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An Index of Surnames of Householders In Griffith’s Primary Valuation And Tithe Applotment Books
National Library of Ireland, 1962

This index is a list of the surnames of all the persons given in Griffith’s Primary Valuation and in the Tithe Applotment books. The volumes cover the period of approximately 1824-1860. There is a general alphabetical index for the whole county and each civil parish is also indexed. In the case of the Primary Valuation each occurrence of a name (where the person is shown as occupier of a house) is recorded in order to establish the number of householders in a parish or barony of a particular name. The number is indicated by the figure after ‘G’ in the index.

In the case of the Tithe Applotment Books, on the other hand, only the occurrence of a name in a given parish is recorded, the letter ‘T’ indicating that the name occurs at least once in the parish in question.

The Primary Valuation contains a great number of variant spellings of the same name and it was thought best to record them exactly as found. These variant spellings should therefore be taken into account by anyone trying to establish statistics of the total number of persons of the same surname. Special attention should be paid to cases where variants occur under different letters of the alphabet e.g. Carney and Kearney, Reilly and O’Reilly.


Research Notes:  In search of my family genealogy I have recorded the Surname Indexes surrounding the area of Tipperary Town where my O'Connor, Flanagan and Gilhooly families lived.  Therefore, what is presented here, is my research notes and while all of the County Tipperary, Clanwilliam Barony is included, so are surrounding civil parishes, both in South and North Tipperary and in County Limerick.

Additionally:  Searching should start first on the indexes, find the civil parish(es) and then go to the civil parish.  There you will find the number of times the surname was mentioned in the Griffith's Valuation and whether the surname was in the tithes for the parish.

I am have the indexes online.  I gradually getting the civil parish indexes also online.  This will take awhile since I am on an extended trip both in Ireland and New York State.  While in Ireland, my internet access was limited.   Pat Connors, webmaster


Aairy to Burke


Burn to Connolly


Connor to Delany


Dempsey to Flannery


Fleming to Harney


Harriett to Kearney


Kearns to Lynch


Lyons to Morrisy


Mortal to Quinn


Quirk to Stumbull


Sulivan to Young



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