Tithe Applotments

   Templedowney Civil Parish 1825


    Nenagh Poor Law Union
      Upper Ormond Barony


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Research Notes:  The Templedowney Civil Parish Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the Family History Library film #0256690 by Pat Connors.  At times the film and handwriting were hard to read and there may be some mistakes in the interpretation.  Therefore, one must not use this transcription as a source document.  One should check the film first, plus there is more information on the film having to do with the land and crops that were grown.
* Kilfelane-notes in tithes, "this is, I think, party the OS townland of Killanafinch in the Civil Parish of Kilkeary"


Surname First Number Townland
Bendon, Esq Samuel 80 Carrick Dawson
Bendon, Esq Samuel 81 Carrick Dawson
Bennet, Mrs no first name 83 Carrick Peacock
Bennet, Mrs no first name 84 Carrick Peacock
Bennet, Mrs no first name 78 Kilfelane*
Bennet, Mrs no first name 79 Kilfelane*
Bermingham Michael 39 Pallas & West Pallas
Bouran, Esq Henry 72 Cloan
Brooks Michael 47 Pallas West
Byrne Patrick 88 Carrick Mansell
Byrne Patrick 89 Carrick Mansell
Byrne Patrick 90 Carrick Mansell
Cain James 63 Garrane
Cain James 64 Garrane
Carty James 86 Carrick Mansell
Carty James 87 Carrick Mansell
Carty John 86 Carrick Mansell
Carty John 87 Carrick Mansell
Charter Robert 92 Carrick Mansell
Dawson, Sir Amyrld 82 Carrick Dawson
Delany William 16 Knockane Castle
Devany Michael 40 Pallas & West Pallas
Donahoe John 3 Knockane
Donahoe Morgan 33 Pallas & West Pallas
Donahoe Morgan 34 Pallas & West Pallas
Donahoe Roger 7 Drummon
Donahoe Roger 9 Knockane Castle
Donahoe Roger 10 Knockane Castle
Donahoe Roger 11 Knockane Castle
Donahoe Thomas 57 Garrane
Donahoe Thomas 58 Garrane
Donahoe Thomas 59 Garrane
Donahoe Thomas 60 Garrane
Donahoe Thomas 31 Pallas & West Pallas
Donahoe Thomas 32 Pallas & West Pallas
Fitzpatrick William 4 Knockane
Flanary Patrick 70 Garrane
Flanary Patrick 71 Garrane
Gleeson John 91 Carrick Mansell
Gleeson John 13 Knockane Castle
Gleeson Roger 12 Knockane Castle
Green Michael 51 Garrane
Hanny John 22 Knockane
Hanny Michael 17 Knockane Castle
Hanny Michael 18 Knockane Castle
Hanny William 17 Knockane Castle
Hanny William 18 Knockane Castle
Hanny, Junr John 20 Knockane Castle
Hanny, Senr John 19 Knockane Castle
Hawkshaw Richard 85 Carrick Mansell
Hawkshaw  Thomas 14 Knockane Castle
Hawkshaw, Revd Thos 1 Knockane
Hawkshaw, Revd Thos 2 Knockane
Henessy James 76 Kilfelane*
Henessy James 77 Kilfelane*
Hodgins John 37 Pallas & West Pallas
Hodgins John 38 Pallas & West Pallas
Horan Daniel 68 Garrane
Kennedy Eliza, widow 48 Garrane
Kennedy Eliza, widow 49 Garrane
Kennedy Hugh 65 Garrane
Kennedy Hugh 66 Garrane
Kennedy Hugh 67 Garrane
Kennedy Hugh 35 Pallas & West Pallas
Kennedy James 74 Kilfelane*
Kennedy James 75 Kilfelane*
Kennedy Patrick 57 Garrane
Kennedy Patrick 58 Garrane
Kennedy Patrick 59 Garrane
Kennedy Patrick 60 Garrane
Kennedy Patrick 37 Pallas & West Pallas
Kennedy Patrick 38 Pallas & West Pallas
Kilfoyle Owen 27 Pallas & West Pallas
Kilfoyle Owen 28 Pallas & West Pallas
Kilfoyle Thomas 29 Pallas & West Pallas
Kilfoyle Thomas 30 Pallas & West Pallas
Malampy Hugh 43 Pallas West
Malampy Hugh 44 Pallas West
Malampy Hugh 44 Pallas West
Malampy Morgan 43 Pallas West
Malampy Patrick 42 Pallas West
McKins?, Mr no first name 83 Carrick Peacock
McKins?, Mr no first name 84 Carrick Peacock
Meara Daniel 21 Knockane
Meara James 50 Garrane
Meara James 45 Pallas West
Meara William 55 Garrane
Meara William 56 Garrane
Moloughny Denis 52 Garrane
Peters John 5 Knockane
Peters John 6 Knockane
Pound John 15 Knockane Castle
Quirk Thomas 69 Garrane
Ralph John 8 Drummon
Shanahan Francis 53 Garrane
Shanahan Francis 54 Garrane
Short John 23 Pallas & West Pallas
Short John 24 Pallas & West Pallas
Short John 25 Pallas & West Pallas
Short John 26 Pallas & West Pallas
Slavin James 73 Cloan
Slavin Philip 61 Garrane
Slavin Philip 62 Garrane
Toohy Thomas 36 Pallas & West Pallas
Toohy, Mrs widow 46 Pallas West
Walsh Patrick 41 Pallas & West Pallas

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