Tithe Applotments

  Kilnarath Civil Parish 1827


  Nenagh Poor Law Union
     Owney and Arra Barony


Foildarrig Rossaguile

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Research Notes:  The Kilnarath CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the FHL film #0256651 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.
TRANSCRIPTION NOTES:  In places, this film was extremely light so you will find many ??.  You should check this film yourself if your ancestor is missing and/or found, to verify.

Surname First Number Townland
Ahearn Pat 115 Gurtshane
Barton Mr. N? 116 Gurtshane
Blackwell Wm 36 Oakhampton
Blake And'w 223 Knockfune
Blake Jno 222 Knockfune
Boland Danl 70 Rosaguile
Boland James 71 Rosaguile
Bourke A? 48 Mackney (Bourke)
Bourke James 79 Cooboreen
Bourke John 244 Cully
Bourke John 245 Cully
Bourke no first name 32 Oakhampton
Bourke Wm 110 Gurtshane
Bradshaw Wm 102 Gurtshane
Brien John 140 Cappadine
Brien John 177 Knocknamihage?
Brien John 161 Ross Finch
Brien Thos 38 Oakhampton
Burke Laurence 107 Gurtshane
Callaghan Danl 62 Kilmaguague?
Callaghan Michl 60 Kilmaguague?
Callaghan Wm 58 Kilmaguague?
Camel? James 215 Gurtnaskeha
Caplis John 171 Ross Finch
Caplis Pat 52 New Ross
Caplis Pat 170 Ross Finch
Caplis Wm 171 Ross Finch
Carey Ed'd 19 Foildarag
Carey Kennedy 165 Ross Finch
Carey Mat'w   56 Kilmaguague?
Carey Michl 166 Ross Finch
Carmody Timothy 258 Cully
Carroll Michl 99 Gurtshane
Carroll no first name 184 Knocknamihage?
Clune James 243 Cully
Coffey John 6 Freagh
Coffey John 28 Oakhampton
Coghlan John 16 Foildarag
Collins John 29 Oakhampton
Collins Pat 148 Glostery
Collins Pat  9 Freagh
Collins Thos 205 Fidane
Collins Thos 113 Gurtshane
Connors Darby 20 Foildarag
Connors Martin 201 Fidane
Connors Pat 202 Fidane
Connors Simon 211 Fidane
Connors Tim 14 Foildarag
Corbey Danl 78 Rosaguile
Cormack M 235 Cully
Cosgrave Mat'w 84 Cooboreen
Cosgrave Pat 83 Cooboreen
Cosgrave Pat 86 Cooboreen
Cosgrave Thos 81 Cooboreen
Cosgrave widow 196 Middle Gurrane
Coy? Jno 48 Mackney (Bourke)
Cuddy no first name 174 Knocknamihage?
Cuddy no first name 180 Knocknamihage?
Cullen Charles 236 Cully
Cullen Charles 237 Cully
Darcy Nicholas 63 Kilmaguague?
Dohoney John 108 Gurtshane
Dondle widow 227 Cully
Donohoe Danl 255 Cully
Downey Pat 37 Oakhampton
Driscoll Jeremiah 59 Kilmaguague?
Dwyer John 53 New Ross
Eagan And'w 238 Cully
Eagan Edmd 137 Gurtshane
Elliot John 234 Cully
Fitzgibbon David 100 Gurtshane
Flannery John 72 Rosaguile
Flynn Philip 147 Glostery
Fogharty Mat'w 213 Gurtnaskeha
Gleeson Ed'd 240 Cully
Gleeson Jas 192 Upper Gurrane
Gleeson Jno 145 Glostery
Gleeson Michl 118 Gurtshane
Gleeson Morly 144 Glostery
Gleeson Morty 139 Cappadine
Gleeson Tim 230 Cully
Gleeson Wm 126 Gurtshane
Grace Darby 141 Cappadine
Grace Pat 178 Knocknamihage?
Guider Danl 241 Cully
Guider Pat 257 Cully
Haley James 159 Ross Finch
Haley Martin 172 Ross Finch
Hartegan no first name 220 Bleanbeg
Hayes Danl 131 Gurtshane
Hayes Michl 10 Clostiene?
Hayes Wm 3 Coole
Healy Danl 21 Foildarag
Hewit Robt? 35 Oakhampton
Hickey Pat 112 Gurtshane
Hogan Cornelius 15 Foildarag
Hogan Danl 251 Cully
Hogan John 80 Cooboreen
Hogan Michl 93 Cooboreen
Hogan Michl 55 Kilmaguague?
Hough Pat 231 Cully
Houragin Michl 190 Upper Gurrane
Huragin Michl 153 Lower Gurrane
Johnson Geo 120 Gurtshane
Keefe Mat'w & bros 54 New Ross
Kennedy Andrew 221 Moher
Kennedy Jas 135 Gurtshane
Kennedy Mat'w 216 Glanoragh?
Kennedy Pat 188 Upper Gurrane
Kennedy widow 224 Knockfune
Kennedy Wm 219 Bleanbeg
Kilfoile Denis 44 Jacus McNay
Kise Jas 163 Ross Finch
Kise Martin 164 Ross Finch
Leamy Pat 182 Knocknamihage?
Ledden John 207 Fidane
Ledden John 208 Fidane
Lee  Fredrick 13 Foildarag
Lee, Esq Henry 11 Clostiene?
Lee, Esq Henry 2 Coole
Lynch Michl 149 Lower Gurrane
Madden Pat 206 Fidane
Magrath John 228 Cully
Magrath John 232 Cully
Maley Cornelius 7 Freagh
Maley Cor's 33 Oakhampton
Maley John 150 Lower Gurrane
Maley John 34 Oakhampton
McKeogh Jeremiah 154 Lower Gurrane
McKeogh Jno 90 Cooboreen
McKeogh Jno 39 Oakhampton
McKeogh John 195 Middle Gurrane
McKeogh Mat'w 191 Upper Gurrane
McKeogh Owen 151 Lower Gurrane
McKeogh widow 89 Cooboreen
McKeogh Wm 90 Cooboreen
Meehan John 248 Cully
Meehan John 249 Cully
Meehan Wm 57 Kilmaguague?
Meehan (Owen) Wm 61 Kilmaguague?
Moore M.   41 Jacus McNay
Moore, Rev'd Lee 26 Foildarag
Moroney Catharine 106 Gurtshane
Mulcahy John 152 Lower Gurrane
Mulcahy John 156 Lower Gurrane
Mulcahy Mat'w 82 Cooboreen
Mulden Thos 4 Coole
Murphy Denis 253 Cully
Murphy John 105 Gurtshane
Murphy Pat 261 Cully
O'Brien Cor's 246 Cully
O'Brien Cor's 247 Cully
O'Brien Kennedy 167 Ross Finch
O'Brien Laurence 46 Mackney (O'Brien)
O'Brien Terence 242 Cully
O'Brien thos 117 Gurtshane
O'Donnell Cor's 121 Gurtshane
O'Donnell Pat 229 Cully
O'Keefe Arthur 133 Gurtshane
O'Neil Michl 125 Gurtshane
Parkinson widow 24 Foildarag
Philips, Esq Saml 67 Gurtacoola?
Philips, Esq Saml 27 Oakhampton
Purcell Pat 109 Gurtshane
Quigley Pierce 209 Fidane
Roche Myles 42 Jacus McNay
Roughan Denis 250 Cully
Roughan John 142 Cappadine
Roughan Pat? 256 Cully
Russel Patk 218 Bleanbeg
Russel Thos 217 Bleanbeg
Ryan And'w 75 Rosaguile
Ryan Catharine 64 Kilmaguague?
Ryan Danl 146 Glostery
Ryan Danl 189 Upper Gurrane
Ryan Denis 92 Cooboreen
Ryan Denis 185 Knocknamihage?
Ryan Geo 47 Mackney (O'Brien)
Ryan Hanna 122 Gurtshane
Ryan Honora 252 Cully
Ryan James 97 Gurtshane
Ryan Jno 225 Cully
Ryan Jno 226 Cully
Ryan John 5 Coole
Ryan John 254 Cully
Ryan John 25 Foildarag
Ryan John 69 Gurtacoola?
Ryan John 173 Knocknamihage?
Ryan John 160 Ross Finch
Ryan John's widow 212 Fidane
Ryan Martin 233 Cully
Ryan Martin 168 Ross Finch
Ryan Mat'w 197 Middle Gurrane
Ryan Mat'w 189 Upper Gurrane
Ryan Michl 17 Foildarag
Ryan Michl 96 Gurtshane
Ryan Michl 131 Gurtshane
Ryan Michl 186 Knocknamihage?
Ryan Michl 194 Middle Gurrane
Ryan no first name 79 Cooboreen
Ryan Pat 143 Cappadine
Ryan Pat 200 Fidane
Ryan Pat 8 Freagh
Ryan Thos 214 Gurtnaskeha
Ryan Tim 186 Knocknamihage?
Ryan Timothy 239 Cully
Ryan Timothy 158 Lower Gurrane
Ryan widow 184 Knocknamihage?
Ryan William 1 Coole
Ryan Wm 239 Cully
Ryan Wm 51 New Ross
Ryan (..our?) Michl 111 Gurtshane
Ryan (And'w) John 76 Rosaguile
Ryan (And'w) Wm 74 Rosaguile
Ryan (Bawn) Michl 130 Gurtshane
Ryan (Bawn) Tim 43 Jacus McNay
Ryan (Bee) Tim 45 Jacus McNay
Ryan (Bee) Tim 50 New Ross
Ryan (Beg) Michl 49 Mackney (Bourke)
Ryan (Black) Danl 134 Gurtshane
Ryan (Black) Michl 138 Gurtshane
Ryan (Cap'l) Pat 104 Gurtshane
Ryan (Clothier) Jas 175 Knocknamihage?
Ryan (Clothier) Jas 179 Knocknamihage?
Ryan (Connor) Jno 129 Gurtshane
Ryan (Conn'r) Philip 128 Gurtshane
Ryan (Cronne) Pat 136 Gurtshane
Ryan (Davis) Mick 22 Foildarag
Ryan (Davis) Mick 23 Foildarag
Ryan (Davis) Wm 12 Clostiene?
Ryan (Davis) Wm 77 Rosaguile
Ryan (Denis) James 98 Gurtshane
Ryan (Gard'r) Tim 87 Cooboreen
Ryan (Jno) Denis 119 Gurtshane
Ryan (Jno) Larry 85 Cooboreen
Ryan (Jno) Michl 127 Gurtshane
Ryan (Larry) John 187 Knocknamihage?
Ryan (Malachy) Danl 103 Gurtshane
Ryan (Malachy) Thos 114 Gurtshane
Ryan (Mason) James 262 Cully
Ryan (Molly) Pat 123 Gurtshane
Ryan (Ned) Jas 203 Fidane
Ryan (Nicholas) Wm 155 Lower Gurrane
Ryan (Patk) Michl 124 Gurtshane
Ryan (Philip) Danl 66 Gurtacoola?
Ryan (Philip) Danl  73 Rosaguile
Ryan (Philip) Jno 31 Oakhampton
Ryan (Quin/Green?) Michl 204 Fidane
Ryan (R/Kay?) Pat 91 Cooboreen
Ryan (R/Kay?) Pat 94 Gurtshane
Ryan (Rue) James 260 Cully
Ryan (Rue) Pat 132 Gurtshane
Ryan (Rue?) Denis 101 Gurtshane
Ryan (Ryder) John 198 Fidane
Ryan (Smith) Thos 176 Knocknamihage?
Ryan (T..ogue?) Pat 18 Foildarag
Ryan (Taylor) Thos 181 Knocknamihage?
Ryan (Tim) John 199 Fidane
Ryan (Tim) Tim 65 Kilmaguague?
Ryan (Weaver) Tim 183 Knocknamihage?
Sheedy no first name 39 Oakhampton
Shepperd Wm 259 Cully
Shinners Jas 88 Cooboreen
Shinners Jas 95 Gurtshane
Stinson? Isaac 30 Oakhampton
Sullivan Darby 169 Ross Finch
Sullivan no first name 35 Oakhampton
Teefy Cornelius 193 Upper Gurrane
Teefy Cor's 157 Lower Gurrane
Toohy Pat 210 Fidane
Waller, Esq J? 263 Cully
Walsh John 162 Ross Finch
Wixted Jas 68 Gurtacoola?
Wood, Revd M. Moore 40 Oakhampton

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