Surname Index
Clomel St. Mary's Civil Parish
(part of, rest in Co. Waterford)
County Tipperary (So. Riding)
Clonmel Poor Law Union
Iffa & Offa Barony

A to C

G=each occurrence in the Griffith's Valuation, 1850
T=only an occurrence in Tithe Applotment Book (not counted), 1826

Surname GV Tithe
Acheson G T
Adams G
Ahern G2
Aherne G
Aldwell G
Alexander G
Allen G
Almon G T
Anderson T
Anthony G
Ardagh T
Armstrong G2
Arnold G
Artkins G2 T
Atkins G T
Atkinson T
Austin G
Aylward G
Bagge G T
Baggs G
Bagwell G T
Baily G
Baldwin G2
Banfield G2
Banks G2
Bargan G
Barrett G16 T
Barron G
Barry G5 T
Bates G
Beers G2
Belcher G
Bell T
Berresford T
Bianconi G T
Blake G T
Blanchfield G2 T
Boate G
Boland G4 T
Bolger G
Bolster T
Bourke G T
Bowles G T
Boyd G3
Bradford G
Bradley T
Bradshaw G2
Brazel G2
Breen G2
Brennan G5 T
Brett G3
Brien G15 T
Bristow G
Britt G
Brodan G
Broden G
Broderick G2
Brophy T
Browne G7 T
Bucharet G
Buckley G6
Bulbert G
Burchell G
Burchill G4
Burgess G2
Burke G20
Burnes G
Burnett G
Bushel G T
Butler G17 T
Byrch T
Byrnes G10 T
Cahill G6
Callaghan G2 T
Callan G
Callen G
Campion T
Candy G
Canning G
Cantwell G5 T
Carew G3
Carey G6
Carmody T
Carolan G
Carrigan G
Carroll G5 T
Carthy G4
Carty G3
Casey G8 T
Cashel G
Cassin G
Castin G
Castle G
Castles G T
Cavanagh G T
Challoner G
Chamberlain T
Chapman G2
Chaytor G
Clancy G5
Clarke G
Cleary G T
Cleminger G
Clibborn G
Clibburn G
Cliffe T
Clifford G
Close G2
Cochrane G
Coffey G
Coghlan G2 T
Cohen G
Collet G
Collins G5
Comerford G
Commons G
Condon G T
Condran G
Conlan G
Connell T
Connelly G
Connery G T
Connolly G4
Connor G8 T
Connors G4 T
Constable T
Conway G5
Cooke G
Cooney G5
Coony G
Cooper G2 T
Corbet G T
Corbett G2 T
Corcoran G6
Cormack G
Gormick G
Costello G
Cott G2
Cotter G
Cox G2
Crane G
Creane G5
Cremeen T
Cronin G2 T
Crotty T
Crowley G T
Cuddehy G2 T
Cullen G
Cullinan G3 T
Cumming G
Cunningham G5 T
Curheen G T
Curran G
Curry G
Curtin G
Curtis G T
Cusack G T
Cushin G
Cussane T



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