Tithe Applotments

  Mortlestown Civil Parish 1826 & 1827


  Clogheen Poor Law Union
     Iffa and Offa West Barony

Ordinance Survey Map 75, Griffith's Valuation Ordinance Survey May 76, Griffith's Valuation

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Research Notes:  The Mortlestown CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256668 by Phil Buckley.  T
Phil's Notes:  Where the surnames were recorded as a deviation of the accepted spelling of a surname, I transcribed the surname exactly as written and then added the accepted spelling in parenthesis.


Surname Given Name Townland
Buckley Ed & Tennants Knockskagh
Burke  Ed. Kedrah
Butler, Esq. Richard Kedrah
Castigan James Castlecoyne & Shortcastle
Clifford Widow Kedrah
Clifford Widow Kedrah
Connors David Mortlestown
Connors James Kedrah
Connory (Connery) John Knockskagh
Conway Patrick Kedrah
Corkeran (Corcoran) James Rathard
Costigan John Castlecoyne & Shortcastle
Costigan Thomas Mortlestown Little
Daniel (Daniell) James Knocknaboha
Daniell James Kedrah
Daniell James Kedrah
Daniell Patrick Rathard
Daniell Patrick Rathard
Daniell Pierse Mortlestown
Dooling Timothy Rathard
Duan James Kedrah
Fitzgerald James Mortlestown
Fitzgerald John Mortlestown
Fitzgerald Thomas Mortlestown
Fitzgerald W. Mortlestown
Fitzgerald W. Mortlestown
Gallivan John Mortlestown
Guirey (Guiry) Patrick Mortlestown
Halloran Patrick Rathard
Hill Mathew Knockskagh
Keating Michael Kedrah
Keating Richard Mortlestown
Keiley (Kiely) Thomas Knocknaboha
Keiley (Kiely) Widow Knocknaboha
Kelly Widow Kedrah
Kennedy James Knocknaboha
Kennedy Patrick Knocknaboha
Lahy Patrick Kedrah
Lahy Thomas Mortlestown
Lahy William Mortlestown
Lonergan James Knocknaboha
Lonergan Michael Knocknaboha
Lonergan Michael Knockskagh
Lonergan Pierse Kedrah
Lonergan William Rathard
Luddy James Kedrah
Mangin (Mangan) William Kedrah
Mara Widow Mortlestown
McCarthy Dennis Kedrah
McEnnerey (McEnery) Francis Mortlestown
McEnnerey (McEnery) John Mortlestown
McEnnerey (McEnery) Michael Mortlestown
McEnnerey (McEnery) Thomas Mortlestown
Mollowny (Molony) Laurence Mortlestown
Neill Patrick Castlecoyne & Shortcastle
Neill William Castlecoyne & Shortcastle
O'Donnell Cornelius Kedrah
O'Donnell Cornelius Kedrah
O'Donnell Richard Kedrah
Prendergast James Kedrah
Prendergast Maurice Kedrah
Prendergast Patrick Kedrah
Quin William Knockskagh
Quinn Patrick Mortlestown
Reiley Ed. Mortlestown
Ryan James Knocknaboha
Ryan Patrick Kedrah
Ryan Patrick Kedrah
Scanlan John Castlecoyne & Shortcastle
Smith Thomas Mortlestown
Toohill Dennis Kedrah
Toohill James Kedrah
Toohill James Kedrah
Toohill Michael Kedrah
Toomy (Toomey) Thomas Rathard


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