Tithe Applotments

   Templederry Civil Parish 1834


    Nenagh Poor Law Union
      Upper Ormond Barony

Curreeny Templederry

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Research Notes:  The  Templederry Civil Parish  Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the Family History Library film #0256690 by Pat Connors.  At times the film and handwriting were hard to read and there may be some mistakes in the interpretation.  Therefore, one must not use this transcription as a source document.  One should check the film first, plus there is more information on the film having to do with the land and crops that were grown.
TRANSCRIPTION NOTES:  The first page was missing covering individuals numbered 1 to 38.  Also pages missing covering individuals numbered from #68 to #105;  skipped from #139 to #171
Checking townland covered below, looks like the following townlands maybe on the missing pages:  Boolabane, Chalkhill, Cloghanan, Cummer, Cureeny, Falleeny, Glastrigan, Greenan, and Templederry.  Plus parts of the townlands covered may also be on the missing pages.


Surname First Number Townland
Andrews James K 61 Clohinch
Andrews John K 49 Clohinch
Ardell John 132 Tooraugh
Ardell John 133 Tooraugh
Ardell John 134 Tooraugh
Ardell John 135 Tooraugh
Boland Matthew 123 Gurthnagoona
Boland Thos 138 Tooraugh
Boland Thos 139 Tooraugh
Burke Darby 56 Clohinch
Burke Ellen 186 Knocknagovrig
Burke John 109 Gurthnalara
Burke Michael 60 Clohinch
Butler Martin 48 Clohinch
Conlan Patk 177 Cummer
Crowe Roger 120 Gurthnagoona
Dorsey John 127 Gurthnagoona
Dorsey Pat  128 Gurthnagoona
Dorsey  Dan 128 Gurthnagoona
Dwyer John   57 Clohinch
Dwyer Matthew 54 Clohinch
Dwyer Matthew 55 Clohinch
Gilmartin Launcelot 41 Clohinch
Gilmartin Launcelot 42 Clohinch
Gleeson Edmd 185 Knocknagovrig
Gleeson John 202 Cummanemore
Hanly Philip 196 Cummanemore
Hanly Timothy 116 Gurthnagoona
Harrington Michl 53 Clohinch
Harrington Wm 52 Clohinch
Healy John 203 Cummanemore
Hogan Darby 110 Rahanoor
Hogan Darby 113 Rahanoor
Hogan Michael 107 Gurthnalara
Hogan Patrick 111 Rahanoor
Hogan (Cooper) Michael 108 Gurthnalara
Hunt, Mr J 114 Gurthnagoona
Kennedy Bridget 176 Cummer
Kennedy Edmund 124 Gurthnagoona
Kennedy James 59 Clohinch
Kennedy Jas 178 Cummer
Kennedy Jas 125 Gurthnagoona
Kennedy Jeremiah 172 Cummer
Kennedy John 201 Cummanemore
Kennedy Mary 174 Cummer
Kennedy Matthew 39 Garrane
Kennedy Matthew 40 Garrane
Kennedy Michl 122 Gurthnagoona
Kennedy Patk 200 Cummanemore
Leo Michl & brother 118 Gurthnagoona
Leo Thomas 117 Gurthnagoona
Loury Bar't 179 Cummer
Maher John 126 Gurthnagoona
McDaniel James 46 Clohinch
McGrath Patrick 175 Cummer
Meehan John 187 Knocknagovrig
Parrington Crawford 63 Gurtbenvally
Parrington Crawford 64 Gurtbenvally
Parrington Ellen 67 Gurtbenvally
Parrington Ellen 68 Gurtbenvally
Quinlan Patrick 171 Cummer
Ryan Cath'n 197 Cummanemore
Ryan Connor 190 Cummanemore
Ryan Corn's 106 Gurthnalara
Ryan Daniel 50 Clohinch
Ryan Denis 194 Cummanemore
Ryan Edmd 51 Clohinch
Ryan James 58 Clohinch
Ryan James 115 Gurthnagoona
Ryan John 188 Cummanemore
Ryan John 193 Cummanemore
Ryan John 119 Gurthnagoona
Ryan Marks 62 Clohinch
Ryan Michl 192 Cummanemore
Ryan Michl 199 Cummanemore
Ryan Patk 189 Cummanemore
Ryan Patk 180 Cummer
Ryan Patrick 131 Gurthnagoona
Ryan Patrick 105 Gurthnalara
Ryan Philip 184 Dawsons Bog
Ryan William 198 Cummanemore
Ryan William 121 Gurthnagoona
Ryan, Jun'r Denis 195 Cummanemore
Ryan, Jun'r Patk 191 Cummanemore
Ryan, Jun'r Patk 181 Cummer
Shanahan Michl 43 Clohinch
Shanahan T 130 Gurthnagoona
Shanahan Timothy 129 Gurthnagoona
Slatery Jeremiah 183 Dawsons Bog
Sullivan Daniel 47 Clohinch
Waddick Patrick 44 Clohinch
Waddick Patrick 112 Rahanoor
Waddick widow 45 Clohinch
Walsh Michl 136 Tooraugh
Walsh Michl 137 Tooraugh
Walsh Pierce 182 Dawsons Bog
Wardick James 173 Cummer
Wright Joshua 65 Gurtbenvally
Wright Joshua 66 Gurtbenvally


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