Tithe Applotments

  Kilvemnon Civil Parish 1834


  Carrick on Suir & Callan Poor Law Unions
     Slievardagh Barony

Mullinahone Town Boherboy

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Research Notes:  The Kilvemnon CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the FHL film #0256654 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.
TRANSCRIPTION NOTES:  Names were not spelled well and transcribed as spelled in the enumeration.  The handwriting was very quirky/jerky and probably led to some mistakes.

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Surname First Number Townland
Barnaville Patrick 4 Killaghy
Bergin John 53 Mullinahone
Blunden, Esq Trevor 123 Bally Duggan
Blunden, Esq Trevor 56 Mullinahone
Bolger Edmond 288 Kilethea
Bolger Pat 242 East Poulacapple
Brennan Michael 40 Mullinahone
Brennan Thomas 180 Clonagoose
Bride William 188 Clonagoose
Britt Daniel 50 Mullinahone
Britt James 226 West Poulacapple
Britt John 34 Mullinahone
Britt Patrick 240 West Poulacapple
Brown Thomas 11 Killaghy
Bryan Denis 199 Clonagoose
Bryan James 183 Clonagoose
Bryan John 70 Molanala
Bryan Judith 22 Bawnavrona
Bryan Michael 144 Bally Lanigan
Bryan Michael 191 Clonagoose
Bryan Morris 148 Bally Lanigan
Bryan Patrick 208 West Poulacapple
Bryan Patrick 235 West Poulacapple
Bryan Terrence 71 Molanala
Bryan Thomas 21 Bawnavrona
Bryan Thomas 33 Mullinahone
Bryan William 317 Ballin Cullen
Bryan William 88 Kilvemmon
Bryan, Rev. William 316 Gurteen
Burke Mary  237 West Poulacapple
Burke Thomas 43 Mullinahone
Burke Thomas, Mr 75 Molanala
Burke Will'm 57 Mullinahone
Burrows Alexander 182 Clonagoose
Burrows Alexander 216 West Poulacapple
Byrne James 275 East Poulacapple
Byrne John 241 East Poulacapple
Byrne John 280 East Poulacapple
Byrne Michael 93 Kilvemmon
Byrne Richard 274 East Poulacapple
Cahil  Patrick 193 Clonagoose
Cahill William 166 Clonagoose
Cantwell Redmd 8 Killaghy
Carrigan Patrick 306 Kilethea
Carrigan Rich'd 305 Kilethea
Carrole Thomas 10 Killaghy
Carroll Catherine 246 East Poulacapple
Carroll James 184 Clonagoose
Carroll Jeremiah 187 Clonagoose
Carroll Joan 245 East Poulacapple
Carthy Daniel 195 Clonagoose
Cassen Will'm 263 East Poulacapple
Cavenagh John 110 Bally David
Champlin Patk 327 Ballin Cullen
Clerey Patrick 122 Bally Duggan
Clery James 104 Bally David
Clery John 103 Bally David
Cody John 203 West Poulacapple
Cody Patrick 190 Clonagoose
Cody Patrick 243 East Poulacapple
Cody Thomas 202 West Poulacapple
Commerford Michael 217 West Poulacapple
Condon James 258 East Poulacapple
Connell Thomas 330 Ballin Cullen
Conners Denis 24 Bawnavrona
Conners Thomas 60 Cappogue
Conners Thomas 74 Molanala
Constable Rob't, Mr 49 Mullinahone
Conway John 94 Kilvemmon
Cooney John 351 Bally Walter
Costello James 308 Kilethea
Costello John 105 Bally David
Costello John 15 Bawnavrona
Costello Martin 336 Ballin Cullen
Costello Patrick 14 Bawnavrona
Cummins James 329 Ballin Cullen
Cummins John 328 Ballin Cullen
Dawson Will'm 30 Bawnavrona
DeLeMonte John 157 Bally Lanigan
Derene Thomas 253 East Poulacapple
Despard Caroline, Mrs 2 Killaghy
Despard Francis 1 Killaghy
Despard, Esq John 42 Mullinahone
DeVereux Will'm 178 Clonagoose
Dignam Thomas 92 Kilvemmon
Dillon Michael 97 Bally David
Doherty James 341 Bally Walter
Dooley Michael 163 Clonagoose
Dooley Patrick 164 Clonagoose
Doran James 262 East Poulacapple
Doran Michael 83 Kilvemmon
Doran Michael 212 West Poulacapple
Duggan Phillip 145 Bally Lanigan
Dunne John 35 Mullinahone
Dunne John 239 West Poulacapple
Dunne Tim'y 35 Mullinahone
Dunphy Catherine, Mrs 244 East Poulacapple
Dunphy Mary 279 East Poulacapple
Dwyer Patrick 72 Molanala
Eagan James 249 East Poulacapple
Eagan Phillip 250 East Poulacapple
Eakens Hugh 165 Clonagoose
Eakens John 167 Clonagoose
Egan John 161 Clonagoose
Egan John 261 East Poulacapple
Egan Margaret 281 East Poulacapple
Egan Michael 89 Kilvemmon
Egan Patrick 152 Bally Lanigan
Everard George 41 Mullinahone
Fennelly Richd, Mr 138 Bally Lanigan
Fennelly Valentine 113 Bally Duggan
Fitzpatrick Mary 326 Ballin Cullen
Fleming John 348 Bally Walter
Foristall Garret 232 West Poulacapple
Forristall Richd 32 Killahey
Freney Edmond 287 Kilethea
Frisby David 112 Bally Duggan
Gardenor Edmond 204 West Poulacapple
Gibbs Edmond 231 West Poulacapple
Gleeson John 85 Kilvemmon
Guany Denis 285 Kilethea
Guany John 286 Kilethea
Hackett John 55 Mullinahone
Haly Maurice 293 Kilethea
Hanly Edmond 219 West Poulacapple
Hanrahan Richd 5 Killaghy
Hawe Michael 319 Ballin Cullen
Hawe Michael 299 Kilethea
Hawe Richard 300 Kilethea
Hayse Edmond 276 East Poulacapple
Hearne John 120 Bally Duggan
Hickey John 174 Clonagoose
Hickey Thomas 181 Clonagoose
Hickie John 252 East Poulacapple
Hickie Thomas 295 Kilethea
Hill Pierce 29 Bawnavrona
Hoban Timothy 223 West Poulacapple
Hogan Derby 215 West Poulacapple
Hogan John 185 Clonagoose
Hogan John 213 West Poulacapple
Hogan John 234 West Poulacapple
Hogan Mary, Mrs 135 Bally Tohill
Hogan Michael 189 Clonagoose
Hogan Thomas 168 Clonagoose
Hoyne Anne 255 East Poulacapple
Hoyne Catherine 268 East Poulacapple
Hoyne Catherine 269 East Poulacapple
Hoyne John 270 East Poulacapple
Hoyne John 282 East Poulacapple
Hoyne John 283 East Poulacapple
Hoyne Michael 267 East Poulacapple
Hoyne Richard 254 East Poulacapple
Johnston Arthur, Mr 69 Molanala
Johnston Arthur, Mr 48 Mullinahone
Jourden Martin 343 Bally Walter
Kanigan Hammard 315 Rossawn
Kavenagh James 16 Bawnavrona
Kavenagh Patrick 17 Bawnavrona
Kealey James 9 Killaghy
Kearney Gregory 322 Ballin Cullen
Kearney Patk 324 Ballin Cullen
Keating Michl 224 West Poulacapple
Keeffe John 170 Clonagoose
Keeffe John 170 Clonagoose
Keeffe Joseph 172 Clonagoose
Keeffe Luke 345 Bally Walter
Keeffe Michael 171 Clonagoose
Keeffe Patrick 238 West Poulacapple
Keeffe Will'm 173 Clonagoose
Keeffe Will'm 198 Clonagoose
Kelly Thomas 90 Kilvemmon
Kennedy Edmond 109 Bally David
Kennedy John 344 Bally Walter
Kennedy Thomas 344 Bally Walter
Kennedy Thomas 222 West Poulacapple
Kennedy Will'm 220 West Poulacapple
Kickham Catherine 82 Kilvemmon
Kickham James 36 Mullinahone
Kickham John 19 Bawnavrona
Kickham Laurence 96 Kilvemmon
Kickham Thomas 186 Clonagoose
Labarte, Revd Edwd 77 Kilvemmon
Lahey Edmond 307 Kilethea
Lahey James 256 East Poulacapple
Lahey John 153 Bally Lanigan
Lahey John 302 Kilethea
Lahey Phillip 312 Kilethea
Lahey Thomas 51 Mullinahone
Lance Michael 114 Bally Duggan
Landy Oliver 100 Bally David
Larkin Patrick 169 Clonagoose
Laurence Andrew 259 East Poulacapple
Laurence Joe 272 East Poulacapple
Laurence Patk 273 East Poulacapple
Laurence Pierce 260 East Poulacapple
Laurence Will'm 272 East Poulacapple
Lee Patrick 86 Kilvemmon
Little James, Mr 67 Molanala
Lonergan Andrew 251 East Poulacapple
Lonergan James 271 East Poulacapple
Lonergan Pierce 338 Ballin Cullen
Lynch Edmond 265 East Poulacapple
Lynch John 225 West Poulacapple
Madden Edmond 20 Bawnavrona
Madden Patrick 12 Killaghy
Magrath Christopher 194 Clonagoose
Magrath Denis 140 Bally Lanigan
Magrath Denis 151 Bally Lanigan
Magrath John 139 Bally Lanigan
Magrath Patrick 206 West Poulacapple
Magrath William 211 West Poulacapple
Magrath William 214 West Poulacapple
Maguire John 132 Bally Tohill
Maguire Thomas 133 Bally Tohill
Maher James 26 Bawnavrona
Maher John 25 Bawnavrona
Maher John 46 Mullinahone
Maher Michael 117 Bally Duggan
Maher Thomas 115 Bally Duggan
Mangan James 266 East Poulacapple
McClere John 6 Killaghy
McClere Thomas 7 Killaghy
Mockler James 160 Clonagoose
Mockler John 159 Clonagoose
Mockler John 197 Clonagoose
Mockler John 58 Mullinahone
Mockler Michael 335 Ballin Cullen
Mockler Nicholas  201 Clonagoose
Mocler John 27 Bawnavrona
Mocler John 52 Mullinahone
Morgan Patrick 209 West Poulacapple
Morrissey John 310 Kilethea
Muckleroy Will'm 28 Bawnavrona
Mullaly James 353 Bally Walter
Mullaly John 62 Cappogue
Mullaly Michl 350 Bally Walter
Mullaly Michl, Mr 334 Ballin Cullen
Mullaly Patrick 278 East Poulacapple
Mullaly Pierce 321 Ballin Cullen
Murphy Patrick 107 Bally David
Murphy Patrick 124 Bally Duggan
Murphy Terrence 298 Kilethea
Nash Darby 339 Ballin Cullen
Nash Robert 339 Ballin Cullen
Neil Michael 228 West Poulacapple
Nugent John 37 Mullinahone
O'Conner Stephen, Mr 47 Mullinahone
O'Halloran James 129 Bally Tohill
Oldis Francis, Mr 158 Clonagoose
O'Neal James 111 Bally David
O'Neal Judith 80 Kilvemmon
O'Neal William 80 Kilvemmon
O'Neale Lewsi 101 Bally David
O'Neill John 118 Bally Duggan
O'Neill Phelen 119 Bally Duggan
Phelan James 331 Ballin Cullen
Phelan Michael 342 Bally Walter
Phelan Michael 309 Kilethea
Phelan Patrick 332 Ballin Cullen
Phelan Phillip 320 Ballin Cullen
Phelan Thomas 318 Ballin Cullen
Power Austace 176 Clonagoose
Power James 146 Bally Lanigan
Power Martin 156 Bally Lanigan
Power Martin 221 West Poulacapple
Power Michael 210 West Poulacapple
Power Patrick 177 Clonagoose
Power Patrick 200 Clonagoose
Power Patrick 264 East Poulacapple
Power Patrick 277 East Poulacapple
Prendergast Thos 155 Bally Lanigan
Prendergast Thos 179 Clonagoose
Quidehey John 147 Bally Lanigan
Quidehey John 149 Bally Lanigan
Quidehey John 162 Clonagoose
Quidehey Patk 84 Kilvemmon
Quinlan Daniel 23 Bawnavrona
Quirk Laurence 230 West Poulacapple
Rawlins Catherine 38 Mullinahone
Reddy Phillip 192 Clonagoose
Roach Patrick 91 Kilvemmon
Ryan Connor 346 Bally Walter
Ryan James 65 Cappogue
ryan James 73 Molanala
Ryan James 54 Mullinahone
Ryan John 352 Bally Walter
Ryan John 61 Cappogue
Ryan John 175 Clonagoose
Ryan John 233 West Poulacapple
Ryan Michael 99 Bally David
Ryan Patrick 66 Cappogue
Ryan Thomas 64 Cappogue
Ryan William 196 Clonagoose
Scully Laurence 108 Bally David
Scully Patrick 108 Bally David
Sexton Mary, Mrs 150 Bally Lanigan
Shea Edmond 63 Cappogue
Shea Edmond 301 Kilethea
Shea James 349 Bally Walter
Shea John 325 Ballin Cullen
Shea John Henry 297 Kilethea
Shea John, Mr 313 Clonlahey
Shea John, Mr 284 Kilethea
Shea John, Mr 311 Kilethea
Shea Laurence 134 Bally Tohill
Shea Martin 304 Kilethea
Shea Maurice 292 Kilethea
Shea Richard 95 Kilvemmon
Shea Thomas 116 Bally Duggan
Shea Thomas 79 Kilvemmon
Shea Will'm 78 Kilvemmon
Shinny Patrick 229 West Poulacapple
Skehan James 323 Ballin Cullen
Slattery Thomas 337 Ballin Cullen
Slattery William 143 Bally Lanigan
St George George 257 East Poulacapple
St John John 314 Clonlahey
St John Michael 248 East Poulacapple
St John Michael 236 West Poulacapple
St John Patrick 291 Kilethea
St John Phillip 294 Kilethea
St John Rich 289 Kilethea
St John Rich'd 296 Kilethea
St John Will'm 247 East Poulacapple
Stack Keerin 141 Bally Lanigan
Tobin Charles 131 Bally Tohill
Tobin Edward 39 Mullinahone
Tobin James 154 Bally Lanigan
Tobin James 130 Bally Tohill
Tobin James 45 Mullinahone
Tobin John 333 Ballin Cullen
Tobin John 340 Ballin Cullen
Tobin John 137 Bally Lanigan
Tobin John 81 Kilvemmon
Tobin John 87 Kilvemmon
Tobin John 53 Mullinahone
Tobin Michael 98 Bally David
Tobin Nicholas, Mr 128 Bally Duggan
Tobin Patrick 121 Bally Duggan
Tobin Patrick 290 Kilethea
Tobin Richard 106 Bally David
Tobin Richard, Mr 136 Bally Lanigan
Tobin Will'm 81 Kilvemmon
Tracy Denis 343 Bally Walter
Tracy Denis 303 Kilethea
Tracy John 343 Bally Walter
Tracy Mary 343 Bally Walter
Tracy Patrick 205 West Poulacapple
Tracy William 207 West Poulacapple
Treney Patrick 290 Kilethea
Tyrrell Mary, Mrs 126 Bally Duggan
Tyrrell Patrick 125 Bally Duggan
Tyrrell William 127 Bally Duggan
Vaughan John 44 Mullinahone
Walsh John 142 Bally Lanigan
Walsh John 347 Bally Walter
Walsh John 218 West Poulacapple
Walsh John 227 West Poulacapple
Walsh Martin 347 Bally Walter
Walsh Thomas 102 Bally David
Woods Thomas 31 Bawnavrona
Wright Ben'm, Mr 18 Bawnavrona
Wright Ben'm, Mr 13 Killaghy
Wright John, Mr 59 Cappogue
Wright John, Mr 68 Molanala
Wright Mary, Mrs 3 Killaghy


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