Tithe Applotments

   Rathronan Civil Parish 1828


    Clonmel Poor Law Union
      Iffa & Offa East Barony

Ordinance Survey #76 Ordinance Survey #77

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Research Notes:  The  Rathronan CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the Family History Library film #0256679 by Pat Connors.  At times the film and handwriting were hard to read and there may be some mistakes in the interpretation.  Therefore, one must not use this transcription as a source document.  One should check the film first, plus there is more information on the film having to do with the land and crops that were grown.
TRANSCRIPTION NOTES:  The film was very light and at time very hard to read.  Mistakes may have been made.


Surname First Page Townland
Acheson, Mr Wm 1 Ardgeehy
Berrisford Jas 1 Ardgeehy
Berrisford Phil 3 Lawlestown
Berrisford Nich's 3 Lawlestown
Bourke Patk 11 James Town
Brien Den's 2 Boreheen Duff
Brien Thos 3 Lawlestown
Brien Michl 6 Giants Grave
Burke Ed'w & Mother 11 James Town
Byrne Thos 10 Rathkeevan
Callahan Thos 9 RathKeevan
Cantwell Wm 10 James Town
Cantwell widow 10 James Town
Carey Michl 3 Lawlestown
Carroll widow 3 Lawlestown
Carroll Jno 6 Giants Grave
Chaytor (mile), Mr Jos? 4 Rathronan
Chaytor/n? Mrs 4 Rathronan
Collins Danl 8 RathKeevan
Connell Jno 8 RathKeevan
Conners widow 5 Giants Grave
Constable Doctr 2 Ardgeehy
Cusaac Jno 10 Rathkeevan
Dawley, Jr Patk 3 Lawlestown
Dawley, Sr Patk 3 Lawlestown
Dillon Michl 6 Giants Grave
Dillon Jas 6 Giants Grave
Dillon Jas 7 Giants Grave
Duggan Walt 8 RathKeevan
Duggan Wm 8 RathKeevan
Egan Jno 8 RathKeevan
Falkiner, Esq Friok? 1 Ardgeehy
Fitzpatrick Con's 4 Rathronan
Flemming widow 6 Giants Grave
Gallivan Patk 5 Rathronan
Geaney Richd 1 Ardgeehy
Gough, Sir Hugh 5 Rathronan
Griffen Jno/Jas? 6 Giants Grave
Hackett Edmd 7 Giants Grave
Hanrahan Wm 4 Rathronan
Hanrahan Pat 5 Giants Grave
Harragan Patk 10 Rathkeevan
Heney Den's 3 Lawlestown
Jones Henry 4 Rathronan
Keating Richd 5 Giants Grave
Keating Jno 6 Giants Grave
Keating Michl 10 Rathkeevan
Keating Jno 11 James Town
Keating, Mr Danl 11 James Town
Keiley Mau'e 10 Rathkeevan
Keiley Mau'e 10 James Town
Kennedy widow 5 Giants Grave
Kennedy Thos 7 Giants Grave
Kennedy Richd 7 Giants Grave
Lonergan Jas 7 Giants Grave
Lonergan widow 9 RathKeevan
Looby Den's 10 Rathkeevan
Loughlan Michl 1 Ardgeehy
Lynch James 5 Rathronan
Madden Jno 6 Giants Grave
Madden Den's 6 Giants Grave
Madden Den's 7 Giants Grave
Maxey John 1 Ardgeehy
McGrath Danl 1 Ardgeehy
McGrath Darby 3 Lawlestown
McGrath Darby 4 Rathronan
McGrath Danl 5 Rathronan
McGrath Jno 7 Giants Grave
McGrath Den's 9 RathKeevan
Meehan Michl 7 Giants Grave
Morn/Horn? Jno 6 Giants Grave
Morrisy Michl 6 Giants Grave
Morrony Patk 8 RathKeevan
Morton, Esq Saml 2 Boreheen Duff
Neale Jno 3 Lawlestown
Neale widow 4 Rathronan
Neale widow 4 Rathronan
Neale Jno 4 Rathronan
O'Neile, Mr Con's 4 Rathronan
O'Neile, Mr Con's 4 Rathronan
Phelan Pat'k 2 Boreheen Duff
Power Michl 8 RathKeevan
Quirk Wm 1 Ardgeehy
Quirk Michl 11 James Town
Reeves Mat'w 6 Giants Grave
Riale, Esq Chas 1 Ardgeehy
Riorke Dav'd/Dan'l? 9 RathKeevan
Riorke Jas 9 RathKeevan
Roche Steph'n 3 Lawlestown
Russell And'w 5 Rathronan
Ryan Patk 1 Ardgeehy
Ryan Michl 8 RathKeevan
Scott W 4 Rathronan
Scully Thos 8 RathKeevan
Shea Wm 8 RathKeevan
Slattery Wm 9 RathKeevan
Slattery Thos 9 RathKeevan
Slattery Michl 9 RathKeevan
Slattery Jno 9 RathKeevan
Slattery widow 9 RathKeevan
Slattery Jas 9 RathKeevan
Smith Wm? 5 Giants Grave
Tobin Wm 11 James Town
Wall Pierse 8 RathKeevan
Walshe Henry 6 Giants Grave

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