Tithe Applotments

   Kilnaneave Civil Parish 1824


    Nenagh Poor Law Union
      Upper Ormond Barony

Ballyhane Bridge Ballyhane Crossroads

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Research Notes:  The  Kilnaneave  CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the Family History Library film #0256598 by Pat Connors.  At times the film and handwriting were hard to read and there may be some mistakes in the interpretation.  Therefore, one must not use this transcription as a source document.  One should check the film first, plus there is more information on the film having to do with the land and crops that were grown.
TRANSCRIPTION NOTES:  There is a previous copy of tithes for this civil parish, dated 1821.  This one was bundled on the film with Dolla Civil Parish and is dated 1824.


Surname First Townland Page
Allen, Esq Henry Ballahane 7
Allen, Esq Henry Millbook 2
Ardill John Balllincara 5
Boland Thos Balllincara 5
Butler Mary Killenafe 4
Butler William Killenafe 4
Canes Thos Ballahane 7
Carroll James Millbook 2
Carroll William Kereom 6
Charless John Clash Beg 6
Collison Thos Killenafe 3
Costello John Couragrague 3
Crowe Dennis Ballahane 7
Crowe Dennis Kereom 6
Davan Mathias Ballinlesheen 1
Dawson Patt Killeen 5
Devane Mathias Killenafe 4
Donnovan Patt Clash Beg 6
Dwyer John Kereom 7
Gason John Kereom 6
Gason John Kereom 6
Gleeson Deavy Cooroghanody 2
Gleeson Ellen Cooroghanody 2
Gleeson John Cooroghanody 1
Gleeson John Cooroghanody 2
Gleeson Michl Millbook 2
Gleeson Patt Cooroghanody 1
Gleeson Patt Cooroghanody 2
Gleeson R Cooroghanody 1
Gleeson Roger Cooroghanody 1
Gleeson Thom's Cooroghanody 1
Gleeson Thos Cooroghanody 2
Going Mrs Monnaquill 1
Going, Esq Calile Ballinlesheen 1
Harington James Millbook 2
Haugh John Killenafe 3
Hawkshar, Esq Richd Millbook 2
Hayes no first Couragrague 3
Hayes Phill Millbook 2
Hayes Timothy Cooroghanody 1
Hennesy Mary Killenafe 4
Hodyence Addam Balllincara 5
Hodyence Thos Ballahane 7
Joming? Patt Cooroghanody 1
Kelly Andy Killenafe 4
Kelly Jno Millbook 2
Kelly Michl Killenafe 4
Kelly William Killenafe 4
Kelly William Killenafe 4
Kendy   Winnefort Kereom 7
Kendy, Rev'd John Killenafe 4
Kennedy Darby Balllincara 5
Kennedy James Balllincara 5
Kennedy James Killenafe 4
Kennedy John Cooroghanody 1
Kennedy John Cooroghanody 2
Kennedy Michl Balllincara 5
Kennedy Roger Killenafe 4
Kennedy Timothy Balllincara 5
Kennedy (Js) John Ballincara 6
Kennedy (Js) John Kereom 6
Kennedy (Peter) John Kereom 6
Madden Bryan Killeen 5
McKendy Wm Ballahane 7
Meagher James Ballahane 7
Meagher Phillip Millbook 2
Meara Michl Clash Beg 6
Merry William Killenafe 3
Molampy no first Couragrague 3
Murphy James Ballahane 7
Otway Robbert Balllincara 5
Quan John Balllincara 5
Roche John Millbook 2
Ryan Darby Ballahane 7
Ryan Dennis Ballahane 7
Ryan Dennis Balllincara 5
Ryan Jno? Millbook 2
Ryan John Killenafe 4
Ryan Martin Couragrague 3
Ryan Matt Killenafe 4
Scurlick Dennis Killenafe 3
Slatery Danl Killenafe 4
Wadick Patt Clash Beg 6
White Joseph Kereom 6


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