Research from Tipperary RC parish registers filmed by the National Library of Ireland
for surnames:  Connors/O'Connor, Flanagan/Flanigan, Gilhooly (many spellings)
-includes were names were found as parents and/or sponsors



Tipperary RC Parish
POS 2496 Bapt Jan 1849-Dec 28, 1868 Notes:  Ink across page for July 29, 1849 to Aug 9th
Date Surname First Father Mother Surname Mother First Sponsor 1 Sponsor 2
11-Feb Ryan John Patrick Connors Bridget Edmond Bourke Mary Ryan
20-Feb Quillinan Edmond Michael Connors Ellen George Bridg?? Mary Connors
26-Feb Gooley Sarah Philip Hastings Ally John Gooley Joanna Hastings
16-Mar Brien Mary William Crowley Mary Richard Connors Cloey Crowley
29-Mar Madden Mary Patrick Coughlan Joanne Martin Coughlan Catherine Flannigan
2-Apr Ryan Jer Jer Hogan Mary Mary Connors
22-Apr Keough William Edward Connors Grace Pat O'Connor Mary Crowley
19-May Bigley John John Connors Bridget Stephen Walsh Anne Burke
6-Jun Shetly? Johanna John Lowry Margaret Margaret Flannagan
17-Jun Gealy? Johanna John Bryan? Mary John Gealy? Alicia Connors
25-Jul Kelly Edmond William Connors Hanora John Noonan? Mary? Noonan?
6-Aug ?? Grace ?? Connors Bridget ?? Fitzpatrick ??
6-Aug Shaughnessey Timothy Timothy Connors Bridget ?? ??
21-Sep Dillon Michael Edmond O'Connor Eliza Eliza Jennings Mary Dillon
1-Sep Quan/Green? Mary John G/Callaher Anne Catharine Connors
9-Oct Kelly Edmond Catharine Connors Hanora? William Connors Johanna McCormack
POS 2495
2-Jan Loury Edmondus Joanne Connors Maria Michael Ryan Margarite Lysaght
7-Mar Kinglely Maria Dimetrio Connors Maria Michael Roche Ellena Ryan
14-Mar Cronin Thomas Patrick Connors Anastasia Joannes Burke Bridget Brien
3-Apr Cowent? Jacobus Joanne Lawlor Maria Joanne Lonergan Elizabeth Connors
8-Apr Dixon Richard Michael Maron? Elizabeth Thoms Ghilhooly Winifred Dunn?
26-Apr Cart? Margaret Michael Connors Bridget Patrick Ryan Eliza Reardon
10-May Stritch Joaninoria? Richard Ryan Ellen Julia Connors
18-May Mara Joannesia Maurice Connors Cath. Michael Downy Maria Lonergan
28-May Croneen Ellen Edmond Connors Judith Jacobus Molony Anne Barry
3-Jun Connors Patrick Guilelimo Carroll Judith George Osborn Margaret Connors
23-Sep Dillon Alice Martin Crow Margaret Malachy Donovan Sara Guilhooly
17-Oct Connor  Gulielonus Michael Shanehan Cath. Michael Heffernan Ellen Foley
20-Oct Connor Michael Michael Molony Cath. Mary Wyze
19-Nov Flanigan James John Hingston Maria Gulielmus Hickey Elizabeth Collins
25-Nov Flanagan Mary Thomas Brien Ellen Michael Benehen Ellen Hayes
28-Nov Connors Bridget John Connell Mary Patrick Cahill Margaret Boland
3-Dec Doorty Ellen Edmond Looby Margaret Edmond Dwyer Alice Connors
3-Dec Neill Catherine William Connors Margaret Joannes Neill Mary Cantwell
10-Dec Connors Bridget Edmond Delane Mary Gulielmus Brien Mary Hayes
20-Dec Meehan Margaret Carolo Connors Mary Dronisius Gooly Mary Lamphin
21-Dec Connors Joannes  Michael Ryan Julia Jacobus Cronin Judy Dwyer
27-Jan Brian Gulielmo Brian English Catherine Joannes Gallagher Mary Burke
14-Feb Connor Ellen Patrick McNamarra Bridget Robert Torte/Foster? Elizabeth Johnson
1-Mar Ryan Mary Timothy Connors Bridget Joannes Dwyer Bridget Callahame
2-Apr Burke Patrick Thomas Clebon? Mary Patrick Connors Sara Meagher
12-Apr Leo John John Connors Bridget Francis Kelly Margaret Murphy
23-May Buckly James Mohn Godfrey Julia James Buckly Margaret Connors
27-May Connor Patrick Lawrence Croagh Mary Jeremia Phelan Ellen Sadleir
15-Jun Connors James James Casey ? Edmond O'Donnell Catherine Lamphier
15-Jun Connors John James Casey ? James Brennan Catherine Casey
30-Jun Dwyer Margaret Martin Connell Julia Martin English Anna Flanagan
16-Jul Gane Mary William Heffernan Mary Margaret Connor
5-Aug Dwyer Anna Michael Dwyer Margaret Edmond Dwyer
27-Sep Cronin Ellen Patrick Connor  Margaret James Roche Mary Quirke
27-Sep Connors Catherine Michael Dwyer Johanna? Catherine Reardon
30-Sep Lowry William John Connors Mary John Connors Mary Lowry
6-Oct Davern Michael Thomas Nowlan Elizabeth John Gallaher Elizabeth Myham?
14-Dec Connors Timothy Patrick Kent Mary? Mathew Ryan Alice Hogan
25-Dec Heffernan Michael Michael Heffernan Julia Michael McCaffrey Rathel Connors
27-Dec Connors Patrick Patrick Keeffe Cath. Mary Wyse
11-Mar Connors Ellen John Cuny? Mary Thomas Prendergast Julia Heffernan
2-Apr Ryan Margaret Timothy Connors Bridget John Heffernan Catherine Bradshaw
13-Apr Gouldane? Catherine Lawrence Connor  Catherine Thomas Kielly Judith Hogan
23-Apr Daly William Thomas Hanrahan Johanna Jeremia Downes Margaret Connors
26-Apr Glasheen Catherine Richard Brien  Catherine James Gilhooly Catherine Glasheen
19-Jun Feons Thomas Timothy Guilhooly Alice Thomas Guilhooly Mary Mosten?
22-Jun Collins Ellen David Casigny? Catherine John Collins Mary Connors
19-Jul Flanagan John James Carey Elizabeth Timothy Guihcon? Maria Carey
4-Aug Fennell Thomas Thomas Flanagan Bridget James Dwyer Catherine Carey
7-Aug Connors Patrick Michael Shanahan Catherine James Foley Judy w/Houk
17-Aug Quillinan Maria Carolo Loughenan Maria James Dunn? Ellen Quinlan
23-Sep Flanagan Catherine Edmonds Burke Anne John Conolly Lucinda Conolly
8-Oct O'Connor Thomas Michael Ryan Julia James Roche Mary Lowry
21-Oct Gilhooly James James Dwyer Mary Mary Ryan
3-Nov Connors Ellen Dennis O'Donnell Mary James Hayes Alice Hanley
9-Dec Kinglety Judy Dennis Connors Mary Thomas Kennedy Catherine Connors
28-Jan Myhanect Patrick William Kane Ellen John Cuony Judy Connors
2-Feb Mara Bridget Maurice Connor Catherine James Power Ellen Lawlor
18-Mar Honora Ryan Edmond Hennessey Maria James Connor Honora Keilly
29-Mar Margaret Gilhooly James Brien Bridget William (Dennis) Brien Ellen Brien
7-Apr Timothy Burke John Connor Judy Dennis Bowes Bridget Regan
13-Apr Catherine Power John Lalor Mary John Connors Mary Gordan
17-Apr Margaret Slattery Thomas Connors Bridget Maurice Slattery Judith Slattery
6-May Catherine Cart Michael Connors Bridget Bartholomew Coffee Mary Hogan
7-May Mary Bowler George Mara Judy John Connor  Honora Foley
15-May John Quin Edmond Connors Judy Michael Ryan Maria Morrissey
15-May John Croneen Edmond Connors Judy Michael Ryan Margaret Morrissey
31-May Elizabeth Meehan Charles Connor Mary William Farrell Julia Johnson
17-Aug Bridget Welsh Patrick Brien Mary Thomas Gilhooly Anna Hynes
3-Sep Grace Connor William Quillinan Margaret John Fitzgerald Anne Finn
10-Sep Jeremiah Connors Patrick McNamarra Bridget Donald Lonergan Mary Donovan
28-Sep Mary Flanagan Edmond Burke Anne Patrick Quillinan Bridget Hogan
13-Oct James Lowry John Fannin Mary Michael Lowry Mary Connors
15-Oct Mary Connors James Casey Judy John Casey Mary Brennan
28-Oct Catherine (Spuria) Ferns William Connors Margaret Elizabeth Broderick
11-Nov Mary Flaherty Edward Connors Ellen Dennis Cunningham Mary Marnane
15-Nov Judy Hanly Timothy Connors Judy Patrick Ryan Judy Donaher
18-Nov Bridget Conway Cornelius Allen Mary John Slattery Ann Flanagan
22-Dec Bridget Ryan Michael Barry Anne John Connors Ellen Casey
24-Dec Ellen Dormet David Morrissey Mary Bridget Connors
30-Dec Catherine Loughman Cornelius Burke Maria Bridget Connors
17-Jan James Tobin John Heffernan Margaret Demetrius Brien Ellen Connors
31-Jan James Dauton/Danton Martin Horr Judy William Connor Mary Davern
14-Feb Thomas Connors Michael Shanahan Catherine William Welsh Mary Stack
16-Feb Mary Connors William Smith Anna Thomas Wall Ellen Sheehy
28-Feb James Magrath Patrick Heffernan Mary Deniel Lonergan Margaret Connors
1-Mar Margaret Connors Lawrence Ryan Margaret Roger Birrane Mary Ryan
4-Mar Ellen Neill William Connors Margaret John Birrane Jean Connors
26-Mar Catherine Flanigan John Gilhooly Mary Michael Flanigan Ellen Flanigan
12-Apr Patrick Connor  John Hennessey Ellena Jeremiah Hogan Ann Heffernan
10-Apr Patrick Ryan Michael Dwyer Mary John Cody Ellen Connors
22-Jun Catherine Ryan John Ryan Honora Terence Connors Julia Ryan
4-Jul Thomas Blaney James Casey Bridget James Flanigan Mary Keating
15-Jul Ellen Hinahin Connors Connors Elizabeth Michael Hogan Maria Quillinan
17-Jul Edmond Connors Edmond Delany Mary Daniel Flinn Mary Dwyer
20-Jul Patrick Connolly James Kelly Margaret William Connors Ellen Kelly
21-Jul Patrick Hennessy Patrick Keilly Honora William Connors Bridget Lacy
22-Jul Philip Ryan Timothy Connors Bridget John Slattery Mary Dumbar
26-Jul Catherine Barry John Marnane Catherine Roger Crow Mary Connor
20-Aug Michael Kelly James Farrell Mary James Connors Mary Hayes
21-Sep Patrick Connell Thomas Paddin Bridget John Flanigan Welsh
29-Sep Mary Russell John Evans Catherine Lawrence Connor Deborah Doherty
15-Oct Catherine Nonan? James Kirby Mary Edmond Ryan Judy Connors
20-Oct Margaret Lawlor John Hurly Catherine John MacCarthy Elizabeth Connors
24-Oct Ann Connors Patrick Keeffe Catherine Patrick MacDonnell Catherine Carroll
7-Nov John Hanly Timothy Connors Margaret John Hanly Ellen Hanly
14-Nov Michael Connors Patrick Fenton Mary John Finlong? Ellen Casey/Carey
26-Nov Ellen Reardon Michael Kirby Catherine Michael Connor Elizabeth Dwyer
5-Dec John Kenny John Ryan Mary William Connors Catherine Fitzgerald
6-Dec Thomas Cronin Patrick Connors Mary Daniel Heffernan July Roche
4-Jan Judy Connor Michael Dwyer Judy Richard Purdy Mary Barron
20-Jan Owen Connors Michael Connors Julia Stephen Sexton Maria Baker
8-Feb Catherine Connors Patrick Ryan Hannah James Ryan Ann Magan
20-Feb Ann Guilhooly James Brien Bridget Bartholomew Brien Judy Dwyer
9-Mar Margaret Carroll Francis Gleason Mary Thomas Connors Maria Carmody
10-Apr Michael Doherty John Connor  Bridget Jeremiah Doherty Ellen Doherty
2-May Edmond Dwyer Edmond Connors Mary Timothy Leddin Mary Leddin
25-May Thomas Flanagan John H/Kingston Ellen? Thomas Carroll Ann Sweeney
27-May Daniel Kinglely Dennis Connors Mary William Kinglely Ellen Roche
25-Jun Michael Connors John Baker Mary Michael Ryan Mary Lowry
4-Jul Timothy Lowry John Connors Mary Thomas Lowry Margaret Kennedy
10-Jul Mary Gorman Edmond Shehan Mary Michael Gorman Mary Connors
15-Jul Patrick Keogh James Connors Ellen  Henry Gillinam Bridget Keogh
18-Jul Bridget Connors Patrick MacNamarra Mary Edmond Heffernan Mary Burke
21-Jul James Mara Martin Connors Catherine William Grant Judy  Power
4-Aug James Connors William Smith Hannah William Lock Elizabeth Smith
6-Aug Elizabeth Flaherty Edward Connors Ellen Daniel Spane Mary Connors
4-Sep Edmond Connors John Crosby? Mary William Brien Catherine Donly
23-Nov Michael Hayes Cornelius Hanly Mary William Heffernan Margaret Connor
27-Dec John Magrath John Drue Mary John Coffee Mary Connors
31-Dec Maria Connors Michael Shanahan Catherine William Bloom Mary Mahony
6-Feb Judy Connors Richard Donnell Mary John Lowry Joan Carey
1-Apr Mary Connor  William Cummins Bridget William English Joan Hewit
2-Apr Elenora Flanigan John Ghilhooly Mary Cornelius Ryan Elenora Ghilhooly
18-May William Monahan Patrick Connors Elizabeth Michael Callahan Judith Dwyer
21-Jun Margaret Connors William Byron Mary William Welsh Catherine Hayes
25-Jul Patrick Woods Edward Brien Winifred Edmond Connors Honora Barrington
11-Aug Mary Carthy Michael Connors Bridget James Kelly Margaret McCarthy
28-Aug Patrick Cofee James Burke Mary Michael Connors Judith Dwyer
30-Aug Julia Carey Michael Hogan Ann Bryon Connors Sara Carey
31-Aug Thomas Meighan Charles Connors Mary Michael Fitzpatrick Ann Fitzpatrick
28-Sep Judy Duggan Daniel Corboy Margaret William Barron Margaret Connors
6-Oct Ann Ryan Michael Byrn Mary Philip Connor Margaret Cody
20-Oct Judy Magrath Patrick Heffernan Mary David Carey Bridget Connor
9-Nov Mary Dwyer James Byrn Ann Thomas Hayes Mary Connors
4-Dec Edmond Quilty John Connors Mary William Slattery Catherine Fitzgerald
8-Dec John MacMahon Thomas Dwyer Mary William Flanagan Mary McMahon
28-Dec William Neill William Connors Margaret Michael Connors Hesther Cuishin
12-Jan Thomas Connors Edmond Delany Mary Michael Yard Joan Evans
19-Jan James Lellis James Connors Leonora Honora Morgan
28-Feb Catherine Connors Michael Shanahan Catherine Thomas Sheehy Mary Bradshaw
4-Mar John Connors James Casey Judith Patrick Calahane Eleonora Cleary
10-Mar Daniel Connors John Hennessy Eleanor Mary MacNamarra  
15-Mar Samuel? Curran John Smith Elizabeth Hannah Connors
9-May Mary Flannigan John Heuston Mary Michael Burke Judith Donavin
11-May John Flannagan Edmond Burke Ann William Burke Ann Kelly
5-Jun Catharine Connors Lawrence Ryan Mary Michael Ryan Mary Shea
29-Jun John Begly Dennis Downey Margaret James Doherty Sara Ghilhooly
3-Jul Mary Donovan William Ryan Winifred Daniel Kinnane Margaret Connors
5-Jul Daniel Harrington Patrick Hayes Catherine Terrence Fleming Margaret Connors
12-Jul Anna Daly Thomas Joan McClure Eugene Gallaher Sara Ghilhooly
3-Aug Elenor Flemming William Connors Honora Patrick Quillinan Bridget Connors
7-Aug Thomas Connors John Baker Mary John Ryan Honora Ryan
13-Aug Mary Mulcahy Thomas Brennan Honora John Connor Joan Carey
24-Aug Honora Duggan Patrick Dwyer Catherine Daniel Connors Eleonora Connors
26-Sep John Connors John Cusack Bridget Timothy Gheehane Bridget Ryan
28-Nov Mary Delapp Robert Mara Judith Edmond Flanigan Mary Grady
12-Dec Margaret Connors William Cummins? Bridget Michael Connors Margaret Connors
22-Dec William Flanagan Timothy Bora? Catherine John Moore Judith Moore
11-Feb Hugh Connor William Smyth? Hannah Richard Dalton Elizabeth Crawford
20-Feb John Ryan Timothy Connors Bridget William Donohoe Bridget Cummins
26-Feb Edmond Flaherty Edmond Connors Eleanor James Heffernan Judy Heffernan
20-Mar John Foster Robert Darony? Mary Edmond Hiffernan Margaret Connors
7-Apr John Burke John Blake Eleanor William Elliot Mary Connors
19-Jul Mary Connors Michael Shanahan Catharine Mathew Shanahan Elenor Tuomy
22-Aug Elizabeth Mara Maurice Connors Catharine William Lonergan Catherine Mulcahy?
23-Aug Maria Dwyer James Keyes? Mary Edmond Smith Margaret Connors
24-Aug Bridget Connors Michael Ryan Julia Kermot? Brien Judy Doran
30-Aug James Cummins William Connors Eleanor Maurice Brien Alice Dwyer
15-Sep Michael Connors Dennis Donnell Mary William Mullany Eleanor Donnell
5-Oct Margaret Lyons James Connors Eleanor Patrick Brien Judy Carroll
10-Oct Michael Ryan James Connors Bridget William Cormick Margaret Honan
25-Nov William Connors Jeremiah Callahan Bridget John Corcoran Bridget Burke
14-Dec Harriet Flannigan John Gilhooly Mary Patrick Morrony Margaret Connors
15-Dec Michael Brien John Quillinan Mary James Molony Mary Connors
2-Jan John Connors John Baker Maria Edmond Connors Eleonor Keeffe
24-Jan Robert Free? Richard Molony Sara Terence Connor Margaret Molony
2-Feb Patrick Cronin Patrick Connors Maria Michael Cronin Mary Cronin
6-Feb Bridget Doherty Michael Connell Catherine Michael Quillinan Margaret Power
19-Feb Margaret Connors William Smyth Hannah Laurence Scanlan Mary Brien
8-Mar Thomas Gilhooly James Brien Bridget Richard Glasheen Julia Brien
27-Mar John Connors William Barron Mary Anna Quinn
28-Mar Margaret Harty James Dunn Honora Edmond Connors Margaret Shea
6-Jun Ann Lyons William Harrison Anne Edmond Flanagan Winifred Hayes
6-Jul Catherine Connors Thomas Sweeny Honora James Hogan Mary Connors
11-Jul Eleanor Roche James Frier Catherine Honora Connors
14-Aug Mary Donoher Philip Hickey Cath. John Russel Eleanor Connors
26-Aug John Conway Cornelius Konan Mary John Ryan Alice Connors
17-Oct Eleanor Connors Patrick McNamarra Bridget James Connors Catherine Burke
28-Oct Catherine Casey Maurice Ryan Margaret James Guilhooly Mary Ryan
5-Nov Patrick Connell Michael Madden Bridget John Connors Anastasia Heereon?
13-Nov William Rogan Michael Flyn Judy James Croake Sara Guilhooly
24-Nov Michael Connors William Cummins Bridget William Bradshaw Mary Hogan
26-Dec Margaret Cummins James Woods Bridget Maurice Farhan? Bridget Connor
23-Jan Timothy Shanahan Timothy Campbell Elizabeth Daniel Hogan Catherine Connors
28-Jan Hannah Dillin Martin Crow Margaret James Crow Bridget Connors
1-Feb William Lysaght James Donnell Maria Michael Godfrey Mary Connors
11-Feb Ann Connor John Wolfe Bridget Michael Finn Mary Hanrahan
26-Feb Margaret Connors Thomas McKew Judy Edmond Heffernan Judy Cummins
12-Mar Sarah Carey Michael Short Margaret John Carey Mary Connors
14-Mar Edmond Ryan Patrick Dwyer Judy Edmond Magrath Mary Connors
13-Apr Eleanor Connors Thomas Magrath Honora Michael Lowry Margaret Neill
27-Apr John O'Connor Michael Fitzgerald Susan William Brien Maria Ryan
May Mary Fogarty William Connors Bridget Bridget Frihy?
6-May James Fitzgerald James Reardon Cath. William Connors Joan Lonergan
1-Jun Mary Connors Patrick Keeffe Catherine Thomas Connell Lenora Keeffe
26-Jun Bridget Ryan Patrick Dwyer Maria Bridget Connors
28-Jun William Barron William Coonan Marg. William Quan Judy Connors
10-Aug Mary Connors William Bourke Honora Thomas Neill Ann Dwyer
25-Aug John Connors Jeremiah Callahan Bridget John Burke Mary Cummins
6-Sep Bridget Busk? James Meagher Catherine Daniel Haly Margaret Connors
12-Sep William Connors Philip Ryan Catherine Michael Kerby Mary Ryan
20-Sep Michael Flannigan Michael Osborn Cath. Jeremiah McCarthy Eleanor Osborne
18-Oct Thomas Connors John Brien Margaret Mary Connors
26-Oct Philip Ryan William English Catherine James McCarthy Honora Connors
1-Nov Catherine Quinlan Patrick Keilly Mary Dennis Fahy Mary Connors
25-Nov James Connor James Reardan Mary Dennis Ryan Mary Darcy
10-Dec Judy Joy Thomas Gesi-----? Alice Thomas Joy, Junior Judy Connors
17-Dec William Connors Michael Shanahan Cath. Michael Quillinan Bridget Cummins
30-Jan Alice Burke John Brian Hanora John Brien Alice Connors
25-Mar Edmond Flanigan John Gilhooly Mary Edmond Flanigan Mary Burk
7-Apr Michael Connors James Cormack Maria William McClure Catherine Norris
9-Apr Patrick Myres Michael Daley Mary Honora Connors
14-Apr Margaret Connors David Coleman Cath. Patrick Coughlin Maria Neill
16-May John Collins John Connors Bridget Edmond Dwyer Winifred Godfry
16-May James Ryan James Connors Bridget Thomas Sheehy Margaret Fitzgerald
23-May Thomas Connors James Baker Mary John Lowry Bridget Donovan
27-May Timothy Connors John Smith Hannah Timothy Quinlan Mary Connors
2-Jun William Burke William Ryan Bridget William Ryan Mary Flanigan
7-Jun Mary Grant John Hayes Margaret William Grant Bridget Connors
9-Jul Judy Downy Michael Morgan Margaret Jeremiah Connors Judy Heffernan
10-Jul Eleanor Connors William Burke  Honora Edmond Burke Mary Neill
12-Jul Eleanor Ryan Martin Dealy Mary John Ward Mary Connors
18-Jul John Collins John Halfpenny Margaret Timothy Madden Margaret Connors
19-Jul Joseph Meara Maurice Connors Catherine John Burke Mary Lonergan
14-Aug Alice Connors William Cummins Bridget James Cummins Honora Connors
28-Aug Mary Connors Michael Ryan Elizabeth Philip Ryan Mary Mulcahy
2-Sep John Connors William Brien Mary Thadeus Ryan Catherine Condon
23-Sep Judy Brown Michael Sexton Judy Andrew? Connor Ann Fitzgerald
19-Oct Honora Connors Jeremiah Roche Susan Thomas Connors Ann Sheppard
8-Nov John Brien Edmond Flemming Judy John Carey Judy Connors
13-Nov Martin Connors Thomas Sweeny Ann John Sweeny Ann Ryan
21-Nov Mary Cellis? James Connors Peonora Joan Evans
5-Dec Honora Flanigan John Hinastone? Mary Edmond Reardon Margaret Whelan
12-Dec Eleanor Carthy Daniel Mulcahy Eleanor Timothy Connors Mary Keane
17-Feb Thomas Connors John Barry Margaret James McNamarra Mary Reilly
28-Feb John Gilhooly James Brien Bridget Thadeus Hennessy Catherine Glashine
4-Mar Bridget Gorman Donald? Shanahan Mary John Connors Catherine Hickey
17-Mar Patrick Ryan Timothy Doorty? Mary John Godfrey Honora Connors
2-Apr Catherine Kelly Martin Connors Mary James Hallihan Catherine Cuony/Ceony?
4-Apr Mary Lowry John Connors Mary Mary Lynch
12-Apr John Kinglely Jeremiah Connors Mary Michael Roche Joan Casey
17-Apr Thomas Fitzgerald John Burke Bridget John Connor  Mary English
19-Apr Edmond Flanigan Michael Osborn Cath. James Flanigan Eleanor Flanigan
5-May Ellen Devereaux Thomas Connors Honora John Casey Margaret Devereux
8-May William Connors Jeremiah Calahan Bridget Thomas Lowry Margaret O'Dell
17-May John Kelly James Mulcahy Bridget Edmund Plunkett Mary Connors
12-Jun Catherine Reardon John Donovan Ellen John Clifford Margaret Connors
4-Jul Mary Phelan Patrick Connors Mary William Parsons Bridget Reardon
6-Jul John Ryan  Patrick Walsh Mary Honora Connors
13-Jul Michael Connors Michael Shaughnessy Catherine Philip Connors Eleanor Burke
10-Aug Patrick Hartnet Michael Ryan Maria Patrick Connors Mary Ryan
5-Sep Bridget Carroll Dennis Connors Elizabeth William Connors Margaret Connors
9-Sep Mary Mulcahy John? Meehan Mary Michael Flanigan Catherine Synnot?
14-Sep Judith Prendergast William Dicky Judy Elizabeth Gilhooly
24-Oct Carolus Connors Philip Ryan Catherine James Byrne Mary Hayes
16-Nov Samuel Connors William Smith Ann Edmond Corbett Elizabeth Sparks
1-Dec John Moore Thomas Connors Catherine Daniel Duggan Judy Moore
23-Feb Thomas Brien John Ryan Mary Michael Ryan Bridget Connors
6-Mar John Crowe Patrick Woods Mary Margaret Connors
8-Mar Patrick Quillinan Henry Crowe Margaret Ellen Connors
17-Mar Patrick Downy Peter Dwyer Catherine Jeremiah Connors Eliza Fahy
9-Apr Patrick Donnors Patrick McNamarra Bridget Cornelius Heerlahy Elizabeth Hearlahy
16-Apr Catherine Cronin Edmond Connors Judy Mary Cronin
21-Apr Mathew Edge Philip McGrath Maria Philip Connors Ellen Ryan
14-May Mary Ryan James Connors Bridget Edmond Dwyer Catherine Kennedy
20-May William Keane Maurice Connors Honora Michael Connors Mary Neill
21-May Catherine Connors Jeremiah Callahan Bridget Philip Sadleir Mary Byrn
27-May Richard Fleming William Connors Honora John Donnell Judy Walsh
6-Jun Bridget Connors William Cummins Bridget Robert Bradshaw Alice Cummins
4-Jul Bridget Cahill Thomas Hogan Mary Michael Connors Elizabeth Cleary
13-Jul Margaret Morrissey Patrick Donnell Catherine Edmond Kinnane Catherine Connors
17-Aug Thomas Connors Thomas McGrath Honora William Lowry Judy Lynch
19-Aug Thomas Connors Thomas Wilkinson Catherine Laurence Keogh Elena Cummins
24-Aug Timothy Nunan John Nunan Ann Timothy Nunan Bridget Connors
14-Sep William Connors John Baker Mary John Connors Alice Farrell
16-Sep Mary Connors James Collins Joan Michael Heffernan Catherine Burke
8-Oct Ellen Fogarty William Connor  Bridget Bridget Murnane
30-Oct Elizabeth Connor  Michael Fitzpatrick Susan William Molony Ellen Dawson
5-Dec John Flanigan Edmond Bourke Ann Hugh Molony Margaret Realy?
17-Jan Catherine Devereaux Thomas Connors Honora Sarah Ronan
20-Feb William Doorty Michael Connell Catherine Michael Ryan Mary Connors
7-Apr Mary Mack Owen Cronin Mary Jeremiah Connors Bridget Cronin
14-May Patrick Dalton William Connors Catherine William Lynot Mary Reardon
24-May Thomas Ryan Daniel Connors Mary Patrick Ryan Judy Connors
7-Jun John Keogh James Connors Ellen John Ryan Julia Denaher
20-Jun James Enright James Costello Catherine Willian Quane Ellen Flanagan
13-Jul Elizabeth Kelly George Burke Mary Thomas Connors Catherine Ryan
24-Aug Ellen Flanigan John Hunston Mary James Hogan Mary Brien
10-Sep Demetrius Hogan Michael Ryan Joan Edmond Hogan Honora Connors
24-Sep Michael Connors William Brien Mary Thomas Brien Bridget Connors
28-Oct Ellen Godfry John Dwyer Maria Honora Connors
1825 only for Flanagan and Gilhooly
29-May Catherine Ghillooley James Brien Bridget Richard Glasheen Mary Cross
1826 only for Flanagan and Gilhooly
5-Jan Margaret Herr Patrick Hourigan Catherine Michael Kenna Mary Flanigan
7-Jan Maurice Halway Maurice Ryan Villana? Honora Flanigan
13-Jan Bridget Corrigan John Hayes Bridget James Hayes Margaret Gilluly
1-Feb Patrick Hamersly John Hogan Mary Denis Gooly Margaret Madden
17-Sep Henry Kearns Henry Kauvan? Frances Timothy & Catherine Connors
1828 October too faint to read
25-Aug Denis Connors Tim Flanagan Mary Richard Moby Catherine Connors
14-Sep Sarah Gilluly James Brien Bridget Fanny Wallace
1829 only for Flanagan and Gilhooly
13-Sep Stephen? Flanigan Thomas Madden Margaret Dan Ryan Catherine Lynch
16-Dec Bridget Flanagan Edmond Burke Ann John Flanagan Joanna Burke
1830 only for Flanagan and Gilhooly
none to August
30-Mar Catherine Connor Timothy Flanagan Mary Patrick Breen Mary Genan/Geran
only checked above birth
cannot read July or beginning of August due to light writing
17-Jul James Loughnane Edmund Finn Hannah James Flood Mary Gillooly
6-Oct Edmund Sinnett John Flanagan Bridget John Connell Catherine Walsh
19-Nov John Connors Timothy Flanagan Mary William Hayes Honoria Connors
1/14/1836 Ellen Connors Timothy Flanigan Mary Ellen Daly
4/29/1836 Annie Burke Michael Daly Joyce Patrick Carroll Jane Flanigan
2/28/1846 Hanoria Connors Timothy Flanagan Mary Michael Cleary Nora Walsh
12/26/1847 Thomas Connors Timothy Flanagan Mary Ellen Brian
searched 47 and 48
POS 2496 some pages so faint impossible to read, 1855, 1853, 
1849 continued
12-Nov James??  Nanno?? Connors James Ryan Margaret John & Margaret Leehy
12-Dec Michael O'Connor Edmond? Collins Mary Henry Quillinane? Bridget O'Connell
23-Dec Thomas Connors John Bourk? Mary James Lisby Catherine Clennsy?
 May 16, 1851 Laurence Connors Timothy Ryan Winifred Ellen Ryan
Sept 3, 1856 Catherine Connors Timothy Flanigan Catherine James Connors Mary Dowdall