Solloghodmore Civil Parish
 Clanwilliam Barony

Tipperary Poor Law Union

Surname Index by Surname

G=each occurrence in the Griffith's Valuation, 1851
T=only an occurrence in Tithe Applotmment Book (not counted), 1824

Surname GV Tithes
Aherin G T
Ahern G T
Anderson G2 T
Benton T
Bercory G T
Bolton G
Bradshaw T
Breen G3 T
Brien T
Brown G2 T
Browne G2 T
Bryan T
Burke G7 T
Butler G2 T
Campbell G
Carmody G
Carr G
Cavanagh G
Chadwick G
Coffey G
Coghlan G
Connell G
Connors G2
Copps G
Cormack G4 T
Cosgrave G3 T
Cranley G T
Cranly G T
Crawford G3 T
Creagh T
Cronin G2 T
Cuffe T
Cummins G T
Damer T
Daniel T
Darcy G2 T
Davis T
Dee G9
Deer G2 T
Delany G2
Dermody G3 T
Devereux G T
Devine G
Diggin G
Dillon G2 T
Dobbin G
Doherty G10 T
Donohoe G3 T
Duggan G T
Dwyer G4 T
English G T
Evlin G
Fagan G
Fahy G6 T
Farrell G
Fleming G4 T
Flinn G T
Fogerty G
Foley G2
Franklin T
Freahy G T
Gavin G2 T
Glasheen G2
Godfrey G
Goggin T
Gorman G T
Green G3
Hanly G7 T
Harding G5 T
Harrington T
Hayes G4 T
Hearns T
Hewit G T
Hewston G3 T
Hickey T
Hogan G3 T
Horan G T
Howard G
Hunt T
Joyce G
Kean G T
Kennefick G T
Kenny T
Kiely G2 T
Kilmartin G T
Kirby G
Lahy G2 T
Leamy G2 T
Lynam G
Lynch G T
Lyons G T
M'Glyn G
M'Mahon G T
Mackey G T
Madden G2
Maher G2
Mahony G3 T
Maurnane G4
Meagher T
Meehan G
Molloy T
Molony G2 T
Moyers G2
Neill G10 T
Noonan G2 T
O'Brien G15 T
O'Connor G
O'Donnell G6 T
O'Leary G
O'Neile T
Power G3 T
Quan G
Quillinan G3 T
Quinlan G2 T
Quirk G4 T
Reilly G T
Riordan G3 T
Roche G T
Rogers G
Russell G T
Ryan G49 T
Sadlier G2 T
Shanahan G T
Shelly G T
Sheridan G
Stanley G2 T
Stapleton G T
Sullivan G T
Taaffe G
Toomy G3 T
Tracy T
Trehy T
Walsh G
Whelan G


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