Tithe Applotments

  Lisbunny Civil Parish 1824


   Nenagh Poor Law Union
      Upper Ormond Barony


Ordinance Survey from the Griffith's Valuation  

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Research Notes:  The Lisbunny CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the Family History Library film #0256598 by Pat Connors.  At times the film and handwriting were hard to read and there may be some mistakes in the interpretation.  Therefore, one must not use this transcription as a source document.  One should check the film first, plus there is more information on the film having to do with the land and crops that were grown.
TRANSCRIPTION NOTES:  The tithes for this civil parish were bundled within the Dolla Civil Parish (County Tipperary) on the film.


Surname First Number Townland
Bennett, Esq John 73 Gunehurt?
Bennett, Esq John 75 Lisbunny
Brennan no first 19 Ballinalick
Brereton, Esq Ja's? 65 Rathurtys
Brien Con 108 Knocallan
Brien Michl 103 Knocallan
Brien Michl 104 Knocallan
Brien Michl 107 Knocallan
Burk Mr  97 Killeera
Burk Mrs 91 Lisbunny
Burk Wm 90 Lisbunny
Burns Morgan 129 Rafalla
Caffee Owen 125 Rafalla
Cain James 12 Kilkinnane
Camphile no first 47 Rancleen
Carty Jam's 79 Lisbunny
Carty Wm 5 Ballinalick
Cleary Cody 27 Tyone
Cleary Francis 33 Rancleen
Cleary Jno 55 Rancleen
Cleary Patt  63 Rancleen
Collins no first 115 Iland Bawn
Cooper, Esq Wm 57 Rancleen
Corcoran Jam's 116 Iland Bawn
Costollo Patt  51 Rancleen
Cronin David 81 Lisbunny
Cummins Michl 128 Rafalla
Cunningham John 29 Lisbunny
Donoher Michl 68 Gunehurt?
Donoher Michl 69 Gunehurt?
Donohoe Edmd 123 Iland Bawn
Donohoe Jane 70 Gunehurt?
Dorsey Martin 52 Rancleen
Drury Wm 18 Ballinalick
Dungan Henry 61 Rancleen
Dunn Jno 95 Lisbunny
Dwyre Phil 11 Kilkinnane
Dwyre Thom's 124 Rafalla
Dwyre Tim'y 111 Knocallan
Flaherty Patt  46 Rancleen
Fogerty Con 88 Lisbunny
Fogerty Silvester 87 Lisbunny
Franny? Patt  10 Ballintotty
Gleeson Con 13 Kilkinnane
Gleeson Con 14 Kilkinnane
Gleeson John 48 Rancleen
Gleeson Michl 134 Ballintotty
Gleeson Michl 72 Gunehurt?
Gleeson no first 9 Ballintotty
Gleeson Patt  53 Rancleen
Gleeson Thoms 30 Lisbunny
Gleeson  Mrs 86 Lisbunny
Gough Molly 133 Ballintotty
Grace Piery? 119 Iland Bawn
Grace/Gran? Jam's 36 Rancleen
H/Kanny? no first 101 Killeera
Hacket, Esq Simson 138 Knockinkennedy
Hacket, Esq Simson 139 Knockinkennedy
Hanlon Thos? 127 Rafalla
Harty Wm 38 Rancleen
Hays John 15 Kilkinnane
Hilian? Wm? 16 Kilkinnane
Hill Ths 17 Ballinalick
Hill widow 7 Ballintotty
Hopkins no first 117 Iland Bawn
Kelly Wm 56 Rancleen
Kennedy Jam's 131 Ballintotty
Kennedy Jno 92 Lisbunny
Kennedy Patt 94 Lisbunny
Kennedy Phillip 110 Knocallan
Kennedy Rody 112 Knocallan
Kenny? Michl 25 Tyone
Lanlly? Patt  42 Rancleen
Larkin Jno 100 Killeera
Larkin John 49 Rancleen
Larkin Lonny? 26 Tyone
Leo Jam's 121 Iland Bawn
Lewis, Esq Jonehin? 66 Rathurtys
Lourogan? Thom's 99 Killeera
Macky Frank?? 54 Rancleen
Macky Js 43 Rancleen
Macky Js 44 Rancleen
Macky no first 45 Rancleen
Manoglee? Michl 67 Gunehurt?
Manogue Darby 84 Lisbunny
Manogue Rody 85 Lisbunny
Manogue Wm 120 Iland Bawn
McCormick Jeremiah 37 Rancleen
McKeogh Doctor 21 Tyone
Meagher Jno 4 Ballinalick
Meagher no first 50 Rancleen
Meagher Will'm 137 Ballintotty
Meara John 77 Lisbunny
Meara Patt  8 Ballintotty
Meara Wm 64 Rancleen
Minehan Wm 12 Kilkinnane
Molowny no first 50 Rancleen
Moloy no first 9 Ballintotty
Morgan Michl 106 Knocallan
Moylan Bryan 105 Knocallan
Murry widow 82 Lisbunny
Norberry Lord 140 Knockinkennedy
Nowlan D 71 Gunehurt?
O'Brien Fitzg'd 22 Tyone
O'Brien, Mr Dan 74 Lisbunny
O'Flanagan Mrs 34 Rancleen
O'Leary Doctor 60 Rancleen
O'Leary Mr 59 Rancleen
O'Leary Mr  58 Rancleen
O'Meara Ths 35 Rancleen
Pepper, Esq Lambt 113 Knocallan
Pepper, Esq Mansile 114 Knocallan
Pepps, Esq Ths 2 Ballinalick
Poppes, Esq Theob'd 1 Ballinalick
Quin Wm 93 Lisbunny
Quinlish? John 118 Iland Bawn
Quirk Tim'y 96 Lisbunny
Rafton no first 130 Ballintotty
Ringly? Jam's 40 Rancleen
Ringly? Patt  41 Rancleen
Ryan Jno 89 Lisbunny
Ryan Jno 126 Rafalla
Ryan Michl 132 Ballintotty
Ryan Tim'y 6 Ballinalick
Shannahan Ths 20 Ballinalick
Shaw? Michl 31` Lisbunny
Shaw? Patt  32 Lisbunny
Sheehan Larry 3 Ballinalick
Shehan Wm 136 Ballintotty
Slattery Michl 135 Ballintotty
Smith Wm 98 Killeera
Spain Wm 62 Rancleen
Toohy John 122 Iland Bawn
Toohy John 78 Lisbunny
Toohy Patt  28 Lisbunny
Toomey/Tierney? Gregory 39 Rancleen
Urill Patt 80 Lisbunny
Walsh Andy 83 Lisbunny
Walsh Call'd? 24 Tyone
Walsh Jno 23 Tyone
Walsh John 109 Knocallan
Walsh Martin 76 Lisbunny
Whealan Tim'y 102 Killeera


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