Moyaliff Civil Parish
 Kilnamanagh Upper Barony

Cashel & Thurles Poor Law Unions

Surname Index by Surname

G=each occurrence in the Griffith's Valuation, 1851
T=only an occurrence in Tithe Applotment Book (not counted), 1827

Surname GV Tithes
Armstrong G2 T
Bannon G2 T
Berhagra G2 T
Bogan T
Boyle G4 T
Bradshaw G
Breen G2
Brennan G5 T
Brien G T
Britt G4 T
Brown G
Burke G19 T
Butler G2
Byrne G7
Cahill G T
Carew G6 T
Carey G7
Carney G
Carr T
Carty G
Carroll G4
Cavanagh T
Cleary G
Collins G T
Coonan G T
Cooper T
Corbett G3 T
Corcoran G8 T
Cormack G
Crowe G3 T
Cullagh G
Cummins G
Daveran G2 T
Dermody G T
Doolan G8 T
Doyle G2 T
Dunn G2
Dwyer G43 T
Elwood G
Fahey G T
Fanning T
Feehan G2 T
Fitzgerald G2 T
Fitzpatrick G
Fogarty G5 T
Fox G T
Furlong T
Ganly T
Garter T
Gibbons G
Gleeson G7 T
Gorman G
Grant G T
Griffin G
Guilfoyle G
Hackett G2 T
Harding G
Hart T
Hayes G35 T
Heffernan T
Hewitt G T
Hewson G
Hickey G2 T
Hill G
Hines G T
Hogan G4 T
Hute G
Keeffe G2 T
Kelly G2 T
Kennedy G8 T
Keogh G
Kinnelly G
Kirwick G
Lamb G2 T
Leahy G2
Leamy G4 T
Lee G
Lenigan T
Long G T
Lowry G
M'Carthy G2 T
M'Grath G T
M'Mahon T
M'Nally T
M'Rew T
Magrath G7
Maher T
Malachy T
Malone T
Manning T
Mansergh T
Mara G2 T
Martin G T
Mason G T
Meagher T
Molloy G T
Morgan T
Morrissy G
Mortel T
Mulcahy G2 T
Mullowney G
Murphy G7 T
Murray G
Neal G T
Newman T
Pennefather G T
Perkin G3 T
Phelan G4 T
Quinlan G2 T
Quinn G4 T
Quirke G2 T
Redden G
Russell G3 T
Ryan G92 T
Shanahan G4 T
Slattery T
Smith T
Stapleton G6 T
Sullivan G
Sweeny G4 T
Taylor G T
Terence T
Tierney G3 T
Tobyn G2 T
Tracey G
Trenor G
Troy G
Wade G2
Wall T
Walsh G2
Williams T
Whelan G
White G


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