Moycarky Civil Parish
 Eliogarty Barony

Thurles Poor Law Union

Surname Index by Surname

G=each occurrence in the Griffith's Valuation, 1850
T=only an occurrence in Tithe Applotment Book (not counted), 1829

Surname GV Tithes
Ardagh G
Armstrong T
Baker G
Barry T
Boyleson G2 T
Breen G T
Brennan G T
Brien G6 T
Broderick G
Burke G2 T
Butler G2 T
Cahill G5 T
Callinan T
Carew T
Carney G2 T
Carroll G T
Casey G
Coady G
Coak T
Coalblack G T
Coalburt T
Coffey G T
Connolly G T
Cooke G
Corbett G T
Cormack G5 T
Costello T
Clutterbuck T
Creed G T
Cummins T
Cunningham G
Daly G
Delany G T
Donnelly G3 T
Donovan G
Dullanty G T
Dureell T
Dwyer G7 T
Egan T
Farrell T
Fannin G T
Fanning G
Fitzpatrick  G2
Flanagan G4 T
Fogarty G9 T
Fowly T
Fox G T
Gavan G2 T
Gorman T
Grady G T
Grant G2 T
Guyder T
Hahidy T
Halleran T
Haughessy G T
Hayes G4 T
Heffernan G3 T
Hennessy G T
Hickey G T
Hogan G6 T
Holleran G
Hoolaghan G T
Hunt G2 T
Kavanagh G2 T
Kean T
Kearns G
Keary G
Kennedy G2 T
Kerwick G T
Kirwan G3 T
Kyan G
Lahy G8 T
Lamphiere G
Long G3 T
Loughnan G
Lowry T
Lundy G
M'Grath G2 T
M'Namara G
Maguire G
Maher G14 T
Mahon T
Malumby G
Mannin G
Manning G T
Mannion G T
Mannix G
Mara G T
Max G2 T
Mason T
Meany G T
Meara G
Molloy G4 T
Molumby G6 T
Moran T
Morrisey G T
Mulcahy T
Murray G
Myres G T
Nolan G T
Purcell G
Quinlan G2 T
Ranwix T
Russell G
Ryan G14 T
Scott G T
Scully G T
Shanahan G3 T
Shaw T
Skehan G T
Slattery G
Smith G2
Stanwix T
Stapleton G2 T
Stokes G
Sullivan G T
Tracey G T
Tracy G T
Tyrl T
Wallice T
White G T
Williams G


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