Surname Index
Clomel St. Mary's Civil Parish
(part of, rest in Co. Waterford)
County Tipperary (So. Riding)
Clonmel Poor Law Union
Iffa & Offa Barony

P to Z

G=each occurrence in the Griffith's Valuation, 1850
T=only an occurrence in Tithe Applotment Book (not counted), 1826

Palliser G2
Parker G
Parks T
Parrell G
Patterson G3
Peddar G
Peppar G
Pepper G
Percy G
Phelan G12
Pike G4
Pim G
Pine G
Pingleton G
Pollard G2
Pound G
Powell G2
Power G13 T
Prendergast G16
Price G
Pritchard G
Prittle G2
Prosser G
Purcel G2 T
Purcell G3 T
Quan G
Quinlan G4
Quinlivan G
Quinn G5
Quirk G T
Quirke G5 T
Radford T
Rea G
Read G
Ready G
Rennie G
Reville G
Reynolds G2
Riall G
Rice G
Rich G
Richardson G
Riordan G
Roache G2 T
Roberts G2
Robinson G2
Roche G2 T
Roe T
Ronayne G3
Rooney G
Rorke G
Rourke G
Russell G5 T
Ryall G T
Ryan G42 T
Sadlier G
Sandford G
Sankey G
Sargent G
Savage G3
Scanlan G2
Scarborough G
Scott G2 T
Scully G3
Sexton G2 T
Shanahan G5
Shaw G3
Shea G11 T
Shee G
Sheedy G
Sheehan G3 T
Sheehy G6
Sheely T
Sheffington G
Sherman G
Shiel G
Shilmadeen T
Shorters G T
Simpson G
Singleton G3
Skehan G2
Slattery G4 T
Sleadan G
Smith G2 T
Smyth G8 T
Soyers G
Spillane G
Sparrow G
Stainstreet G
Staunton G2 T
Steig G
Stephenson T
Sterling G
Sterne G3
Stokes G
Sullivan G11 T
Sunford G
Sutherland G T
Sutton G
Sweeny G5 T
Switzer G2
Taylor G T
Tennison G
Thomas G2
Thompson G4
Thornton G
Tidde G
Tierney G2 T
Tinsley G2 T
Tobin G11 T
Toohy G
Toole G T
Toomey G
Toomy G
Torton G
Townsend G
Travers G
Tucky G
Turner G
Tyrell G T
Tyrrell G T
Wade G
Wall G3 T
Wallace G2
Walsh G13 T
Ward G
Waters G5
Weston G
Whelan G7
White G9 T
Whitestone G
Whitten G
Whyte G5
Wigmore G
Williams G2 T
Wilson G
Williams G2 T
Wilson G
Winberry G
Wiseman T
Wood G
Woods G2
Worrall G
Wright G3


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