Tithe Applotments

  Templebeg Civil Parish 1829


  Thurles Poor Law Union
     Kilnamanagh Barony

Ordnance Survey Map #39

Ordnance Survey Map #40

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Research Notes:  The Templebeg CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the FHL film #0256698 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.
NOTE:  This civil parish was bundled
with the Upperchurch civil parish.


Surname First Townland
Barkley John Stuminonsky?
Bourke Thomas Knocmehill
Bourke Uliae? Knocmehill
Bourke James Knocmehill
Bourke Thomas Dromore
Boyle Thomas Commons Templebeg
Britt Philip Birchhill
Britt Timothy Birchhill
Britt Philip Laffins
Britt Johana Laffins
Britt Timothy Laffins
Buckley John Knocmehill
Cahill Philip Aughtshanboghy
Callahan James Gurteendihy
Callahan Edmond Gurteendihy
Callahan Jas, widow Commons Templebeg
Callahan James Commons Templebeg
Callahan, Jun James Gurteendihy
Carew Dennis Poughbrack
Carew Michael Poughbrack
Caw/Care? Daniel Poughbrack
Cleary John Thonacurra
Collins Henry Knocmehill
Collins Henry?Kany Commons Templebeg
Connelly John Rossoulty
Connelly Patrick Rossoulty
Connelly Matthew Rossoulty
Conners Thomas Knocmehill
Corbit Patrick Commons Templebeg
Cormic Patrick Poughbrack
Cormic Patrick Poughbrack
Costolo widow Birchhill
Croake Philip Dromore
Dady? Michael Aughtshanboghy
Doyle Michael Knockanekeylich
Doyle Laurence Birchhill
Doyle David Birchhill
Dwyer James Knockanekeylich
Dwyer Conner Birchhill
Dwyer John Knocmehill
Dwyer Patrick Knocmehill
Dwyer Timothy Aughtshanboghy
Dwyer James Gurteendihy
Dwyer James Commons Templebeg
Dwyer Patrick Commons Templebeg
Dwyer James Commons Templebeg
Dwyer John Commons Templebeg
Fitzgerald Patrick Knockanekeylich
Fogarty Patrick Rossoulty
Fogarty John Aughtshanboghy
Fogarty John Aughtshanboghy
Fogarty Thos, widow Commons Templebeg
Fogarty Thomas Commons Templebeg
Gleeson Edmond Commons Templebeg
Grady Timothy Knockanekeylich
Grant William Dromore
Grant Patrick Dromore
Handly John Knockanekeylich
Harrington John Dromore
Hayes Darby Knocnakille
Hayes John Knocnakille
Hayes Thomas Church Division
Hogan widow Commons Templebeg
Kelly Pierse Knocmehill
Kennedy Margaret Knockanekeylich
Kennedy John Newtown
Kirwan John Kilcommon Division
Lahy Nicholas Gracesland
Lahy Thomas Newtown
Landers Michael Aughtshanboghy
Landers James Aughtshanboghy
Landers John Stuminonsky?
Landers James Stuminonsky?
Long John Commons Templebeg
Macnamara Patrick Aughtshanboghy
Mara Michael Gracesland
Minihan James Stuminonsky?
Morrissey Michael Rossoulty
Morrissey John Rossoulty
Murphy Thomas Thonacurra
Murphy Michael Knockeen
Murphy Thomas Knockeen
Murphy Philip Knockeen
Perkins James Newtown
Phelan  Johana Knocmehill
Phelan, Mr Francis Knocmehill
Purcell Richard Knocmehill
Purcell Michael Knocmehill
Purcell Patrick, widow Aughtshanboghy
Purcell Richard Commons Templebeg
Quinne Michael Aughtshanboghy
Quinne Michael Commons Templebeg
Quinne Patrick Commons Templebeg
Quinne Molly Commons Templebeg
Ryan Lanty Knocnakille
Ryan John Knocnakille
Ryan Matthew Knocnakille
Ryan James Church Division
Ryan Dennis Church Division
Ryan John Church Division
Ryan James Church Division
Ryan Patrick Church Division
Ryan John Kilcommon Division
Ryan James Kilcommon Division
Ryan Patrick Kilcommon Division
Ryan Michael Rossoulty
Ryan Philip Rossoulty
Ryan Patrick Rossoulty
Ryan Daniel Thonacurra
Ryan Philip Thonacurra
Ryan Valentine Thonacurra
Ryan Valentine Birchhill
Ryan Philip Knocmehill
Ryan Patrick Knocmehill
Ryan Matthias Knocmehill
Ryan Michael Aughtshanboghy
Ryan Roger Aughtshanboghy
Ryan Thomas Aughtshanboghy
Ryan Roger Aughtshanboghy
Ryan Michael Aughtshanboghy
Ryan James, widow Aughtshanboghy
Ryan Dennis Dromore
Ryan John Dromore
Ryan Daniel Gracesland
Ryan Patrick Commons Templebeg
Ryan Martin Commons Templebeg
Ryan Ellen, widow Commons Templebeg
Ryan Catty, widow Commons Templebeg
Ryan Thomas Commons Templebeg
Ryan, Jun Michael Rossoulty
Shanahan Philip Knocmehill
Shanahan Philip Commons Templebeg
Shanahan William Commons Templebeg
Shanahan William Commons Templebeg
Shortal Mary Aughtshanboghy
Slattery Michael Knocmehill
Stapleton Michael Newtown
Stapleton Patrick Commons Templebeg
Tierney Roger Knockanekeylich
Wade Laurance Church Division
Wade James Church Division
Walsh John Aughtshanboghy
Walsh Michael Aughtshanboghy
Walsh  John Aughtshanboghy
Walsh, Rev'd Edward Kilcommon Division



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