Templeneiry Civil Parish
 Clanwilliam Barony

Tipperary Poor Law Union

Surname Index by Surname

G=each occurrence in the Griffith's Valuation, 1851
T=only an occurrence in Tithe Applotmment Book (not counted), 1825

Surname GV Tithes
Ahern G
Allen G T
Ashe G3 T
Baker G4 T
Barron G2 T
Barry G2 T
Bell G
Berrigan G
Birmingham G2 T
Birrane G
Bowes G2
Boyce G T
Bradshaw G
Brien G2 T
Browne G
Bryan T
Buckly G
Bunbury G
Burke G21 T
Burns G3
Butler G4 T
Byrne T
Byron G T
Caffrey G
Cahill G
Callagh G
Callaghan G3 T
Carey G
Carrivan G
Carroll G2 T
Carthy G2
Cavanagh G3
Chaytor G2
Clankessy T
Cleary G5 T
Clegg G2
Clifford G3 T
Clegg G2
Clifford G3 T
Collins G5 T
Condon G2
Connery G4 T
Connolly G2
Connors G11 T
Cooker G
Cooper T
Cormack G
Cox G
Creswell T
Croagh G2 T
Crowe G5
Cullinane G2
Cusack T
Cushen G T
Dalton G
Daly G3 T
Damer T
Daniel G3 T
Dawson G2
Desmond G3 T
Doherty G3 T
Donnell G2 T
Donnell G2 T
Donohoe G
Donovan G4 T
Doran G
Dorin G
Doyle G T
Dunn G
Dwyer G29 T
Fant T
Finn G
Fitzgerald T
Fleming G2 T
Flinn G T
Flynn G
Fogarty G3 T
Gannon G
Garvan G2 T
Glasheen G5 T
Godfrey G
Grant G
Greene G3 T
Grogan G12 T
Guitan G
Hallihan G2 T
Halpin G2
Hannon G2 T
Harding G
Hayes G5
Heafy G
Heffernan G T
Heland G
Hennessy G
Henry G2 T
Hickey G3 T
Hill T
Hogan G T
Honan G2 T
Hurley G T
Joyce G
Kane G
Kavanagh G T
Kean G
Kearney G
Keating G7 T
Kelly G2 T
Kennedy G5 T
Kilmartin G
Kingalty G2
Kirby G3
Lacy G
Lambert G
Landers G2 T
Leary T
Leny T
Linahan T
Lonergan G T
Loughman G
Loughnane G3 T
Luby G3
Lynahan G
Lyons G2
M'Carthy G T
M'Namara G
Maher G2 T
Mahony G
Mara G2
Martin G2
Merrigan G2
Moloney G
Moore T
Moroney G3 T
Morony G4 T
Morrissy G9 T
Mulcahy G2
Mullally G2 T
Murphy G2 T
Naughten G
Neil T
Nichol G
Nolan G3 T
Noonan G T
Nugent G
O'Brien G22 T
O'Donnell G
O'Dwyer G T
O'Neill G4 T
O'Ryan T
Peters G9 T
Phelan G3
Portarlington, Earl of G3
Power G2
Prendergast G2
Quane G
Quann G
Quinihilty T
Quinlan G3
Quirk G10 T
Quirke G4 T
Quishion T
Regan T
Roche G2 T
Ryan G40 T
Sadlier T
Sampson G
Shea G2
Sheehan G4
Sheil G4
Skehan T
Slattery G3 T
Smithwick G4 T
Stapleton G
Sweeny G
Tobin G8 T
Toole G
Turner G2
Twomy T
Wall G3 T
Wallace T
Walsh G
Wayland G
Whelan T
White G
Williams G5 T


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