Surname Index
Clomel St. Mary's Civil Parish
(part of, rest in Co. Waterford)
County Tipperary (So. Riding)
Clonmel Poor Law Union
Iffa & Offa Barony

D to H

G=each occurrence in the Griffith's Valuation, 1850
T=only an occurrence in Tithe Applotment Book (not counted), 1826

Dalton T
Daly G3
Danahan G
Daniel G15 T
Danks G2
Dargan T
Darmody G T
Davin T
Davis G4 T
Dawson G2
Deady T
Deane G2
Dee G T
Deering G
Delahunt G3
Delany G3 T
Dempsey T
Denehy G2
Denn G
Denny G
Desmond G
Devine G
Devitt G
Dill G
Dillane G T
Dillon G T
Divine G
Dixon G
Doheny G
Doherty G
Donagh G
Donegan G
Donnell G4
Donohoe G T
Donovan G T
Doody G2 T
Doohy T
Doolan G2
Dooley G T
Dooly G T
Dorcey T
Dargan G
Dorney G3
Douglas G
Dowdall G
Dowdesley G
Dower G
Dowling G2
Downan T
Doyle G3 T
Drohan T
Duckett T
Duggan G3
Dunleavy G2
Dunn G
Dunne G
Dunphy G7
Dwyer G11 T
Dykes G T
Edmondson G T
Egan G5
Emery G
England G T
English G5 T
Everard G3
Evitt G
Fahy G2 T
Farrell G7 T
Faulkner G
Fawcett G
Fayle G
Feehane G
Fell G3
Fennell G3
Fennelly G4
Fennessy G4 T
Ferguson G
Ferkins T
Fetherson G
Finn T
Finnegan T
Fitzgerald G7 T
Fitzhenry G
Fitzpatrick G4 T
Flaherty G2 T
Flanagan G
Flannery T
Flannigan G
Fleming G4 T
Flinn G3 T
Flood G T
Floyd G5
Floyde G
Flynn G3
Fogarty G T
Foley G3 T
Forrestal G3
Fraher T
Friese T
Gaft G
Gallagher G2
Gallivan T
Garrett T
Gately G
Geany T
Gibbons G
Gilbert G
Gill G
Gilliard T
Gillis T
Glascott G T
Glasheen T
Gleeson G2 T
Glissan G
Glisson G
Goggin T
Going G3
Gooley G
Gordon G2 T
Gore G
Gorman G5
Goss G
Goulding G
Grace G2
Grady G3 T
Graham G5
Green G3 T
Greene G3 T
Greer T
Gresham G
Griffin G7 T
Groves G
Grubb G15 T
Grubbs G T
Gurnan G
Gurd G
Gurton G
Hackett G6 T
Habessy T
Hall G5 T
Halley G3 T
Hally G T
Hamberton T
Hankes G
Hanley T
Hannon G
Hanrahan G
Harney G
Harrigan T
Harrington G T
Harris T
Hartigan T
harvey G2 T
harwood G3
Haskett G
Hawke G
Hayes G6
Healy G5 T
Hearne G6
Hefferman G8 T
Helian G
Hemphill G2
Henneberry G2
Hennessy G6 T
Herbert G
Hewit G2
Hickey G10 T
Hide G
Higgins G2 T
Hill G2
Hinks T
Hoare T
Hogan G16 T
Holland G
Holmes G2
Hoolahan G T
Horrigan G
Houlehan G2 T
Houlihan G2 T
Hovendan G
Howell G2
Howes G
Hudson G5 T
Hughes G4 T
Hull G
Hunt T
Hyland G


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