Kilmore Civil Parish
 Kilnamagh Lower Barony

Kilmore Poor Law Union

Surname Index by Surname

G=each occurrence in the Griffith's Valuation, 1850
T=only an occurrence in Tithe Applotment Book (not counted), 1828

Surname GV Tithes
Beirne G
Bourke T
Bradshaw G
Brazil T
Breen G T
Brien G2
Browne T
Bryan T
Burke G3
Callinan G T
Carew T
Carey G2 T
Carroll T
Carty G3 T
Connell G2
Commerford G
Connor G
Connors G T
Cooper G T
Cronin G
Day G
Dempsy G4 T
Dermody G T
Devereux G
Doherty G T
Doyle G
Duggan G
Dwyer G17 T
Egan G2 T
Fahy G
Farrell T
Flood G
Franklin G
Freany T
Furlong G T
Gleason G3 T
Godfry G T
Gooley G2 T
Hayes G
Healy G
Henbury G2 T
Hennessy G
Hickey G T
Holly T
Hoolaghan G T
Hurly G T
Irwine G
Kearney G
Kearns G3
Keary G2
Keating T
Keeffe G
Kelly G
Kennedy G T
Kernan T
Landers G3 T
Lannigan G4
Loughlan G3 T
Mara T
Mohan G3 T
Morrissey T
Murphy G3 T
Neilligan G
Neilligan G2
Quinlan G3 T
Quinn G
Raleigh G
Ready G
Ryan G36 T
Shunny G
Simon T
Stapleton G2 T
Taylor T
Tell G2
Thompson G2
Touhny T
Toy G
Troy G
Turner G T
Wayland T


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