Tithe Applotments

   Lickfinn Civil Parish 1834


    Urlingford Poor Law Union
      Slievardagh Barony

Ordinance Survey map #48 Ordinance Survey map #54

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Research Notes:  The  Lickfinn  CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the Family History Library film #0256658 by Pat Connors.  At times the film and handwriting were hard to read and there may be some mistakes in the interpretation.  Therefore, one must not use this transcription as a source document.  One should check the film first, plus there is more information on the film having to do with the land and crops that were grown.
TRANSCRIPTION NOTES:  Their were two books on the film for this civil parish, but had the same date and same names.  One was a neater version of the other.

Surname First Number Townland
Boney Jno 9 Lickfinn
Boney Thos 9 Lickfinn
Callahan Symon 11 Tulloquane
Cantwell Michl 16 Lickfinn
Cantwell, Mrs no first 29 Lickfinn
Contwell Thos 6 Tulloquane
Dargon John 1 Tulloquane
Donini Wm 32 Lickfinn
Fannery James 17 Lickfinn
F'Gerrald Michl 28 Lickfinn
Fitzgerald Wm 23 Lickfinn
Harrington James 8 Lickfinn
Harrington John 18 Lickfinn
Hiffernan Lau'ce 22 Lickfinn
Hiffernan (sic)  James 12 Lickfinn
Hiffernan (sic), Mrs no first 11 Lickfinn
Hunt Richd 14 Tulloquane
Hunt  Thomas 14 Tulloquane
Hunt?, Mrs James 8 Tulloquane
Kenny Patt 28 Lickfinn
Kenny Patt 31 Lickfinn
Kenny Wm 31 Lickfinn
Kenny, Sen'or Wm 30 Lickfinn
Lahart John 9 Tulloquane
Lahy Michael 3 Tulloquane
Lahy Tim'thy 3 Tulloquane
Langley, Esq Fergus 34 Lickfinn
Langley, Esq John 1 Lickfinn
M/Heade? James 20 Lickfinn
Magher Thos 18 Lickfinn
Meagher Dan'l 24 Lickfinn
Meagher James 25 Lickfinn
Meagher James 4 Tulloquane
Meagher Michl 21 Lickfinn
Meagher Robert 4 Tulloquane
Morris Edmd 33 Lickfinn
Morris Edm'd 26 Lickfinn
Morris James 2 Lickfinn
Morris Richd 33 Lickfinn
Morris Thos 10 Lickfinn
Morris Tim'thy 19 Lickfinn
Morrisy Wm 15 Lickfinn
Mulally James 13 Lickfinn
Nagle Pierce 14 Lickfinn
Nolan James 5 Lickfinn
Nolan James 27 Lickfinn
Nolan John 5 Tulloquane
Nolan Michl 3 Lickfinn
Nolan Patt 7 Lickfinn
Nolan Richd 6 Lickfinn
Nolan Thomas 4 Lickfinn
Shelly Danl 12 Tulloquane
Slattery Robert 13 Tulloquane
St John Patt 10 Tulloquane
Walsh Francis 2 Tulloquane
Walsh Patt 2 Tulloquane
Walsh Richard 11 Lickfinn
Walsh Richard 7 Tulloquane

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