Tipperary Civil Parish
Clanwilliam Barony

Tipperary Poor Law Union

Surname Index by Surname

G=each occurrence in the Griffith's Valuation, 1851
T=only an occurrence in Tithe Applotmment Book (not counted), 1828

Surname GV Tithes
Acheson G
Acry G
Adams G3 T
Ahern T
Airey G
Allen G2 T
Archdall G
Arkins G
Armstrong G T
Bagnall T
Bannon G
Barrgry G3 T
Barron G4
Barry G8 T
Beckley G
Begley G
Benson G
Bercory G
Bergin G
Birrane G3
Black G
Bolan G
Boland G3
Bolton G
Bowes G4
Bradshaw G12 T
Breen G3 T
Brien G6
Broderick G
Brown T
Bryan G T
Buckley G3
Bunbury G
Burke G22 T
Burns G3 T
Butler G6
Byrne G4 T
Caffrey G2
Cahill G4
Callaghan G2
Campbell G2
Carew G T
Carey G4 T
Carmody G T
Carroll G13 T
Cart G
Carty G2 T
Casey G
Clancy G
Cleary G5
Clifford T
Coffee T
Coghlan G3
Coleman G
Collins G8 T
Coman G
Condon G6
Connell G4
Connery G
Connor G T
Connors G8 T
Conway G T
Cooke G
Cooney G5
Corcoran G4
Costelloe G3
Cotter G2
Craddock G
Cranley G
Crawley G2
Croagh G2
Cronin G2
Cross G3
Crotty T
Crowley G3
Cuddy G
Cummins G6 T
Cunningham G3 T
Curtin T
Dalton G7 T
Daly G2
Darcy G
Dargan G
Davis G T
Dee G2
Delany G4 T
Devereaux G3
Dickson G
Dillon G3
Dobbin G
Doherty G7
Donarty G
Donohoe G
Donovan G
Dooley G
Dowdall G T
Dowdell G T
Dowling G
Downey G3
Driscoll G
Duan G
Duggan G3 T
Dunbar G
Dundon G2
Dunne G3
Dunsworth G
Dwan G T
Dwyer G19 T
Egan G T
Ellard G
Elligott G T
England G
English G6
Evans G3 T
Fahy G6
Fannin G
Farrell G
Ferguson G
Ferris G
Finn G2 T
Fitzgerald G4 T
Flaherty G2
Flanagan G
Flinn G2
Flynn G2
Foley T
Fraher G2
Franklin G
Frewen G2
Gains G
Garvey G6 T
Gillis G
Givens G
Glary G
Glasheen T
Gleeson G2
Godfrey G5 T
Gooly G
Gorman G
Grady G2
Grange G
Grange G
Grant G4 T
Greene G
Gubbins G
Guerin G3
Guinan G3
Hall G3 T
Hanly G5 T
Hannon G2
Harding G
Harcourt G
Harney G2 T
Harrigan G T
Harrington G
Hartigan G
Hayes G26 T
Hartnett G2
Healy G3 T
Heelan T
Heffernan G11
Henness;y G3
Howard T
Hewetson G2 T
Hewson G4 T
Hickey G2
Hoar G
Hogan G12 T
Holway G2
Honan G2
Hoolahan G2
Hoops T
Hourigan G2
Howard G4
Hunt G
Hurley G2
Hussey G
Hutchins G
Irwin T
Jackson T
Jennings G2
Jones G
Joy G
Keane G3
Keaney G
Keating G
Kelly G5
Kennedy G7 T
Keogh G2
Kiely G
Kirby G3 T
Lacey G T
Lacy G T
Laherty G
Lahy G2 T
Lamphier G T
Landers G
Landon G
Lawlor G
Leahy G3 T
Lillis G
Lonergan G6 T
Long G2
Loughnan G3
Loughnane G
Lowe G
Luby G2
Luddy G2
Lysagh G
M'Carthy G
M'Cormack G
M'Creat G
M'Dermott G2
M'Grath G6
M'Sweeny G
Mackey G2 T
Madden G5 T
Maddock G
Maglynn G
Magrath G5
Maher G6 T
Mahony G2
Malone G
Mansergh G
Martin G2 T
Mason G
Massy T
Meany G
Meehan G2
Mockler G
Molloy G2
Moloney G6 T
Molony G7 T
Moore G2 T
Morgan G
Morrissy G4
Mulcahy G5
Mullally G
Murnane G2 T
Murphy G3
Murray G
Myers G2
O'Brien G25 T
O'Dell T
O'Donnell G3 T
O'Leary G
O'Meara G
O'Rourke G
Osborne G
Persse T
Peters T
Pickham G
Pierce G
Pigott G2
Pillion G
Platt G
Power G5 T
Prendergast G2
Price G
Quillinan G3 T
Quilt G
Quinlan G6 T
Quinn G4
Quirk G2
Quirke G
Raby G
Rahilly G2
Rea T
Reardon G5 T
Regan G2
Reilly G
Rennik G
Riordan G T
Robbins   T
Robinson G2 T
Roche G
Roe G T
Ronan G3
Rowan G
Russell G
Ryall G
Ryan G57 T
Sadlier G5 T
St. John G
Sampson G
Sargent G3
Scully G2 T
Sexton G2
Shanahan G2
Shaughnessy G T
Shea G T
Sheehy G
Shinkvin G
Slaron T
Slattery T
Sloane G
Smith G
Smithwick G2 T
Sooly T
Spillaun G
Stack G2
Stark G
Stewart G T
Stokes G
Stritch G
Sullivan G
Sweeny G2
Tarrant G2
Tierney T
Tobin G2 T
Tracey G
Train T
Treehy G3 T
Wade G
Walsh G13 T
Whelan G4
White G
Wilkinson G3 T
Wilson G
Woods G2 T
Wright G
Young G


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