Tithe Applotment

Kilmurry Civil Parish 1834


County Tipperary
Carrick-on-Suir Poor Law Union
    Iffan & Offa East Barony


"Do hereby certify, that the true and just amount of composition for all tithes whatever, within the said parish of Kilmurry, are Five Hundred and Four Pounds Eighteen Shillings and Eleven Pence per Annum; and that said Sum of Five Hundred and Four Pounds Eighteen Shillings and Eleven Pence per Annum, are due and payable to the Rev. ROBERT SHAW, as Rector and Vicar of said Parish.

And I do further certify, that the average price of Wheat (being the Corn principally grown in said Parish,) for the period of seven Years, preceding the first of November 1830 was One Pound Nine Shillings and Nine Pence per Barrel, of twenty Stone.

Last two paragraphs of Certification, dated June 21, 1834, signed by Mr. Radford

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Surname First Townland
Aingan Jas Ballynoran
Aingan John Figlashe
Aingan Thos Ballynoran
Baldwin Pat'k Ballynoran
Barker Esq Pon/Pow Ballinacloona
Barker Esq Pon/Pow Ballinamona
Barker Esq Pon/Pow Brittas Hills
Bayard John Ballynoran
Bayard William Ballynoran
Bowe Brian Figlashe
Brenan James Ballinamona
Brenan Jas Lisadobbin
Brenan Pat'k Ballinamona
Brien John Rathclarish
Brien Pat'k Macreary
Browne Edm'd Ballinamona
Butler John Lisadobbin
Butler Lau're Curradobbin
Butler Will'm Macreary
Carberry John Ballinamona
Carberry Rich'd Figlashe
Carroll Alley Ballinamona
Casey John Butlerstown
Clancy Michl Figlashe
Cleary Jas Lisadobbin
Cleary Will'm Ballinamona
Cleary Will'm Lisadobbin
Cleary & son Will'm Figlashe
Connolly (no first name) Macreary
Connors Michl Butlerstown
Corbett Phil'p Mullagh
Corbett Phil'p & brother Macreary
Corbett Tim'y Mullagh
Cormick Edm'd Ballinacloona
Cotton Will'm & brother Ballyneal
Dainell? Denis Ballyneal
Dainell? Rich'd Ballyneal
Daniel, sen. Rich'd Ballyneal
Daniell Thos Ballyneal
Deady Pat'k Mullagh
Donnell John Macreary
Doran widow Curradobbin
Doyle Luke Macreary
Duggan John Ballynoran
Dumphy Wm Macreary
Fanning Pat'k Ballinamona
Fitzgerald Pat'k Figlashe
Fitzgerald Rich'd Figlashe
Fling Martin Curradobbin
Foley John Ballynoran
Forristal Rich'd Ballinamona
Hackett Pat'k Ballyneal
Hahesey Edm'd Ballinamona
Hahesey Edm'd Ballinamona
Hahesey Michl Lisadobbin
Hahesey no first name Ballinamona
Hanbury widow Curradobbin
Haney Michl Figlashe
Harney, widow Marg't Ballynoran
Harney, widow Mary Ballyneal
Hearn Michl Brittas Hills
Hearn Patk Brittas Hills
Hearn Phil'p Brittas Hills
Hearn Thos Brittas Hills
Hennessey ?? Ballydine
Hickey Denis Butlerstown
Hickey (Fling) Michl Macreary
Hinnce? P Ballinacloona
Hyland Jno Macreary
Hyland Pat'k Ballyneal
Hyland Pat'k Macreary
Hynes Ja's Ballydine
Hynes Michl Ballydine
Jackson Robin Butlerstown
Kearnes James Figlashe
Keating Michl Curradobbin
Keating Thos Butlerstown
Keating Will'm Curradobbin
Keefe Dan'l/David Ballynoran
Keefe David Butlerstown
Keeffe Michl Ballynoran
Keily, widow Mrs Mullagh
Kelly Donan Macreary
Kennedy Edw'd Figlashe
Kennedy James Figlashe
Kennedy Michl Ballyneal
Kennedy no first name Ballinamona
Kennedy P. Curradobbin
Kennedy S. Curradobbin
Kennedy Thos Ballyneal
Keresey John Figlashe
Kiely Thomas Ballyneal
Landy Math'w Butlerstown
Landy Patk Butlerstown
Light or Lloyd* Rich'd Ballynoran
Lonergan Patk Butlerstown
Macnamara Jno Ballynoran
Macnamara Jno Lisadobbin
Macnamara Math'w Ballynoran
Macnamara Thos Ballinamona
Madden ?? Butlerstown
Madden Edwd Butlerstown
Mangin John Curradobbin
Mara Michl Lisadobbin
McGuire Michl Ballinacloona
Meaford/Weaford Edm'd Butlerstown
Meney, jun. James Butlerstown
Meney, sen. James Butlerstown
Morrissey Rev'd Patk Ballinamona
Mulcahy Thomas Figlashe
Murphy (Proctor) John Ballinamona
Murphy (Proctor) John Ballyneal
Murray Jno? Butlerstown
Nugent Thomas Figlashe
O'Donnell Thomas Ballyneal
O'Donnell Will'am Ballynoran
O'Ryan John Ballycurkeen
O'Ryan Miss Ellen Mullagh
O'Ryan, widow Mary P Lisadobbin
Phelan James Mullagh
Power Thomas Figlashe
Power Will'm Curradobbin
Powers Esq James Ballydine
Quin James Ballyneal
Quin Jn's Ballyneal
Quin John Harney Ballyneal
Quin Nancy Ballyneal
Quin no first name Ballinamona
Quin Rich'd Ballyneal
Quin widow Ballyneal
Quinlan Robert Ballinamona
Quinlan Robert Gurtnalesa
Ready Edm'd Macreary
Rockett Edw'd Curradobbin
Rockett Pierce Curradobbin
Rockett Mary & son Butlerstown
Rockette Martin Figlashe
Rourke or Burke* Darby Mullagh
Ryan Cath & son John Ballinacloona
Ryan Daniel Ballyneal
Ryan Thomas Ballinacloona
Ryan widow Curradobbin
Sanigan Val Curradobbin
Sexton Pat'k Macreary
Sexton Rich'd Macreary
Shea Adam Macreary
Shea Edm'd Ballinamona
Shea James Rathclarish
Shea John Curradobbin
Sinnott John Ballyneal
Tobin James Ballyneal
Tobin Mary & sister Butlerstown
Wall Pat'k Mullagh
Wall, Esq Chas. Wm. Macreary
Walshe John Butlerstown
Walshe Michl Curradobbin
Walshe Michl Rathclarish
Walshe Robt Figlashe
Walshe Will'm Rathclarish
Walshe (Smith) Jno Macreary
Walshe (Smith) Thos Macreary
White Thomas Curradobbin


Research Notes:  The Kilmurry CP Tithe Applotments were transcribed from the LDS film #0256650 by Pat Connors.  The film was in fairly good condition but the handwriting was very old, plus the recorder couldn't spell some of the surnames.  All recorded names are as spelled in the record.  All together it was, at times, extremely hard to read correctly, therefore, all entries should be checked if you are trying to find connections to your family.  This resource is an index, since there is more information for each entry in the source document.  The Townlands and/or areas were also hard to read, and used old times spellings, so may not look familiar.


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