Surname Index
Clomel St. Mary's Civil Parish
(part of, rest in Co. Waterford)
County Tipperary (So. Riding)
Clonmel Poor Law Union
Iffa & Offa Barony

I to O

G=each occurrence in the Griffith's Valuation, 1850
T=only an occurrence in Tithe Applotment Book (not counted), 1826

Inman G
Jackson G
Jacob G3
James G
Jar G
Jennings G
Johnson G
Johnston G
Jones G11 T
Jordan G
Joy G2
Justice G
Keane G
Kearney G3
Keating G8 T
Keefe G3 T
Keeffe G3 T
Keily G3 T
Kelleher G
Kelly G2 T
Kelter G
kelvin G
kenealy G
Kendrick G T
kennedy G13 T
Kenny G
Keogh G4
Kerrigan G
Kettlewell G T
Kiely G
Kilfoyle G
Killigrew G
Kinely G
King G4 T
Kinna G
Kirby G
Kirwan G T
Labart G T
Lackey T
Lacy G2
Luffan G2
Lahey G T
Lahy G2 T
Lamb G
Lambley G
Lamley G
Landers G2
Lane G T
Lawler G2
Lawless G
Lawlor G T
Layne G
Leahy G
Leary G2
Legge G3
Lenehan G
Leonard G2 T
Lewis G6
Leyne G2
Lloyd G
Londrigan G
Lonergan G10 T
Long G
Looby T
Loughlan G T
Loughran G T
Lowe T
Luther G
Lynch G3 T
Lyons G2 T
M'Auliff G
M'Carthy G2
M'Clelland G3
M'Cormack G
M'Creithe G
M'Cudgeon T
M'Dermott G
M'Eniry G
M'Gowen T
m'Grath G13 T
M'Loughlin G
M'Namara G5
M'Manus T
M'Sweeny G2
Macken G T
Madden G
Magrath G2
Maher G12 T
Mahony G9 T
Malcom G
Malcomson G T
Malone T
Malony G
Mandeville G2
Manegan G
Mangan G T
Manning G
Mannion G
Mannix T
mara G3 T
Mariga G
Markham G
Marnold T
Marshall G
Massey G
Massy G
Maunsell G
Maxey G T
Meagher G
Meany G2 T
Meara G
Meehan G
Mercer G2
Mescil T
Milea G T
Millea G
Millet G
Minchin G
Minehan G
Mokler G
Molloy G
Molony G T
Moore G8 T
Moran G
Moreland G
Morgan G3
Moriarity G2 T
Moroney G T
Morony G T
Morris G2
Morrissey G T
Morrissy G T
Morton T
Moylan G
Moynahan G
Mulcahy G3
Mullen G2
Mullins G3
Mulrowny G
Mulvey G
Munday T
Murphy G12 T
Murray G
Murtagh G
Myers G
Myles G2
Nagle T
Napper G
Neall G T
Neil G T
Neill G T
Nervell G
Nethercote G
Nethercott G
Neville G
Niesha G
Nolan G
Noonan G4 T
Norris T
Nowlan G3
Nugent G
O'Brien G6
O'Connell G2
O'Connor G
O'Donnell G2
O'Flanagan G3
O'Gorman G
O'Halloran G
O'Kearney G
O'Neil G
O'Neill G4
O'Neille G2
Orr G
O'Ryan G
O'Shaughnessy G
Overard G


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