Tipperary RC Parish
Marriages Feb 11, 1793 to May 20 1809               
pos 2495
Date Surname First Bride Surname Bride First Witness Witness
13-Nov Corvy? Owen (Aeven) Connors Mary (Maria) Michael Birrane
18-Apr Noonan Cornelius Meagher Mary (Maria) John Ryan Julia Connos
3-Jul Minihane David Connors ?? ink (Dionisius) Connell Margaret Connors
1808 gap in records from 1794-1807
23-Aug Connors (Jacobus) James Casey Judith Winifrida Ryan Jacobus Casey
Feb Connors Thomas Ryan Maria Jacobus Connors Demitorios Murphy
12-Feb Flanigan Thomas Brien Ellen Dennis Loughnan Honora Brien
13-Feb Shelly Patrick Connors Judy Timothy Connor Thomas Butler
21-Feb Connor Michael Ryan Julia Edmond Croneen Catherine Ryan
24-Feb Ryan Timothy Connors Bridget Mary Connors Ellen Burke
25-Feb Connors James Collins Judy Patrick Connors Elizabeth Connors
11-Jun Connors Patrick Keeffe Catherine Richard Norris Ellen Keeffe
28-Jan Guilhooly James Brien Bridget Thomas Guilhooly James Brien
11-Feb Connors John Brien Margaret Morgan Brien Thomas Glasheen
27-Sep Flanagan John Ghilhooly Mary Edmond Flanagan James Flanagan
7-Oct Neill Thomas Flanigan Mary John Keogh Julia Lonergan
22-Nov Connor  William Smith Anna Patrick Bowes Thomas Hall
29-Apr Birrane Thadeus Connors Alice John Connors Edmond Brien
14-Nov Couney John Manahan Honora Mathew O'Brien Mary Couney alias Connors
13-Sep Connors Jeremiah Callahane Bridget Mary Hewell John Callahan
17-Nov Connors Laurence Brett Catherine Michael Yard Alexander Moore
8-Jan Connors William Cummins Bridget John Cummins Michael Connors
7-Feb Connors John Baker Maria Michael Lowry Michael Ryan
24-Jan Quilty John Connors Maria Margaret Quillinan Catherine Fitzgerald
2-Jan Connor Thomas Sweeny Ann Cornelius Heffernan Elizabeth Dwyer
12-Jul Carey? John Connors Mary William Brien Michael Yard
21-Jul Collins John Connors Eleanor James Heffernan Timothy Collins
5-Oct Connor Jeremiah Roche Susan David Bradshaw Julia Corbett
20-Oct Ryan Dennis Connors Sara Timothy Connors Mary Connors
14-Feb Connors Thomas McKew Judy Martin Cummins Eleanor Heffernan
19-Oct Flannigan Michael Osborn Cath. John McCarthy Elizabeth Yard
11-Nov Connors Philip Ryan Catherine John Connors Mary Ryan
27-Jan Cronin Thomas Lowry Mary William Connors Mary Triggs
6-Feb Connors William Brien Mary Demetrius Brien Machael Yard
17-Jun Dunn James Butler Ann Mary Flanigan Ann Ryan
8-Aug Nolan Andrew Connors Margaret William Brien Michael Yard
27-Aug O'Brien Polagius Connors Judy Michael Yard Hanora Connors
17-Jan Kelly Martin Connors Margaret Richard? Kelly Joan Connors
6-Mar Quillty John Connors Eleanor William Casey/Carey? Mary Ryan
2-Feb Moore Thomas Connors Catherine Timothy Connors John Moore
29-Jun Keane Maurice Connors Honora Michael Yard Bridget Connors
12-Jul Ryan Daniel Connors Mary Michael Connors John Dwyer
23-Aug Burke Thomas Doorty Catherine John Connors Hanora Connors
12-Sep Neagle Gerald Connors Margaret Michael Connors Michael Yard
5-Oct Connors John Hayes Honora Michael Kirwan Mary Finn
24-Jan Brien John Gilhooly Sarah Michael Croagh Thos Sheehy
Jan 21 Connors Thos Brien Bridget Patrick Connors Bridget Brien
10-Apr Connors John Fahy Mary James Fahy William Quillinan
18-Apr Connors Thomas Leary Mary James Hogan Anne Free
1827 NOTE:  Patrick Meagher, Parish Priest, Tipperary 1827
24-Feb Gruin? John Connors Elenor William Connors Michael Yard
18-Jun Connors Timothy Flanigan Mary Ellen Flanagan Michael Yard
6-Oct Quillinan Michael Connors Ellen Denis Frawly? Mary Corcoran
9-Oct Neil Patrick Ellard Mary Michael Ellard Catherine Connors
27-Nov Ryan, servant Patrick Connors Biddy John Walsh Mary? Connors
22-Feb Kennedy, butcher Wm Connors Joan Michael Quinlan Alice Connors
4-Feb Campbell James Connors Catherine William Connors Michael Yard
Feb-30 Ryan John Gilhooly Catherine John Boland Catherine Thompson
29-Jan Barron, smith Paddy Connors Joan Michael Connors John Barron
10-Feb Daly,  Clonbeg Cornelius Connors Norry Patrick Daly ?? Ryan
15-Feb Gooly William Godfrey Julia May Ryan Michael Yard
8-Oct Kelly, butcher Edmond? Connors Dorothea Mathew Shanahan Honora Connors
11-Feb Phelan Edmond Carew Ellen Denis Carew Wm Connors
25-Feb Connors, butcher Patrick Brown Joan Michael Yard Patk Connors, Alice Connors
26-Feb Connors James Hayes Mary ? Dey Maurice Hayes
30-Apr English, faller? Mathew Connors Rachel John England John Collins, Ellen Quigly
23-Jan Connors Mich'l Sweeny? Eliza Jas. Bun---? Elizabeth Connors
23-Jan Gooly Phillip Hastings Alice Wm Fox Ml? Breen
27-Jan Eligot Stephen Slattery Mary John Dwyer Ellen Flanigan
12-Feb Hayden James Dillon Joanna Daniel Connors Ellen Hennessy
19-Feb Slattery Thomas Lynch Mary John Lowry Denis Lowry, Mary Connors
15-Jun Doorty, brocye? maker Jno Connors Ellen Phillip Connors Catherine Doorty
28-Nov Daly George Flanagan Joanna Daniel Daly John Flanagan, Anne Kelly
can't read some at end of year
otherwise, none
9-Jan Connors Thomas Healy Catherine Michael Sweeny? Mathew Finn, Mary Carew
3-Mar Ryan Wm Connors Honora Edmond Lalor Johanna Connors
25-Jul Connors, butcher Patrick Hansen? Margaret Edmond Connors Joanna Cooneen
15-Feb Connors Timothy Dea/Dia Joanna Wm Dea/Dia Honora Derrick
16-Feb Ryan no name given Connors Ellen Wm Lowry Phillip Ryan, Catherine Lynch
6-Feb Loagh William Gilhooly Jane James Gilhooly Michael Gilhooly
6-Feb Ryan Patrick Foley Ellen Thomas Flanagan Margret Ryan
23-Apr Dwyer Patrick Connors Hanna Daniel Molony Mary Connors
14-May Connors John Sullivan Honora Connor Sullivan Bridget Sullivan
22-May Swyny Charles O'Donnell Mary Michael Swyny Mary Connors
22-Sep Devereaux Patrick Connors Ellen Jeremiah Magrath Winifred Connors
6-Nov Jones William Dwyer Hillary Michael Carew Margret Connors
20-Feb Connors Darby Quan Bridget William Page? Hillary? Quan
24-Feb Flanagan Thomas Brien Catherine Patrick Flanagan Joanna Phelan
3-Aug Reidy Michael Connors Honora Michael Ryan Joanna Doherty
4-Oct Ryan John Doherty Catherine John Doherty Ellen Connors
14-Nov Dwyer Mathew Connors Mary John Cunningham Mary Connors
1-Dec Mulcahy Edmond Connors Joanna John Doherty Ellen Brohan
3-Feb Connors Patrick Hurly Joanna Michael Donovan Margret Kearney
12-Feb Clary Rody Connors Mary Thomas Rankins M Lawley?
30-Nov Cushen Laurence Gilhooly Mary Mathew Finn Sarah Corsack??
25-Feb Connors Thomas Croake Ellen Patrick Connors Mary Connors
3-Mar Cronan William Casey Ellen John Cronan Margret Gilhooly
2-May McGann John Newly? Margaret Rowby? McGann Mary Connors
9-May Crotty William Connors Mary Michael Connors Margret Honan
31-Jan Connors John Mason Mary Denis Cushin Honora Connors
9-Feb Quillinan Patrick Gillooly Margret James Quillinan Anne Glasheen
stopped at September