
Rieordan Thos Kilcoran
Roach John Bohernarnane
Roardan John Kilroe
Ross Mrs? Drumlummin
Ryan Daniel Kilcoran?
Ryan Edmd Kilroe
Ryan Edmd Manghra
Ryan Edwd Crannavone
Ryan Jas Manghra
Ryan John Scart beg
Ryan Mary Burges Beere
Ryan Morgan Drumlummin
Ryan P Crannavone
Ryan Patk Manghra
Ryan Pierce Burges Beere
Ryan Thomas Ballyea
Ryan Thomas Burges Beere
Ryan Thomas Garranne
Ryan Thos Ballynomasna
Ryan Willm Kilcoran?
Ryan Wm Ballylaffin
Ryan Wm Clogheenafishogue
Scanlan John Cranna
Sexton Thomas Ballyhohan
Shea John Burges New
Shea John Kilcoran
Shea mary Garranne
Shea Wm Clogheenafishogue
Sheehan James Kilcoran?
Sheely John Cranna
Shine Thomas Ballynomasna
Shisk Patt Ballylaffin
Slantery James Scart beg
Slingsby Wm Bohernarnane
Smyth Jas Drumlummin
Smyth John Kilroe
Spearman George Boolakennedy
Spearman George Rossrehill
Spearman Simon Cranna
Sulivan John Curraughcloney
Sullivan James Cranna
Sweeney Patt Burges Brien
Tape George Drumlummin
Tierney Daniel Clogheenafishogue
Tierney Patk Knockane Puttoge
Tierney Thoms Burges Brien
Tierney Thos Knockane Keating
Tobin Edmd Ballynomasna
Tobin Jas Knockane Puttoge
Tobin Jas Knockane Puttoge
Tobin John Curraughcloney
Tobin John Parkaderreen
Tobin Thos Poulavalla
Wall Edmd Scart beg
Wall Ellen Garranne
Wall John Ballylaffin
Wall John Kilcoran
Wall Michl Drumlummin
Wall Patk Burges Beere
Wall Phillip Burges Beere
Walsh John Drumlummin
Walsh Michl Manghra
Walsh Pierce Drumlummin
Walsh Richd Kilcoran
Walsh Stephen Ballynomasna
Wash Pierce Ballynomasna
Waterpark Lord Ballyhohan
Waterpark Lord Ballynomasna
Waterpark Lord Burges Brien
Waterpark Lord Tubbrid
Watt James Burges Beere
Whea Willm Clogheenafishogue
Whelan Dennis Burges Beere
Whelan John Burges Beere
Whelan Laurence Burges Beere
Whelan Michl Burges Ross
Whelan Thomas Burges Beere
Whelan Thomas Burges Beere
White Jas Kilcoran?
White John Kilcoran?
White John Kilcoran?
White Wm Manghra
Williams Jas Munro


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