St Johnbaptist Civil Parish

This civil parish is located in three different places in the South Riding.  Two sections are in Middlethird Barony and one section is in Slievardagh Barony all in Cashel Poor Law Union.
NOTE:  Palmer's Hill while included in the maps for this civil parish, in the 1851 Townland Index, it is found in St. Patricksrock civil parish.





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Number Townland Name Number Townland Name
1 Boherclogh 16 Hughes'lot East
2 Cashel Town 17 Knockforlagh
3 Green 18 Knocksaintlour
4 Stonepark 19 Ladyswell
5 Scraggaun 20 Lalor's Lot
6 Charterschool Land 21 Loughnafina
7 Palmer's Hill 22 Manserghshill
8 Corralough 23 Price's Lot
9 Attykit 24 Racecourse
10 Bigg's Lot & Owen's 25 Racecourse Demesne
11 Burnchurch 26 Spafield
12 Carron 27 St Francisabbey
13 Cooper's Lot 28 Stephenstown
14 Hill's Lot 29 Stonepark
15 Hughes' West 30 Waller's Lot
    31 Ashwell's Lot


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